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PAUL BRUNTON A SEARCH IN SECRET INDIA $ A SEARCH IN SECRET INDIA This is the famous classic that has sold more than a quarter million. Cashback (2): Get 10% cashback using RuPay cards. Max Cashback - INR if you are using RuPay card for first time on Amazon. INR 25 if you have used. Author: Paul Brunton Nine Lives: In Search of the Sacred in Modern India · Read more Pearl's Secret: A Black Man's Search for His White Family.

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Dr. Paul Brunton died July 27, , in Vevey, Switzerland. Born in London in , he authored thirteen books from "A. Search in Secret India" published in. The late Paul Brunton was one of the 20th century's greatest explorers of and writers on the A Search in Secret India is the story of Paul Brunton's journey around India, living among Download A Search in Secret India here (PDF mb). Author: Brunton Paul Title: A search in secret India Year: Link download: ayofoto.info This is the.

A Search In Secret India: Refresh and try again. Guide to Michael A. Smoley, R 3. Aug 09, Neelesh Marik added it. Cesano, J 4. There is so much to learn in this country.

Past Lives 2. Philosophy 3. Pilgram 2. Poems 4. Powell, AE 6. Quotes Ravindra, R 4. Reincarnation Religion Retreat centres 3.

In paul secret a pdf india brunton search

Rossetti, C 2. Rumi 2. Science Scott, Cyril 3. Secret Doctrine Self-realisation Sender, P 7. Sinnett, AP 9. Smoley, R 3. Socrates 2. Spiritual Practice 5. Sri Ram, N St Germain 3. Steiner, R Study course 2.

In secret paul india pdf a brunton search

Study Courses 7. Subba Row 5. Taimni, IK 7. The Astral Body 2. The Etheric Double 2. The Path 4. The voice of the silence 3. Theosophical centers 3. Theosophical Society Theosophy Tibet 2.

Time 2. Transformation 3. Truth 3. TS Encyclopedia 2. Unity 3. Websites 2. Yet reading it again in it didn't seem quite so special as I am now a different person-probably as a result of the journey to India that this book inspired me to take.

If you are lost this is one of the books I would recommend. Paul Brunton as his personal spiritual adviser. This book is a warts and all expose of Paul Brunton and I recommend it as a warning that all of us, including Gurus, Godmen and Maharishes are human and have human faults. Take knowledge from wherever you may find it but don't make the mistake of worshipping another person. View all 6 comments. Jan 18, Sampath rated it it was amazing. A must read and must own book. I know I will read this book again.

The author has shared his invaluable and spellbounding dialogues with Maharishis and Yogi's. Its a great service to a man kind that the author has shared his experience.

Aug 10, Sumangali Morhall rated it it was amazing Shelves: For anyone seeking a spiritual teacher, or even anyone having found the right one, this story is incredibly moving.

Brunton's erudite use of language, coupled with his ruthless inner and outer search, makes this a gripping read from start to finish. His descriptions of the journey alone would make a beautiful travel journal. But his descriptions of inner expe For anyone seeking a spiritual teacher, or even anyone having found the right one, this story is incredibly moving.

But his descriptions of inner experiences are breath-taking, especially those in the company of the great Ramana Maharshi. May 03, Krystn rated it really liked it. Here is a very readable tour of India during the early s. Paul Brunton Ph. Being a British intellectual with a scientific and philosophical education, he approached Yogis with skepticism and an open mind quite unusual for the scientific minded.

He describes in detail the Yogis dedicated to spiritual growth and gives brief reviews of those focused on magic and egotism.

He spends the last quarter Here is a very readable tour of India during the early s. He spends the last quarter of the book describing his time with Ramana Maharishee at his small ashram in Tamil India. He was changed forever by the months spent with the Maharishee. During the period of his travel, Gandhi was gaining a huge following but Brunton avoided asides on the political movements except when revolutionary fervor produced violence in his vicinity. Altogether, this is a well written and honest account of travel in India.

Mar 06, Mary-lou rated it it was amazing Shelves: This book had been recommended to me about thirty years ago by the father of a close friend, Mr Goss, and I had never sought it out until now.

