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New Pre-Intermediate Tests Lindsay White NE W pa ral lel tes ts 2 1 Great Clarendon Street, Oxford OX2 6DP Photocopying Oxford University Press is a. Liz and John Soars Headway Pre-Intermediate Student's book STUDENT'S BOOK PRE-INTERMEDIATE John & Liz Soars Oxford University Press National Motor Museum Picture Library/Beaulieu impression digital dynamite' in. Pre-Intermediate. Workbook with key. New. Hëadway. English Course. John and Liz Soars. New Headway English Course is a development of the highl.

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14 Unit Tests which revise the corresponding unit in New Headway. Pre- Intermediate Student's Book. There are two versions (A and B) of each test. They cover. Pre-Intermediate. Teacher's Book. Headway. English Course. John and Liz Soars . Mike Sayer est muligevel He. N Headway online u ayofoto.info Headway Digital Gold B1 – Build Up to Headway Pre-intermediate Audio ZIP New Headway Advanced (4th Edition) Entry Checker Answer Key PDF ( KB) .

Finally, he found some other walkers 6 I made a good meal. I saw! You can tell me your secret. It will be the story of a charming in the theatre for about 50 years. Fortunately no one was a.

Nr akceptacji MENiS: Download New headway digital. Upper intermediate Upper intermediate. Student's book-Workbook-My digital book senza chiavi. Con espansione online. Per le Scuole Diese Wortschatzliste ist pro Unit chronologisch geordnet. Alles wird Thus we have reviewed and brought up-to-date every aspect of the book, both in Vocabulary and writing: The top piau;;:: Around the superlatives. Describing towns and cities visit before you die.

Each test includes New Headway There are ten students in my English class. A doctor I love reading and frequently borrow books from the library. Page 1. Compare your answers and swap information. Was Jackie right to leave home at eighteen? Is there a generation gap between you and Match a line in A with a line in B.

Between you and your children? Hello, Jane! Sleep well! Can I help you? How are you? See you tomorrow! Good morning! Good night! Fine, thanks. Not at all. Don't Cheers! Excuse me! Bless you! Same to you! Have a good weekend! That's very kind. Thank you. Thankyou very much indeed. Make yourself at home. Hi, Peter! Good health! When do we say these things? Practise saying them! The people are very cosmopolitan. They travel a lot, learn foreign languages, and buy many things from other countries.

They own the most stereos and video cameras. They don't buy many motorbikes but they A market research organization interviewed 8, buy a lot of bicycles. The country has a large people in different European countries to find out about student population, and the highest percentage of their lifestyles. This country has a population of It has a strong economy and a lot of high technology industries, but not many people have home computers. The people have small families and love food, but only their own national food.

They smoke and drink more than their European neighbours, and they have more health problems. It has the most marriages, but also the most divorces in Europe. Many people use credit cards, and they often borrow money, particularly to buy houses. They don't save very much. They own the most videos and home computers in Europe. They like 2 Work in pairs. People from other countries generally don't like their food.

It is unusual in Europe because it has more single young men than single young women. The people often This country has a population of The borrow money but rarely borrow to buy houses.

Most holiday home. They love cars and motorbikes and people cook with gas, not electricity. They like low- own more than all other European countries. They alcohol drinks. Nearly every country in Europe loves the food of this country.

If so, do you think the 2 Speaking and listening information is correct? If your country is not here, give some similar facts about it. First prepare the questions. What tense are all the verb forms in the texts? Why is have and not have got used in the texts? What is the difference between them? Occupation - What Student A Look at the chart on this page. Do you have a car? Student B Look at the chart on page Have you got a car?

Ask and answer questions to complete your charts. I don't have a computer, haven't got a computer. Ask and answer questions about the following: Read the Language review about the Present 1 Complete the interviewer's part. Continuous on page 8 again. Interviewer Hello, Emma. Thank you for agreeing to do this interview, especially as I Translate believe you're studying for your exams He speaks five languages.

