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David Yonggi Cho (born 14 February as Paul Yungi Cho) is a South Korean Christian minister. He is the founder of the Yoido Full Gospel. Paul Yonggi Cho has 22 books on Goodreads with ratings. Paul Yonggi Cho's most popular book is The Fourth Dimension: Discovering a New World of. This book is dedicated to the many people who are seeking, searching, and struggling to find and walk a consistent road of faith in their.

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Outros livros de David (Paul) Yonggi Cho publicados pela Editora Vida: A This book offers a thorough understanding of divine healing as it is presented. The Prayer Driven Life 1 Dedicated to Dr. David Yonggi Cho Other books by Dr . Paul Yonggi Cho: The Fourth Dimension ministry of his church and to bring. My discouragement turned into joy when I met Dr. David Yonggi Cho of the Yoido Full Dr. Cho writes this prayer principle in his book entitled Born to be Blessed. .. The apostle Paul said to the church in Ephesus, “Finally, my brethren.

Watch your heart and your mind more than anything else. Will you do that? He was without medical attention for such a long time that blood poisoning has set in. Christ gave peace to the troubled. Common expressions are:. Logos is common to Koreans, Europeans, Africans and Americans.

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Worldcat source edition See also WorldCat this item. There are no reviews yet. The latter would be given training and a choice of four occupations. He has also served as Chairman of the Good People charity organization since February The spirit is the fourth dimension.

Every human being is a spiritual being as well as a physical being. They have the fourth dimension as well as the third dimension in their hearts. This is what the Holy Spirit taught me. September 4, June 8, August 6, Sarah , Miracle , Abraham , Jesus , Prayer. Share Embed Donate.

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This book is dedicated to the many people who are seeking, searching, and struggling to find and walk a consistent road of faith in their Christian lives. I am personally indebted to him for spiritual strength, and for insights I have received from God through this great Christian pastor.

I was ministering to his huge congregation in Seoul, Korea, when we received a telephone call that our daughter was tragically injured in a horrible traffic accident in Iowa. Accompanying us to the plane as my wife and I left in haste was our dear friend, David Yonggi Cho, prayerfully supporting and sustaining us. And when I arrived some hours later to sit through the black night hours at the pain-wracked side of my daughter, whose left leg had just been amputated and whose life had just been snatched from death, I found myself reading page after page of the unpublished manuscript of this book for which I now, with enthusiasm, offer a word or two.

I discovered the reality of that dynamic dimension in prayer that comes through visualizing the healing experience. Line after line, of the original manuscript, was underlined by this travel-weary pastor, this suffering father, I can only hope and pray that many Christians—and unbelievers too! Just start to enjoy it! It works. I tried it. God loves you and so do I! Poor but persistent, I held several jobs in the course of a single day. One afternoon I was working as a tutor.

Suddenly I felt something oozing up from deep inside my chest My mouth felt full. I thought I would choke. As I opened my mouth, blood began to gush out.

I tried to stop the bleeding, but blood continued to flow from my nostrils and mouth. My stomach and chest soon filled with blood. Severely weakened, I fainted. When I returned to consciousness everything seemed to be spinning.

Shaken, I barely managed to travel home. I was nineteen years old. And I was dying. Go Home, Young Man Frightened, my parents immediately sold enough of their possessions to take me to a famous hospital for treatment. When I heard their assessment, I realized how badly I wanted to live. My desires for the future were to end before I even had the chance to start fully living.

Desperate, I turned to the physician who had pronounced the grim diagnosis. This type of tuberculosis is very unusual. It is spreading so fast that there is no way to arrest it. Go home, young man. Eat anything you want. Say good-bye to your friends. I passed hundreds of refugees on the streets, and felt a kindred spirit. Feeling totally alone, I was one of the hopeless. I returned home in a dazed condition. Ready to die, I hung a three month calendar on the wall.

Raised a Buddhist, I prayed daily that Buddha would help me. But no hope came, and I grew continually worse. Sensing that my time to live was shortening, I gave up faith in Buddha. It was then that I began to cry to the unknown God. Little did I know how great an impact His response would have on my life. Touching Tears A few days later a high school girl visited me, and began to talk about Jesus Christ.

