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The door is locked. Who is he and why is he there? And who is the person in black clothes? Slowly the man remembers The Locked Room. Peter Viney. Level 3 Pre-Intermediate - The Locked ayofoto.info - Free download as PDF File . pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online. the locked room - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free.

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THE LOCKED ROOM by Peter Viney. Chapter I. Where am I? Where am I? I don't know. I am in a beautiful room in an old house. There's a bed, an expensive. The Locked Room and. Other Horror Stories. M.R. James. Louise Greenwood and Carolyn Jones drew the pictures. Level 4. Retold by Piers Sandford. THE LOCKED ROOM. A True Story of Experiences in Spiritualism. By. MABEL COLLINS. AUTHOR OF.(Light on the Patb," "'Tbe Idyll of tbe Wbite Lotus," " Wben.

Siddharth Kalra. Then he brought two pieces walking away from the house and, in its long, thin arms was a of paper over to Nisbet. He has done this to a stranded. I'll wait for him answered Garrett. Which one do you a 'People used to say that it brought bad luck He began to write ghost and horror stories after reading the stories of Irish writer Sheridan Le Fanu. Perhaps he needed Davis's the blood away, but the flies flew up into the air like i dark cloud, heart for his magic.

Why do you think the tall, thin man comes to get Sampson? Ask students to discuss their school days. The Curtains After reading 7 Role play: Ask students to role play James Denton and his friends conversation when James Denton rushes to his friends room after seeing the thing that is almost human.

Ask students to make up a story about how and why Everard Charlett died. Then have the class vote for the most frightening one. The Flies After reading 9 Group work: They imagine they have just bought the land where Mr Daviss house had stood.

They want to build a house on the land. However, they have just been told the story of The Flies. What are they going to do? How do they feel? One of the men from the village thinks the young man put Davis to sleep, killed him and then killed himself.

Do you have any better ideas? Talk to another student. People dislike flies. They are associated with dirt, rot and decay. What do people think of flies in the students culture? Martins Lake After reading 20 Write: Encourage them to reflect how happy she must have felt. How do the rumours in the town shape the story? How different would the story have been if he had lived in a big city? What should George have done differently? The Locked Room After reading 12 Write: Ask students to write the postcard Thomson could have written his family to tell them about the house and his plans.

He is definitely upset. They role play the conversation in pairs. Ghosts do not come near you if you leave them alone. This is what Mr and Mrs Betts did in the best interest of their business.

The Locked Room and Other Horror Stories

They learned to live near a ghost. Ask students what other difficult situations they might have to put up with for a greater good, although not necessarily a financial one. The Two Cousins After reading 22 Discuss: Ask students in groups to discuss the following questions: What could have made Dr Rant dislike George? Why did he make it that difficult for Mrs Simpson to get the will?

Was he trying to test her character? Then they share their views. Ask students in pairs to guess what could have happened with the book where the will was. Did it go back to the library?

Did Garrett and his wife keep it? Ask students in small groups to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of reading books from a library. The Painting ofngley Hall After reading 15 Group work: Draw on the board a simple picture of Mr Williamss painting as he first saw it. Ask students to copy it and change the picture to one of the other descriptions of it in the story. For example: A person is standing under the dark trees at one side of the picture.

The other students have to say who in the story saw the picture in that way John Garwood. Then the groups compare their versions of the picture. Ask students in small groups to discuss what could have happened at the Hall. People believe that Tom Gawdys ghost took the baby. What was the official version of the story?

How did you feel when you read this story? Get students to write four adjectives and then compare them with a partners. Then ask students to compare their adjectives with other students adjectives. Extra activities 25 Discuss: Ask students to discuss these questions: Which of the stories in this book has proved the most frightening?

Which did you enjoy the most? Point out to students that many stories have the basic problem as the title of the story e. The Ash-Tree and The Curtains. Put students into groups to think of a strange title for a story, then they should give their title to another group, who must make up a story around the title. Teach revenge and black magic. Put students into groups and ask them to discuss these questions. Then they share their opinions with the rest of the class.