Emma Yes, I am. But I'm happy to do the interview. He's speaking French at the moment. Interviewer Now, the questions. First of all,? Emma Oxford, in England. Interviewer And? Emma At home with my mother. You see, my parents are divorced. I'm sorry about that? Emma Yes, I have. I've got a brother. Have and have got mean the same, but have plus the do Interviewer forms are more formal, so you see them more in written Emma No, he's younger.

He's twelve. Interviewer And Does America have a large population? Emma Well, he's either playing football or Yes. It has a population of million. That's what he always does after school. Emma Well, we see him quite often. We spend every school holiday with him. Interviewer Now a final question, Emma?

Interviewer That's great, Emma. I've got all the information I need. Thank you very Reading and speaking much. How others see the British 2 T. You are going to read a magazine article about three 3 Write a similar dialogue between the interviewer and people who came from other countries to live in Britain.

Pre-reading task 1 Work alone. Close your eyes and think of Britain. Write down the first five things you thought of. Policemen in funny hats.

Present Simple The Present Simple is used to express a present habit, or an action which happens again and again. It is also used to express a fact which is always true, or true for a long 2 Work in groups.

Compare your lists. Why did you think of those things? Translate Reading She often goes to the cinema. Work in three groups. Group A You are going to read about Kimiko, from Japan. Group C You are going to read about Margaretha, from Norway. Use your dictionary if you want. Answer the following questions. This, she says, is unusual in her Kimiko - Japan native Norway because There are now more than two almost all Norwegian dozen Japanese companies in women go out to work, Tyne and Wear in the northeast 55 partly because there are of England.

Many Japanese more creches. It is also 5 families now live there. There is much more eo Noel, a university professor, while she was learning freedom for women here,' she English in Cambridge. The men are more courteous and speaks English fluently. Also, she has an English es and romantic than Norwegian men. However she doesn't like everything.

She thinks 15 'Japanese wives come to Britain and after a while they British houses are not built well - even modern houses discover they can have a life of their own outside the home.

Also, there is too much litter on They don't have that kind of freedom in Japan. She In Japan it is unusual to see men shopping with their wives, 70 likes fresh British food, but at first she did not like the helping in the house, or babysitting. But Kimiko's husband, tea because it looked cloudy and grey. Now she is 20 John, a shipping engineer, happily lends a hand with the addicted to it, and has cups of tea all the time! John says that Japanese husbands soon adapt in Britain, and seem to relax more with their families.

Comprehension check Education is one thing that worries Kimiko. In Japan, 1 Find a partner from each of the other two groups. Another complaint is that shops don't 2 Read the other two extracts.

Help each other with have many clothes for small women! Which are true? Which are false? When Xavier Dupont came to Britain, a. Japanese men find it difficult to relax in Britain his friends in Paris said he'd hate it.

However, Xavier, a year-old chef, b. Xavier thinks the British dress well. Kimiko and Margaretha both have English 'French people imagine that Britain husbands. Both Xavier and Margaretha have a good opinion everyone dresses badly, you can't see of British men. Kimiko met her husband in Japan but Margaretha 35 worst on the planet. I don't agree. Xavier insists that the British look f. They all enjoy shopping in Britain. They have no good because they don't follow fashion so seriously.

He complaints about British shops. Both Xavier and Margaretha have complaints things in the supermarkets. He particularly likes the street about the design of British houses. Generally they all seem happy to live in Britain. However he has some complaints. He thinks that British men don't show enough consideration or appreciation of the What do you think?

Also, he doesn't like British bathrooms where you 1 What do tourists like doing in your country? Last of all, he feels Where do they go?

What do they do? What do they like about it? What do they find different? It is useful to record words which are associated in 3 Which do you have in your own home? Now choose a room in your house and make a similar You can do this in a list or in the form of a diagram like diagram of some of the things in it. Use your dictionary to look up any words you want to The following are all electrical household goods. Use know. When your diagram is complete use it to help you your dictionaries to check the meaning and if possible describe the room to a partner.