These stories seemed nonsense to me. I neither accepted her stories, nor paid much attention to this ignorant young female. Her departure left me with one emotion: But the next day she returned. She came again and again, every time troubling me with stories about the God-man, Jesus.

After more than a week of these visits, I became greatly agitated, and roughly rebuked her. She did not run away in shame, nor retaliate in anger. She simply knelt down, and began to pray for me. Large tears rolled down her cheeks, reflecting a compassion foreign to my wellorganized and sterile Buddhist philosophies and rituals.

When I saw her tears, my heart was deeply touched. There was something different in this young girl. She was not reciting religious stories to me; she was living what she believed. Through her love and tears I could feel the presence of God. I am sorry.

I now know about your Christian love. Since I am dying I will become a Christian for you. Her face brightened into a glow, and she praised God. Shaking hands with me, she gave me her Bible.

Constantly struggling to gasp air into my lungs, I opened to the Book of Genesis. Turning the pages to Matthew, she smiled: If you start from the Book of Matthew, you will have enough time. This is only a story of one man begetting another. I would rather read a telephone directory. But as you read on, these names will come to hold special meaning for you. The Living Lord As I read I did not find any systematized philosophies, any theories of medical science, or any religious rituals.

But I did find one striking theme: The imminence of my death had brought me to the realization that I needed something greater than a religion, greater than a philosophy, and even greater than sympathy for the trials of human existence. I needed someone who could share my struggles and sufferings, someone who could give me victory. The Person Jesus Christ was not bringing a religion, a code of ethics, nor a series of rituals.

In a profoundly practical way, Jesus was bringing salvation to humanity. Hating sin, Christ loved the sinner, accepting all who came to Him.

Deeply aware of my sins, I knew I needed His forgiveness. Christ healed the sick. The ill and infirm came to Him, and He healed all He touched. This put faith in my heart.

Books by Paul Yonggi Cho

I became hopeful that He might heal me, too. Christ gave peace to the troubled. There is no reason to fear! Christ gave confidence, faith and peace to those who came to receive help. This tremendous message thrilled my heart. Christ raised the dead. I never found one incident in the Bible where Christ conducted a funeral service. He brought the dead to life, changing funeral services into magnificent resurrections.

During the Korean War many people lost their families and businesses. Suffering from nervous breakdowns, many became completely possessed by the devil. Bereft of shelter, they wandered aimlessly around the streets.

Christ was even ready to meet this challenge. He cast out demons and restored the possessed to a life of normalcy. Convinced that Jesus Christ was alive and moved by the vitality of His ministry, I knelt down. I asked Christ to come into my heart, to save, heal and deliver me from death. I knew that I was saved. The Bible supplied foundation for all the faith I needed.

Despite the prognosis and old feelings of fear, I soon knew I was going to live. Instead of dying in three months, I was out of my deathbed in six. Since that time I had been preaching the dynamic Gospel of Jesus Christ. The girl whose name I never knew taught me the most precious name I will ever know. Through the years God has helped me to understand several important principles of faith.

These are the principles I share with you in the chapters that follow, in order that you can enter a deeper dimension and more abundant life. Christ is unchanging. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. Christ wants to bear your burdens. Jesus can forgive and heal you. He can cast out Satan, and give you confidence, faith and peace. Christ wants to give you life eternal and be a present part of your daily living. While thieves come to kill and destroy, Jesus Christ comes to give you life, life full and free.

Through the presence of the Holy Spirit, Jesus is with you right now. Christ desires to heal you, and to deliver you from death. He is your living Lord. Put your faith in Jesus Christ, and expect a miracle today.

Chapter 1 Incubation: A Law of Faith G od will never bring about any of His great works without coming through your own personal faith. It is taken for granted that you have faith, for the Bible says that God has dealt to each and every one of us a measure of faith.

Cho paul books pdf yonggi

You have faith whether you feel it or not. You may try to feel faith, but when you need faith, then faith is there.

The fourth dimension

It is there for your use, like having two arms; when you need to use them, you just reach out your arms and move them. I do not need to feel that my two arms are hanging on my shoulders to know that I have them. There are, however, certain ways your faith works, and links you to the Heavenly Father who dwells within you.