Locked room pdf the

This is described in Lost Hearts and The Flies b Do you believe in taking revenge on people who have hurt you? Lost Hearts After reading 18 Role play: In the same groups, students tell each other about a dream they have had. Ask them to discuss whether dreams sometimes come true, and whether it is possible to find meanings in dreams. Vocabulary activities For the Word List and vocabulary activities, go to www.

Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Watson - Psychology as the Behaviorist Views It. Information Technologies and the Transformation of Nursing Education. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Related Interests M. Documents Similar To the locked room. Alan Tantiwassadakran.

More From api From the early s, he read one of his own stories to friends at Christmas every year. His great knowledge of history gave his stories an unusual amount of detail and his ghosts seem more real, and are more frightening, than those of almost any other writer.

James died in Visitors to Castringham Hall in Suffolk will find it almost unchanged from the days when our story took place. They can still see the beautiful old house with its gardens and lake.

However, the one thing missing is the ash-tree, which used so stand, proud and tall, in front of the house, its branches almost touching the walls. This story begins in with a strange, lonely old woman. Mrs Mothersole, who was found guilty of being a witch. Sir Matthew Fell, the owner of Castringham Hall at that time, described how she used to climb into the ash-tree outside his bedroom every time there was a full moon. He said that she usually carried a strange knife to cut off parts of the tree and that she talked to herself.

Once he followed her home, but she disappeared and when he knocked on the door of her house, she came downstairs in her night clothes looking sleepy. He and the villagers agreed that it was certain she did these things by magic and so she was hanged. Before she died, she fought and shouted, and her last strange words were: Sir Matthew,' were the wise words of the vicar. That evening, Sir Matthew and the vicar went for a walk in the gardens of Castringham Hall.

It was the night of the full moon. As they were returning to the house, Sir Matthew pointed to the ash-tree in great surprise. It looks very strange.

He shook his head. When he heard the news, the vicar rushed to Castringham Hall, and, while he was waiting to hear the doctor's opinion, he looked at Sir Matthew's Bible, which was lying on a table by the dead mans bedside.

He opened the book and the first words he read were from the book of Luke, chapter 8: The servants locked Sir Matthew's room that day and it stayed locked up for the next forty years. He enjoyed spending money, especially on rebuilding parts of the Hall.

He also decided to make the local church bigger so that his family could have a fine new seat in the new part of the church. In order to complete this building work, some of the graves in the 'What kind of animal is that running down the ash-tree? It looks graveyard had to be moved. One of the graves was that of Mrs very strange. The villagers were excited about the opening of her grave and a crowd came to must be tired,' he thought to himself.

However, they and the workmen were amazed to find the more than four legs? At about this time, Sir Richard started to sleep very badly. The The next morning, Sir Matthew's servants were surprised not wind made his fire smoke and the curtains move and, because his to find him downstairs at his usual time of six o'clock.

When room faced east, the sun woke him up early in the morning. One seven o'clock and then eight o'clock passed, they began to suspect morning he asked his servant to help him choose a better room and that something was terribly wrong and they went up to his he made a tour of the house, finding something wrong with each bedroom.

The door was locked. After knocking several times and room. Each one was either too cold or too noisy or it faced the still getting no answer from inside, they broke down the door and wrong direction. Finally, he found himself outside his grandfather's entered, to find that thei fears were right. Sir Matthew's body lay old room. His servant tried to persuade him not to go in: There were no wounds or 'It's a bad room, sir. They say terrible things happened in there, other marks on him and everything in the room looked as usual, and no one has opened the door since the death of your except that the window was wide open.

His servants at first grandfather. Also, the ash-tree is right outside the window and suspected poison but the doctor who was called found no such that's always unlucky, sir. He unlocked the door and was sure that the words were again about the ash-tree - the Bible walked straight in. Nothing unusual in here, James! He ordered some of his and he opened the window. As he did so, he noticed how tall and servants to cut it down the next day.