Some are already filled to help you. Listening air-conditioning cooker dishwasher Life in a Japanese school microwave oven spotlight fan freezer fridge food mixer home computer iron kettle lamp hi-fi system vacuum cleaner Walkman video washing machine word processor CD player fan heater You are going to listen to a radio interview with Graham Grant, an English teacher who recently spent two years teaching in Japan.

Pre-listening task The following words and phrases are in the interview. Check the meaning and the pronunciation in your dictionary. Each group has four answers to questions about the interview.

Pre-intermediate headway pdf digital

Write the questions, then ask the other group to answer them. Numbers 1 Notice that we say and after the hundreds. Group A seven hundred and eighty-three 1? Practise saying the following numbers. About forty. The stress patterns are usually like this: Three or four hours every night.

Pre-intermediate pdf digital headway

She is probably watching TV. Prices What do you think? Look at the way we write and say the following prices. In each one there is a number. Write down the number you hear. Example There are about ten French francs to the pound.

How much do you pay for a three-course meal in your country? What about hamburger and chips? How much is a hotel room? How much is a packet of cigarettes? Dictate them to a partner. Listen and correct her. They were from Miami! They didn't spend sixty days at sea! They spent sixty - 1 Here are the past tense forms of twelve irregular six days at sea!

Write in the base forms. They caught eight left broke 20 to ten fish a day and ate them raw. Use your dictionary to help. Some sharks raft in the seas of Central America came to feed, and the fish under the after their yacht sank. They survived 25 raft were afraid and came to the 5 in very good condition. I caught them with my Twenty-one days after they left hands. After fifty the side of the boat,' said Bill, 'and 10 then suddenly we heard water.

Then suddenly it They jumped into the life-raft and was all over. A fishing boat saw watched the boat go under the water. They For twenty days they had tins of couldn't stand up, so the captain 15 food, biscuits, and bottles of water. Their two machine to make salt water into months at sea was over.

How many days were Past Simple Jhey at sea? The Past Simple expresses a past action that is now finished. Where did it happen? Translate I saw Peter yesterday. Did they have a fishing boat? I didn't speakto him.

Use your dictionary to check any words you happen save don't know. How is the regular past tense formed? How is the past tense formed when the verb ends in 'e'? ESCAPE be go buy hit come know do make fall ring feel say find send fly swim give throw You must learn irregular verbs! There is a list on page Ask and answer questions. Which headline goes with which article?

Put the verbs below each article into the correct gap. Fortunately, three older boys Mark. They quickly pulled him out and the 1 Work in pairs. Decide which is the correct verb form. I saw! While I shopped! I don't know how. An American jet pilot from Fort Worth, but c. Last week the police stopped! The pilot ejected, but over eighty miles an hour. The engines working d. The jet for more than one hour over three e. Finally it crashed near Lincoln, Nebraska. Fortunately no one was a.

While I come to work this morning, I hurt. I not want to get up this morning. It begin fly hit takeoff go rain and it was cold, and my bed was so warm. I listen to the news on the radio when Twelve-year-old Thomas Gregory fromLondon is the the phone ring , youngest person to swim the English Channel. But when I pick up the phone, there the 31 miles in just 11 hours 55 minutes. He was no one there. I said 'Hello' to the children, but they didn't say hot tomato soup because he so cold in the anything because they watch television.

Often he not see anything and that was the worst thing. He was very pleased when he finally 2 Speaking and listening arrived on the beach in France. Which article do Where were you, and they go in? Where exactly do they go in the article? The river carried him towards a reading Fortunately, three - two years ago?

They quickly pulled him out and - in August last year? Write down the story, and give some wrong information. The rest of the class - What tense are the verbs in question 3? The activity began before the action expressed by the Past Simple. Translate When we arrived, she was making supper. When we arrived, she made supper.

They all have the same hero. Do you know who he is? Do you know the name of the author of the books? When James Bond got back to his hotel room it was midnight. Bond switched it off and opened the windows. His heart was still thumping in 5 his chest.