The Bible says that faith is the substance of things hoped for, a substance which first has a stage of development—of incubation—before its usage can be full and effective.

Envision a Clear-cut Objective First,to use your faith you must be able to envision a clearcut objective. Faith is the substance of things, clear-cut things, hoped for. If you have only a vague idea about your goal, then you are out of touch with the One who could answer your prayer.

You must have a clear and defined faith goal. I learned this lesson in a very peculiar situation. I had been in the ministry for quite a few months, and was so poverty-stricken that, as far as material things are concerned, I had nothing. I was not married, and was living in one small room. I had no desk, no chair, and no bed and was eating on the floor, sleeping on the floor and studying on the floor, but walking miles and miles everyday to carry out soul winning.

The Bible said that if I would just put my faith in Jesus, praying in His name, that I would receive everything. The Bible also taught me that I was the son of God, a child of the King of kings, and of the Lord of lords! Why should a child of the King of kings, and of the Lord of lords, live without a desk, chair and bed, and walk mile after mile everyday?

At least I should have a humble desk and chair to sit on, and a humble bicycle to ride on to do my home visitation. Please send me a desk, chair and bicycle.

Books pdf yonggi cho paul

From that moment on I was waiting for the delivery of each thing I had prayed for. A month passed with no answer. Then two months, three, four, five, six, and still I was waiting; but nothing happened.

Now you see me as I am here preaching the Gospel to the poverty stricken people of this slum area. How can I ask them to exercise faith when I cannot even practice it myself? How can I ask them to put their faith in the Lord, and truly live by the Word, and not by bread?

I am very discouraged. I am not sure about this, but I do know I cannot deny the Word of God. If you are going to answer my prayer after my death, what kind of profit will that have for me? If you are ever going to answer my prayer, please speed it up.

Suddenly I felt a serenity, and a feeling of tranquility come into my soul. Whenever I have that kind of feeling, a sense of the presence of God, He always speaks;so I waited. You never ordered a specific desk, chair or bicycle. No professor in the Bible college ever taught me along these lines. I had made a mistake, and it was an eye opener for me. I made a great mistake, and I misunderstood you. I cancel all my past prayers. I wanted the best kind of chair, one made with an iron frame, and with rollers on the tips, so that when I sat on it I could push myself around like a big shot.

Then I came to the bicycle, and I really gave much consideration to the matter, because there were so many kinds of bicycles: Korean, Japanese, Formosan, German.

But in those days bicycles made in Korea or Japan were usually quite flimsy. I wanted to have a very strong, sturdy bicycle; and since any machine made in the U. Then I felt faith flowing up and out of my heart, and I was rejoicing in the Lord; that night I slept like a baby.

But when I awoke at 4: The evening before, I had all the faith in the world, but while I slept faith took wing and left me. I could not feel anything in my heart. They have a special guest speaker, and are filled with faith when he ministers to them, but before they reach their homes they have lost it all. Their faith takes wing and flies away. On that morning while I was reading the Bible, and looking for a particular scripture to speak on, suddenly my eyes fell upon Romans 4: I rushed out to our tent church where the people had already begun praying, and after a few songs I started preaching.

Praise God! I was bragging about these things, and they could not believe their ears. In faith I was really praising God, doing just as the Word of God told me to do. These people were living in a slum area, and once they knew I had lied, it would be my last time to minister there. They would never come back. It was your idea for me to tell it like that. I said it as if I had it, and now how can I explain this? You gave me the right answer. Last evening I knelt down here and prayed to the Lord for that desk, chair and bicycle, and by the power of the Holy Spirit, I conceived that desk, chair and bicycle.

And they are as much a desk, chair and bicycle as when they will be seen by people at the time of their delivery. I could hardly walk through that town because women would gather to look at me and giggle. It just takes time, as a mother takes time to give birth to a child. It takes time for you, too, because you become pregnant with all of your clear-cut objectives. I was praising the Lord, and sure enough, when the time came, I had every one of those things.

I brought that desk, chair and bicycle into my house and was completely changed in my prayer attitude.