Its branches seemed to be trying to reach into the room. But he said nothing. At that moment, a stranger rang the bell at the front door of the But Sir Richard did not live to see them cut the ash-tree down.

The servant brought him up to the bedroom, where Sir That night, at exactly midnight, a strange and terrible animal Richard was standing, looking around him at the old paintings and jumped from Sir Richard's bed, ran silendy to the window and old hooks. Sir Richard,' said disappeared into the shadowy branches of the enormous tree. No the stranger,' but please allow me to introduce myself.

My name is one was there to see it but the next morning they found Sir William Crome. My grandfather was the vicar here in your Richard's body, like his grandfather's, dead and completely black. I have some papers to deliver to you. I will sleep here in future. Sir Richard looked at the papers, many of which 'Sir Richard's last orders were that we should cut down this belonged to his grandfather. Among them he found the notes made tree,' explained James and then, in a quieter voice, he went on.

Very 'Well, well,' said Sir Richard, laughing quietly. It's hollow and they say something lives inside it. It seems that my grandfather's Bible gave a piece of The gardener put his ladder against the tree and climbed up to advice on the day he died and your grandfather thought it could look inside. As he held a light over the hole, his face suddenly be about that old ash-tree outside the bedroom window - "Cut looked so terrified that several of the people watching from it down" the Good Book told him.

Those were the first words below screamed and turned to run.

The gardener himself fell off your grandfather saw when he opened the Bible on the day of the ladder, dropping his lamp down into the hollow tree, which my grandfather's death. As the tree started to burn, the crowd saw an 'Do you still have that old Bible? Thcy screamed in horror as they saw its very much like to see it. It looked like an enormous spider, about the same Sir Richard found the old Bible easily.

A bit size as a man's head and covered all over with grey hair. Let's see what it has to tell me. I'll open it at any 'Look, there's another! And another! For a page and read the first words I see, just as your grandfather did. There they found the bones of a human being. The doctors who examined it afterwards said that it was the body of a woman who died around As the tree started to burn, the crowd f saw an animal run from the tree.

My sentence was all right. I think. I wrote " M e m e n t o putei inter quattuor taxos",' said McLeod. Chapter 2 A S c h o o l Story 'Well, what does all that mean? I couldn't think of anything to write until just before night when a conversation started on the subject of school-days.

Sampson got to me. T h e n those words just came into my head O n e of them, John, told the following strange story: I think it means " R e m e m b e r the well immediately became friendly with a Scottish boy called McLeod.

the locked room

W h e n Sampson read it he went quiet for a It was a large school and the teachers changed quite often. O n e long time, then he started to ask me questions about my family term a new teacher named Sampson came to teach at the school. He was tall and pale with a black beard and We soon forgot about the lesson and McLeod's strange sentence he was popular with the boys because he used to tell us all about because the next day McLeod became ill with a cold and he didn't his travels to different countries.

He always carried an old gold come to school for a week. N o t h i n g happened for about a month, coin in is pocket, which he found on a trip to Turkey, and o n e until o n e day when we were, again, writing Latin sentences for day he let us look at this coin closely. On one side of it was the Sampson. This time we had to write them on pieces of paper and head of a king - I don't k n o w which one - and on the other side give t h e m to him for correction.

He started looking through of it were the letters G. He got up and hurried out of We enjoyed Sampsons classes because he often asked us to the classroom and we sat there for a long time, wondering what to invent sentences of our o w n , instead of always doing the b o r i n g do.

Finally, I got up to have a look at the papers and the first thing exercises in the grammar book. O n e day, he asked us for 1 noticed was that the top one was in red ink. O u r school never sentences using the word ' r e m e m b e r ' in Latin. We all wrote our allowed us to use red ink; it was against the rules. T h e sentence on sentences in the usual way, and Sampson came round to correct the paper said 'Si tu n o n veneris ad me, ego veniam ad te', which each of us.

My friend M c L e o d seemed to be having some means 'If you don't come to me, I will c o m e to you'. All the boys difficulty in thinking of a sentence and when the bell went for looked at it and they all promised that the sentence was not theirs.