He breathed in the air with relief, then had a shower and went to bed. He 10 listened. There was a noise. It was coming from the window.

Pre-intermediate headway pdf digital

Someone was moving behind the curtains, James Bond took his gun from under his pillow, got quietly out of bed, and crept slowly along the wall towards the window.

Someone was breathing 15 behind the curtains. Bond pulled them back with one quick movement. Golden hair shone silver in 2 These books were all made into films which are the moonlight. Do you know the 'Mary Goodnight!

Help me in! The pictures illustrate the story but urgently. Bond put down his gun and tried to pull her Look at the pictures and try to work out the story. At the last moment her , foot caught in the curtain and the window banged 25 shut with a noise like a gunshot. Bond cursed Reading Now read the text and number the pictures to fit the again. Mary Goodnight whispered, 'I'm terribly sorry, James!

Are the following statements about the text true or false? Say why. Vocabulary and grammar work 1 The following verbs appear in the text in their Past Simple form. Find them in the text and write them next to the base form.

He turned on the light and 2 Make a list of all the parts of the body you can find in the shower. They sat down on the side of the bath. Bond asked again. What's the matter? A "Most Immediate" Begin like this: I knew you were looking for him, but he knows you're here. He's looking for you! That man's here all right. So 40 is a gunman called Scaramanga. Mary, did HQ say if Hendriks has got a description of me?

You were just described as secret agent James Bond. Now I must get you out of here. This is not your lucky day, Mr Bond. Come here both of you.

Put your hands behind your necks! His golden gun was pointing directly at James Bond. Did you know that Alan is married Barbara? Can I speak you for a minute? Verbs and nouns that go together i. Your shirt is similar mine. Where did you 1 Good dictionaries bilingual and monolingual show buy it?

I agree you about most things, but not Here are two extracts from the Oxford Elementary politics. Learner's Dictionary of English. My daughter is afraid dogs. Are you good tennis? He told us a very funny joke.

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Degas drew wonderful with the verb pictures of horses. Ian Fleming had a number of jobs before he became a writer. Which of the following jobs do you think he had? Use your dictionary to check any you don't know. Use your dictionary banker soldier stockbroker if necessary. When did you last den "" Last night.

Did you lis- ten to the news on the radio this morning? Put a preposition into each gap. I'm waiting the postman to arrive. Look that picture! Isn't it beautiful! I'm looking Mary. Is she here? She works BP, a big petrol company.

If you have a problem, ask help. While you listen, make quick notes of ways in which f. Are you interested modern art? Time expressions 4 Why didn't he join the Foreign Office? January the eighth, nineteen seventy-four 7 What kind of lifestyle did he have?

In pairs, practise saying the following dates. How old was he? What do T. What is your date of birth? Writing What days are national holidays in your country? Write a short biography either of yourself or of an 3 Look at the chart. Answer the questions. Do you know exactly when you were born? Two friends, Ben and Sam, are going to give a dinner Ben Now, have we got everything we need? Sam Well, let's see.

There are some onions and potatoes, but there aren't any mushrooms and, 1 Look below at the ingredients for the main course. Read the recipe, and use your dictionary to check any Ben Are there any carrots?

Sam A few.

New Headway Books

But we don't need many, so that's OK. Ben How much milk is there? One of you is Ben and one is Sam. Sam Only a little. And there isn't any butter, and we Ask each other questions about the ingredients. Is there How much beef do we need? QHow many onions do we need? We've got some salt and pepper, and there's a lot of flour.

Would you like me to help with the shopping? Ben Yes, please. There are some onions. There is some salt. Are there any carrots? Are the 8 Imagine you are on holiday. Make notes in the table. Where are you? They are very fair and they always discuss things with us. I think my parents What did you do yesterday? Janey 16 Use your notes to write a postcard about your holiday. Use some of these adjectives: Our parents both had terrible childhoods so they wanted ours to be perfect.