Pdf paul yonggi cho books

Until that time I had always prayed in vague terms, but from that time until now I have never prayed in vague terms. If God were ever to answer your vague prayers, then you would never recognize that prayer as being answered by God. You must ask definitely and specifically. The Lord never welcomes vague prayers.

The Fourth Dimension Volume 1 - David Yonggi ayofoto.info | Sarah | Miracle

But before he asked specifically for the healing of his blindness, Christ never pronounced the healing. When you bring your request to the Lord, come with a specific request, with a definite objective, with a clear-cut goal.

God knows all. God never works by Himself, but only through you. God is the eternal source, but He only works through your requests.

Do you really want me to pray for you? Number one: Write it down. Number two: Number three: Number four: Number five: Can you see your husband now? You must see him clearly before you begin to pray. God never answers vague prayers. I see her husband. You know her husband. We order him in the name of Jesus Christ. Every evening before you go to sleep read those ten points aloud, and every morning when you get up read those ten points aloud, and praise God for the answer.

She got married! You asked her to write down those ten points? What happened? He was a single man, and all of the young girls were crazy about him;they wanted to date him, but this guy was nonchalant to the young girls.

Yet he was fascinated with this older spinster. He was always hanging around her, and before he left he asked her to marry him.

Eventually she not so reluctantly gave her consent. They were happily married in that church, and on their marriage day her mother took that paper written with the ten points, and read it publicly before the people, then tore it up. I want to remind you of one thing: God is within you. God never works anything independently of you that concerns your life.

God is only going to work through your thinking, through your beliefs; so, whenever you want to receive answers from the Lord, bring out that clear-cut objective. Over 8, promises. Take out your notebook, write it down, see it clearly. I always ask God to give a revival to my church according to a definite number.

Last year we received more than 12, members in our church. I lifted my goal higher this year, and we are now going to have 15, additional members; next year I can easily ask for 20, If you have a definite request, and if you really see it, then you can have it.

When I was building the present church structure, which seats 10,, even before they poured the concrete, I saw it clearly in my imagination. I walked hundreds of times in that building, and I felt the magnificent presence of the Holy Spirit there. I felt the magnitude of that church, a thrill to my heart.

You must see your objective so vividly and graphically that you can really feel it in your emotions. If you do not exercise this law of faith you can never really get an answer to everything you request. Now in my prayers I always try to see clearly. I want to see my objective so vividly that I feel a thrill in my heart. It is then that this first condition is completed. Have A Burning Desire Secondly, if you have a vivid picture, you should have a burning desire for those objectives.

That kind of attitude will never bring the faith and touch of God. You need to have a burning desire. Proverbs When I started my ministry in , I had a burning desire in my soul, a burning goal to build the largest church in Korea. That desire was burning in me so much that I was living with it, sleeping with it, and walking with it. Now after twenty years it has been said that my church is the largest church in the world.

You have to have a burning desire in your heart. If you do not have a burning desire, then wait and ask God to impart His desire to your heart. God does not like the lukewarm, for He specializes only in the red-hot; if you have that red-hot burning desire, then you are going to have results.

Pray for Assurance Third, you must have the substance, or assurance. When I was conducting a meeting in Hawaii, one Japanese woman came and asked me how long she should pray to receive assurance. I told her that sometimes it takes only a minute, and if she would have peace and assurance in her heart in that instant, she would not need to pray any longer. Everything is rush, rush, rush. Soon they start losing the time to have fellowship with family and friends, and even the time to wait upon the Lord.

Everything seems instant: Americans have often turned churches into a place for lengthy entertainment. In Korea we have gotten rid of all that entertainment. We make our announcements very short, with the Word of God taking preeminence. After preaching the Word of God we have two or three specials—then we conclude. But the Word of God is always uppermost. I had been invited to speak in an evening service at a church in Alabama.

We have a wonderful television program coming on tonight, so I want you to preach for only ten minutes. In a church there needs to be a long time of waiting upon the Lord, and of praising Him, as well as a solid preaching of the Word of God; that builds faith.

And you must wait upon the Lord until you get the assurance. When we needed five million dollars to build the church already contracted, I had a clear-cut vision, a clear-cut goal, and a burning desire to build this church which would seat 10, people. But my heart was full of fear. I was shaky, fearful, and I had no assurance.