I saw him write something very quickly, just before To check, I counted the pieces of paper - there were seventeen of Sampson reached h i m. So McLeod's semence was the last o n e them. Where this that Sampson corrected that day; 1 waited outside the classroom paper came from, no one could say.

I wasn't until that afternoon that I took it out again: When he did completely white, with no sign of the red writing on it anywhere! Was old Sampson angry? Anyway, Sampson eventually came back at the. He looked at the papers one by one, and probably thought it was his imagination playing tricks. He looked pale a n d worried. T h e n e x t day; Sampson was in school again a n d he seemed quite normal, b u t it was that night that t h e third strange thing h a p p e n e d It was about midnight when I suddenly woke up; somebody was shouting at me.

It was McLeod, w h o shared my r o o m ; he looked terrified, 'Quick,' he said, 'I think a burglar is trying to get into Sampson's room. Somehow, t h o u g h , I felt that something was w r o n g o u t there and the t w o of us waited, watching closely. He was very tall and very thin. M o r e like a ghost. He seemed to be making a sign to Sampson to go with him.

Locked room pdf the

That's all I saw before I woke you up. Everything was quiet outside. We woke up feeling tired and strange in the morning. But during t h e day the news went round that no o n e could find Sampson anywhere, and he didn't come for our Latin class that day.

In fact, we never heard of or saw Sampson again. Somehow, McLeod and I knew that we should keep quiet about what he h a d seen that night and we never told anyone. It was about a year later that Edgar, the listener to John's story, 'There was a terrible-looking man standing just outside travelled to Ireland to visit another friend w h o lived in an old Sampsons window.

One evening his host was looking in a box full of various old things for a key that he wanted. Suddenly he pulled a small object out of the box and held it up. What do you think it is? Edgar looked closely. Mr James Denton's greatest love in life was books, old ones 'Well, it's quite an interesting story,' began his friend.

His collection grew bigger and bigger every year, two ago we were working on that area of the garden over there but he lived in his aunt's house, and she was not very happy in the corner, can you see? Among the four trees? Right in the about this. I will. Was it a body, by any chance? His way took him, quite His friend was surprised. In fact, we found two by chance, past one of the best bookshops in London, and he bodies.

One of them had its arms tightly around the other. They could not stop himself going in, just for a quick look, as he to'd were probably there for thirty years or more. Anyway, we pulled himself.

It's got different books, when he noticed a small collection of books on something on the back of it, too. Can you see what it says? He spent 'Yes. I think I can,' said Edgar. He paid for the book and then, looking at his watch, he realized that he had very little time before his train back to Warwickshire left, and he had to rush to the station. He just caught the train. That night, his aunt questioned him about his trip to London and was very interested to hear about the furniture which was going to arrive soon.

Her nephew described everything in detail. I am so sorry. You see, I was on my way there when, quite by chance. I passed Robins 'Not Robins the bookshop, I hope,' cried his aunt.

Luckily, she decided to go to bed soon after that and James was left alone with his new book, which he read until the early hours of the morning. He found this diary, with its stories of everyday life at that time, very interesting.

T h e next day was Sunday. After church, James and his aunt sat in the living-room together. Is this the old book that made you forget my curtains? The Diary of Mr Poynter. Suddenly, m u c h to his surprise, she began to show James, though, did not want to go to bed immediately and sat in the some interest.

James,' she said. On it was a beautiful drawing, m a d e up of curving lines, w h i c h few weeks later, the curtains were ready and a man came to hang s o m e h o w caught the eye. That night he found that he could not stop looking at would forgive him for his bad m e m o r y of the day before in them and, although it was a still night, he was almost sure that the L o n d o n.

His aunt agreed a n d the very next day, James t o o k t h e curtains were m o v i n g a n d that someone was watching him from piece of paper to a company in the nearest town, w h o agreed to behind them. He told himself that this was impossible and not to copy it and make it into curtains. He explained to himself that the effect was caused by About a month later, James was called in to inspect the work the curving lines on the curtains, which looked just like long, a n d was extremely pleased with t h e result.