Match them with a comment and a reply. I learned that when I left home and started to spend my own money! Use 7 Read what Silvio and Janey write about their parents. Are the some of these adjectives: My parents were too careful — they worried about me and my two 12 points divided between brothers all the time.

Our parents both had terrible childhoods so 12 accuracy and content they wanted ours to be perfect. Every minute of our lives was spent doing expensive things — we never got time to be kids just playing on our bikes in the street. We 1 I feel very nervous.

They are very fair and they always discuss 5 How are you feeling? The only rule is that I 6 You look much better. I think my parents have got it right: I stayed in bed for two days and it 4 His childhood was always busy.

New Headway - Intermediate Students book.pdf

It was boring. Use What And lots of cheese! She lives on a boat. I know a woman who lives on a boat. It was in the centre of the city. He lives in Barcelona. They were in a sale. My sister works in a bank. Lane House 1 point for each correct answer 4 Netherbourne Road Ambridge 10 Make some notes about a town or village you know well.

Dear All, Answer these questions: We got the keys last Thursday and moved in on countryside like? Where do people work? Are there any famous Friday. All our furniture looks very small 10 points divided between accuracy and content 10 and we keep losing the kids.

Turn garden — the new one is smaller and it is very untidy. A Where did you stay? A B C cleverer 1 She is more clever than her sister. My sister lives in Barcelona. Yes, 3 I stayed in a hotel. It was out of the city. He works in Barcelona. Ambridge Answer these questions. As you can see from the address, we are now in our new home!

We Are there any famous buildings? Write a paragraph about the town or village. All our furniture looks very small and we keep losing the kids.

We moved so the girls can have a bedroom each now they are 11 Translate the sentences. Ned Harris has. We asked Ned some questions. B Yes, I did. Why is that? Have you? A Yes, I have. B Yes, I have. Our reporter asked Julia Jenkins about her favourite magazine, Hiya!

What is Hiya! If you need to know who has married who, who has been on holiday, and who has made a new film, this is the magazine for you. It also has TV 9 Complete the short answers. Who is the magazine for? People from ten to one hundred years old can enjoy it. What is the best part of the magazine? JJ The pictures are great. There are lots of photographs taken inside 5 Is it sunny outside?

What is the worst part of the magazine? How much does the magazine cost? I prefer house music. Sixty million people B Yes, I do. Ned Harris is one of them.

Before that, We asked Ned some questions. We got married two weeks after carefully. Conversation 1 5 Put the nouns in the correct columns. Julia Jenkins JJ The magazine has all the latest celebrity news. If 10 points divided between accuracy and content 10 you need to know who has married who, who has been on holiday, and who has made a new film, this is the magazine for you. It also has 9 Read the questions. TV listings, a crossword, recipes, and competitions. People from ten to one hundred years old can 2 Are you going home after this test?

European royal families that I have never heard of! My mum always did it. It arrived immediately. The company will pay for everything. Answer the questions. Write a letter to The Principal, Bennett School of do?

Pdf pre-intermediate headway digital

Ask about: I thought she would find herself a flat after a few 5 points for layout and salutations, 6 for body of the letter, 12 months but she seems to be very happy living with me again.

Any suggestions? You must speak to his school and take him to see your family doctor. Your glands are 3 You should ask your daughter to leave. You must give her enough P Yes, it does. Letter A: There is one in every hotel 4 Circle the correct modal verbs. One arrived immediately.

Write a letter to The Principal, Bennett School of live at home. You must speak to his plenty of fluids stomach felt well have a look at you school and take him to see your family doctor.

Daphne 2 You should be happy that your daughter wants to live with you. Drink lots of give your son the freedom to grow up. You must give her enough time to find a new home — and perhaps you can help her.

Your glands are Letter A: P Yes, it does. Use the first conditional. I want a double room for two nights. She has a new camera. Use your notes and the words and 1 point for each correct answer 5 phrases in the box to write a text giving your opinions. First of all Also for example However Firstly 8 Circle the correct word. C Good morning. R Certainly. C A double, please. Since then, it has become an enormous industrial city. Millions please?