I was like a frightened rabbit, and that five million dollars looked like Mount Everest. To rich foreigners a million dollars may mean relatively little; but to Koreans a million dollars means a great deal of money. So I began to pray like a person dying.

But still I have no assurance. A month passed, and still I had no peace and no assurance. A second month passed and I was praying into the middle of the nights. I would roll out of the bed and go to the corner and cry, sobbing my heart out. My wife thought that I was losing my mind, but I was mentally blinded. I would just stand, without thinking, worrying about the five million dollars. And this great title deed, the substance and the assurance, were imparted into my soul.

Are you all right? Sit down. Really crazy. I prayed with assurance. My faith reached out, and I grabbed hold that five million dollars; it was mine. I got the substance, and once you have the substance— the title deed, the legal paper—whether you see those things or not, legally those things are bound to come to you because legally those things belong to you.

So pray through until you have this assurance. I prayed through the early part of this year and God gave me the assurance of a total of 50, members in my church.

So I claimed it, and in my heart I see 50, members. Those members are inside of me, growing, and as the vision grows inside of me, the same is growing outside. This is the secret: Speak the Word Fourth, you should show evidence of your faith.

The Bible says God raised the dead. They had a clear-cut goal—to have a son. They had a burning desire to have this son, and they prayed for twentyfive years.

Eventually God gave them a promise, and when they received the assurance, God immediately changed their names: Your name is no more Sarai;but Sarah. The village people stopped working. Oh, we feel sorry for her.

They talked back to each other: Do you like smiles in your home? Do you like to have a smile in your businesses and churches? Use the law of faith! Then you can see the birth of Isaac again and again in your life.

Miracles come not by blindly struggling. There are laws in the spiritual realm, and you have endless resources in your heart. God is dwelling within you; but God is not going to do anything for you without coming through your own life.

God is going to cooperate with you to accomplish great things. God is the same, for Jehovah never changes; but before a person changes, God cannot manifest himself to them. God used Moses and Joshua, and other men of giant faith; but when they passed away and people began to backslide, God stopped manifesting His power. God wants to manifest Himself through you today, just as He manifested Himself through Christ , years ago. He is just as powerful as He was before, and He is depending upon you.

I claim that I could build a church which has more than 0, members very easily in the States, as well as in Germany or in Tokyo, for the vision for a church is not built in the external world, but inside a man or woman. What becomes pregnant in your heart and mind is going to come out in your circumstances. Watch your heart and your mind more than anything else. Claim and speak the word of assurance, for your word actually goes out and creates.

God spoke and the whole world came into being. Your word is the material which the Holy Spirit uses to create. So give the word, for this is very important. The church today has lost the art of giving commands. We Christians are becoming perennial beggars, for constantly we are begging. The Egyptians are coming. Give the command and the Red Sea shall be divided.

You must pray through in your prayer closet, but when you come out to the battlefield, you are coming to give the word of creation. When you read the life of Jesus Christ you see that He always gave the command.

He prayed all night, but when He came out to the front lines He commanded that the people be healed. He commanded the sea to be calm. He commanded the devil to leave.

And His disciples did exactly the same thing. Rise up in the name of Jesus Christ! The Bible says to heal the sick. Rise and stand up! A few months ago I was holding a meeting in a Western country. One evening in the meeting we had about 1, people packed into this one place, and right in front of me was one lady in a wheelchair. She was so badly twisted that I felt depressed. I would look one way, and then suddenly turn around and look the other way; for the sight of her poured cold water on my heart.

She is so twisted, I wonder if Jesus Christ Himself could lift her up. First a blind lady was healed. She was so frightened when I called out her healing she shrieked and fainted, just after her eyes had suddenly opened. Then people began to be healed all over the auditorium.

When I turned around all the people had started shouting and clapping their hands, for that woman had stepped out of her wheelchair and started walking around the platform. I was foolish, for if I had lifted her up in the beginning I could have brought heaven down to that service; but I was scared.

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Many people come and ask me whether I have the gift of faith, or the gift of healing. I believe that is because it is the Holy Spirit who has the gifts, all nine of them. He dwells within us, and within me. What kind of gift do I have?