T h e next day, a friend of James's came to stay and after ' N o t too difficult, sir. But, to tell you the truth, the artist w h o dinner they sat up late, talking and laughing. At last they did the work was very unhappy about it - he said there was decided to go to bed and James showed his friend to the guest something bad in t h e drawing, sir. James, t h o u g h , did he chose the colours for the curtains and then returned home.

A not want to go to b e d immediately and sat in the chair by the. He fell asleep for a few minutes and, and had drawings made of it, part of which I have pinned to this w h e n he woke, he realized that something was in the r o o m page.

Putting out his hand, lie felt something covered in This is the strange story behind t h e curtains. Before he hair and thought it was his dog, w h o always followed him returned h o m e.

James D e n t o n ordered his servants to take t h e m everywhere. To his horror, he found it was not his little d o g. He j u m p e d and screamed and, as he did, the face of the thing came up towards him: He screamed again and rushed to the door, but was so frightened that he could n o t get it o p e n. He felt the thing touch his back and start to tear at his shirt. At last the door flew open and he rushed to his friends room, terrified and breathing hard.

T h e next morning, early. James went away to the seaside for a few days to try to forget about his horrible experience. He took with him The Diary of Mr Poymer. He wanted to read it again carefully to find o u t anything he could about the pattern pinned o n t o t h e page. He carefully pulled off the first two and found this story, written by Mr Poymer in T h e young man drank too m u c h and broke the law many times, but because he was from an important family, the university never did anything about it.

He used to wear his hair very long and curling d o w n his neck and he wore unusual, colourful clothes. His behaviour made his father very unhappy. No one could explain why or h o w he died, but the strangest thing was that, the day after he died, the body disappeared completely, leaving only a pile of long, curling black hair on the floor of his r o o m. His father kept some of this hair. A farm worker had to go up to the top ol the hill, to the woods, very early, w h e n it was Still dark.

In the distance he Chapter 4 T h e Flies saw a shape rhat looked like a man in the early m o r n i n g fog. As from An Evening's Entertainment he came nearer, he saw that it was a man. It was Mr Davis's friend- dead, hanging from a tree. Near his feet was a knife, covered in If you go to the end of the road, past Collin's house, on the left blood. T h e poor farm worker was terrified and ran back d o w n you will see a field with some old fruit trees in it. A little house the hill to the village.

He woke up some of the villagers to tell used to be there w h e r e a man called Davis lived. He was a very t h e m about the terrible sight and some men went back up the quiet man w h o seemed to have enough money to live o n. He lull with a horse to bring d o w n the body. T h e y also immediately didn't work on the farms, but he always went to t o w n on market sent a young boy to Mr Davis's house, to see if he was at home, days. T h e young man was pale and thin, and he didn't speak very W h e n they cut d o w n the young man's body from the tree, they much.

He lived with Mr Davis and nobody knew if he helped with were surprised to see the clothes he was wearing were all black, the housework, or if Mr Davis was his teacher. But people talked like the clothes that vicars used to wear many centuries ago.

They suspected that the man, it screamed and tried to run away, but the men were able to two men were playing with magic and were plotting something hold it and they finally got back to the village wirh the body terrible.

O n c e a month, when the moon was full, they went up to a across the terrified horse's back. In the village they found the place on the hill where there are piles of old stones and rocks and young boy standing in the main street, with several women they stayed up there all night.

Level 3 Pre-Intermediate - The Locked ayofoto.info | M. R. James

Someone once asked Mr Davis why standing around him. He was as w h i t e as paper and would n o t say he went to such a dark, lonely place in the middle of the night. Mr a word. W h e n the m e n tried to move on towards Mr Davis's Davis smiled and replied,'I love old places. They remind me of the house, the horse again became very frightened. It stopped in the past. And the air is beautiful on a summer's night. You can see all the road and would not move.