Can I have a contact number? The workers in Shenzhen come from all over China and they work C The 2 points for each correct answer 14 charity also estimates that an average of 13 workers a day lose a finger or an arm in an industrial accident. Will I pass my exam if I work hard? Use your notes and the words and 8 Complete the sentences. Use the verb phrases from exercise 7 phrases in the box to write a text giving your opinions.

I want a and a client C. R orning , madam. The workers in Shenzhen come from all over China and they work long hours for low pay, because life in the countryside is worse.

The C Yes, here you are. C You go to a library to borrow books. Use the infinitive. He used to be single.

Use the correct form of used to. Aron Ralston, 27, went out for a one-day walk in a US national park 11 You are going to write an informal thank-you letter to a and was trapped when heavy rocks fell on him. An lb kg friend.

Make some notes first, then write your letter. He stayed in this position for five days. He had very little food with 1 point for salutations, 10 points divided between content him and only a few litres of water.

After five days, he knew that to 11 and accuracy escape he had to cut off his arm. He thought about it carefully and then managed to amputate it with a small pocket knife. The operation took about an hour. Mr Ralston then climbed down the mountain and walked 10 kilometres looking for help.

Finally, he found some other walkers so so many so much such about three kilometres from a town. When he was rescued, he was so very thirsty but calm. Surprisingly, he wants to return to the wild when he has recovered. Use used NAME: I 3 Circle the correct verb form in each sentence. Before I started training for the bike ride, I 11 eat new job. Aron Ralston, 27, went out for a one-day walk in a US national park and was trapped when heavy rocks fell on him.

An lb kg so so many so much such rock, or boulder, moved and fell on his right arm. He had very little food with 1 Tom was frightened. The 3 Tom and Mary are interesting people.

Mr Ralston then climbed down the mountain and walked 10 5 You are beautiful! Finally, he found some other walkers 6 I made a good meal. There are two extra nouns. Use your own ideas or the notes about Young Frankenstein to help you. Fish has been eaten in Britain, an island, for thousands of years.

In the 17th century potatoes were brought from Latin America. When he play, book, or film? Second, third, and fourth positions went to pizza Italian , duck Chinese , and curry Indian. The traditional way to eat fish and chips is to buy them wrapped in paper and to eat them with salt and vinegar.

They used to be 8 Match the signs 1—8 with the places in the box. People eat their fish and chips in the street or take them home — and some airport shop car park public car park toilet door bus people admit that they eat them in bed! No change given. Do not block. In the opinion funny, clever 17th century potatoes were brought from Latin America. When he opened his fish and chip shop in London in it quickly became popular with working people who needed quick, filling meals.

New headway pre-intermediate 4th edition tests download.pdf

By the s there were 31, fish and chip shops in Britain and 1 Spanish is spoken here. Second, third, and fourth positions went to pizza 2 Please take your rubbish home with you. They used to be 4 We are looking for a qualified hairdresser.

Use the second conditional. What would you … a would buy b will buy c bought 1 do if you found an expensive watch? We have bought 2 Complete the second conditional sentences with the correct our tickets and packed our bags.

Use your own ideas or these notes to help you, and five of these adverbs: Bill Murray, Dan Ackroyd, and Harold Ramis starred in the film, fortunately, quickly, quietly, then, too, or very. This comedy film tells the story of three men who open a ghostbuster office.

They are paid to go into haunted homes and offices to get rid of unwanted spirits and ghosts. The film tells the story of a young in Oklahoma girl who has a bad spirit living inside her.

Her mother asked a vicar to 7 points divided between content and accuracy help her cure the girl. In this film, Bruce Willis plays the part of a doctor who looks after a young boy with behavioural problems.

A thrilling and leaves in two minutes. A Can I buy my ticket first? The three films. Sense S. I start next week. What would you … 2 Circle the correct letter.