T h e n suddenly it turned and tried to countryside for miles around in the moonlight. The horse could smell blood. T h e y carried the young want other people near us. We just want to talk to each other. I know farmers sometimes find Tied round his eyes was a black handkerchief and his hands were old bones and pots when they are working in the fields around tied behind his back.

His chest was cut open from top to bottom here. I'd like to know more about how those people lived and w h o and his heart was gone. It was an awful sight. T h e men ran outside their gods were. Then, one morning In September, something terrible Later, they put the young man's body next to Mr Davis's and they.

Why were these two men dead? In one of the cupboards they found a small strange kind of light there. One day, some time later, some people walking along the road 'I think that young man gave Mr Davis some of this stuff to found a pool of blood across it.

In the blood there were fat black put him to sleep,' one man suggested, looking at the bottle,'and flies, feeding. One man went to get some water and they washed then killed him. Goodness knows why. Perhaps he needed Davis's the blood away, but the flies flew up into the air like i dark cloud, heart for his magic. Then later, perhaps, he was sorry about and flew towards Mr Davis's house.

The villagers decided that no murdering his friend and went up the hill and killed himself. The Well, the villagers decided that the two dead men could not house burnt down completely, but for a long time people said lie in the graveyard near the church.

So twelve men covered the two bodies in black and took them Only the flies live there now. Perhaps it is only the flies who to a place outside the village.

Room pdf locked the

There they dug a big hole, threw know why those two men played with magic and why they died the bodies into it and covered them with stones.

People say that the way they did. Chapter 5 The Locked R o o m 'Why? Thomson was puzzled. It happened in Suffolk, near the coast. There is a tall, red house A few days later, he decided to stay at home to study in the there, built in about , perhaps. It has a small, untidy garden afternoon. He didn't feel like going out for a walk, but at about behind it and from the front windows you can see the sea. Tall, three o'clock he needed a break. He decided to spend five dark trees stand around this lonely house.

Near the front door minutes looking at the other rooms on his floor of the house - there is a sign which shows that this was once a public house, he was interested to know what they were like. He got up and where travellers could stop to eat and sleep. Nobody else was One fine spring day, a young Cambridge University student at home. The called Thomson arrived at this house. He wanted to spend some house was still and silent, except for the flies. The sun was shining time in a quiet and pleasant place where he could read and study.

He went into the three rooms near his own No one else was staying there at the time and Mr and Mrs Betts, bedroom; each one was pretty and clean. Then he tried the door who managed the house, welcomed him and made him feel very of the south-west room, but found that it was locked.

This made comfortable. They gave him a large room on the first floor with a Thomson want to know why it was locked and what was inside good view from the window. He spent his days very calmly and it.

Every morning he worked, he walked in the country in to open it. He finally succeeded, the door opened, he went in and the afternoon, and he usually had a drink with some of the local looked around him. He was The room had two windows looking south and west, so it was very happy to continue his life like this for as long as possible. He very bright and hot. There were no carpets and no pictures, only planned to stay for a whole month. It was not a very interesting room, but One afternoon, Thomson walked along a different road from suddenly.

Thomson turned and ran out of the room, closing the usual one and in the distance he saw a large white object. He the door behind him noisily. There with a square hole in the middle.

He examined the stone, then he were covers over the whole body on the bed, but it was not dead, looked at the view for a moment - the sea, the churches in the because it moved. He was not dreaming, Thomson knew: He didn't know what there in the sun - and he continued his walk. Thar evening in the bar, he asked why the white stone was First, of course, he had to lock the door again but, before he there.

Everything was silent inside the room. He were born, in fact,' said Mr Betts. Suddenly he stopped: He turned and ran along the corridor to his room, closed the door and locked it behind him as fast as he could.

He waited and listened. T h i s was the easiest thing to do. He didn't ask anyone in the village about the locked r o o m because he was too afraid, but near t h e e n d of t h e week he started to think m o r e and m o r e about t h e person in t h e locked r o o m and he eventually decided to find o u t m o r e before he left. He m a d e a plan - he would leave on t h e four o'clock train the next day and, while t h e horse waited outside with his bugs, he w o u l d go upstairs and take o n e last, quick look into t h e room.

This is what happened. He paid Mr Betts, put the bags on the horse, thanked Mrs lietts and said, 'I'll just take a last look upstairs to be sure that I have all my things. He almost laughed. H o w silly of me! It's just a pile of old clothes,' he thought. He t u r n e d to go, but suddenly something moved behind him. He t u r n e d quickly and saw the pile of old clothes walking towards h i m , with a knife stuck into t h e front of its jacket and dried blood all d o w n its shirt.

He pulled o p e n the door and rushed o u t of the room He turned toga, but suddenly something moved behind him. He looked annoyed. It was a stupid thing to do after we've been so good to you. Why did you want to look in that room? N o b o d y will want to stay in this house any more if you tell people what you've seen,' he said. I just wanted to know, that's all,' said T h o m s o n. T h e y wanted to steal his money.

T h e y held him down on that big, white stone w h i c h you saw when you were o u t walking the other day and they killed him with a knife. Then they threw his body into the sea. Later some people from the village moved the stone away from the village; they said the fish along this part of t h e coast would not c o m e anywhere near it.

T h e fishermen were not catching anything, you see. T h e people w h o lived in this house before us told us to lock that bedroom but to leave the bed in it, because the gentleman's ghost might want to c o m e back and sleep in t h e house again- You're the first person to see him since we've been here. He's never been a problem to us. But please don't tell anyone,' they repeated. W h e n we reached the bedroom door, he opened it very loudly and stopped outside.

He stood there for a m i n u t e and carefully inspected every corner of the room before he went in. I was going to send it back tomorrow. Williams was a collector of paintings, and his special interest was also interested in art, noticed the n e w painting.

O n e day, he received a price list from Mr Williams? T h e light is g o o d , but that person standing in front of Britnall's shop, where he often bought paintings. W i t h the list was the house is rather frightening. Although the price just then, but later, on his way to bed, he looked at it again and seemed rather high, the description of n u m b e r made Mr was amazed to see that the person in the picture was now right in Williams keen to see it.

He decided to order it at once. T h e person T h e painting arrived a few days later and Mr Williams tore off seemed to be on their hands and knees, moving towards the the paper, teeling quite excited. What he found was an ordinary house. He or she looked extremely thin and was dressed all in picture of a large country house from the century before.

T h e black, except for a white cross on the back. He decided to lock side and a garden in front. T h e letters A. On the back 'I'll write down everything that has happened to the picture of t h e picture was a piece of paper, torn in half, with the words since it arrived here.

T h e n in the m o r n i n g 1 won't think this is all 'ngley Hall, ssex' on it. He could not see anything very a dream,' he thought to himself. And that is what he did.

He special about t h e picture and could n o t understand why Mr found it very difficult to sleep that night, and the next m o r n i n g Britnall thought he would like it or why the price was so high.

That evening, a good friend, J o h n Garwood, came to 'I want you to tell me exactly what you see in the picture, in Williams's house and noticed t h e painting. I rather like it. T h e light is very good and I why afterwards. There was seen. It was impossible to say whether it was a man or a woman, no m o o n there w h e n 1 first got it. T h e looking at the house. Then we should try to find out where this place is in England. I feel there is something strange and terrible happening there.

We could only just see the person then, under the trees over on this side of the house,' said Williams, pointing at one side of the picture. John Garwood came over immediately and, while he was writing his description, Nisbet photographed the painting. Then the three friends decided to go for a walk. They returned to Williams's house at about five o'clock in the The person seemed to be on their hands and knees, moving towards afternoon and were surprised to find Williams's servant.

When the three men entered, he jumped to his feet in embarrassment. What do you think of the 'I'll explain in a moment,' answered Williams. I'm interested to hear your opinion,' said Williams. It's not the sort of painting I would let my young 'Well, let me see, the only other interesting detail is that one of daughter look at.

She's very easily frightened and I think this the windows on the ground floor is open,' said Nisbet.