I am glad I didn't read this book until I was 'ready' for it. It is,in short, a classic on the search for spiritual meaning. It is set in India but this search is ultimately a search for Self which can occur in very many situations. At times Bruntons lack of understanding of the ways of another culture made me cringe especially when it is things that I th This book had been recommended to me about thirty years ago by the father of a close friend, Mr Goss, and I had never sought it out until now.

At times Bruntons lack of understanding of the ways of another culture made me cringe especially when it is things that I think even in were unforgivable.

A Search In Secret India: The classic work on seeking a guru

It is also a good insight into just how much control, respect and power the English had in India at that time. He was very much writing from the perspective of a far superior being in his eyes any way BUT that doesn't change the fact that he got it in the end.

It was a marvellous journey! View 2 comments. Sep 29, Joli rated it it was amazing. I loved that this author explored India the way I might. He went quite slowly, as far as explaining the spirituality of gurus. I wish there had been a medium step to bridge the gap. Brunton has many books and I have just requested about 5 of them. I'll write about them as I read them.

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Oct 18, Suba rated it really liked it Recommends it for: I like the writer's style of writing. It is more like a diary and the writer's experience is recorded vividly through his own words. Paul Brunton wrote about his journey to india to explore the secrets of the spiritual world. My prior knowledge in Hinduism and my own experience in India helped me to digest his words easily. Its worth reading if you are interested in yoga, spiritual and mystic. View 1 comment. Jan 05, David rated it it was amazing.

A in brunton paul india pdf secret search

Tells about British authors strange experiences exploring India. Really makes you think May 08, Justin rated it really liked it Shelves: An enjoyable travelogue.

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May 07, Bernie Gourley rated it really liked it Shelves: In the process, he found a number of masters of body, mind, and both. However, he finds these individuals as rare nuggets in a sea of frauds.

Brunton states up front that he won't waste time with any of the blatant frauds or suspected frauds, but he does devote space to a number of the more impressive ones. Impressive either by way of a large following or artfulness of technique. He also finds individuals he doesn't know what to make of. These individuals appear to have impressive otherworldly skills, but skills that he can neither reconcile with known scientific understanding nor uncover as hoaxes despite his best skeptical inquiry.

Given Occam's Razor, he seems to be left suspecting that these are masters of illusion, but he maintains skepticism of his skepticism. A prime example of this is a Yogi who seems to be able to conjure any scent upon request. Brunton also runs across individuals who are able to do amazing things that are inconsistent with his knowledge of the world, but which his exhaustive investigations leave little room to dispute. For example, there is one yogi who can completely cease his respiration for a seemingly impossible length of time, and who resumed breathing not with a gasp but with a slow, calm series of breaths.

As suggested above, this book is really an attempt to analyze India's spirituality through the lens of Western logical and scientific approaches. The author is a Brit and the book was first published in the 's. His worldview is consistent with that status.

Secret india paul in brunton search pdf a

While Brunton would like to master his own mind, he is unwilling to let himself be duped. There is another side to this juxtaposition of East and West. The yogis and gurus with which Brunton comes into contact often have trouble grasping the Western mindset there is one notable exception.

What these wise-men have difficulty understanding is why a people, like the British, devote so much time to mastering the external world and with a great measure of success it must be added , but put so little effort into mastering or understanding the self.

Most of the gurus appreciate that a Brit is taking an interest in the spiritual and yogic ways of India, but with their own skepticism. They find Westerners materially rich, but bankrupt of the mind. They find the Brits strong, but lacking the supple power that yoga introduces.

After completing his travels, it seems the book is set to draw to an end. However, Brunton realizes that while there were a number of skilled individuals that he came across in his travels,there is one that stands out as someone he should not miss an opportunity to learn more from. Therefore, instead of getting on a steamer back to England, he returns to South India to a man called the Maharishee in order to find out if the guru will take him as a student.

Search in Secret India

The last couple chapters describe his time under the Maharishee's tutelage as well as under one of the guru's most advanced students. The Maharishee is a sage the likes of which Brunton has not seen in all his travels. The guru has the humility to say that he cannot teach Brunton anything, but instead can only show him some things that he learned on his own journey.

In almost all cases, Brunton had to take great initiative and steer off the beaten path to find the true masters. On the other hand, most of the individuals who were easily found, and eager to talk, were just con men. I recommend this book for those interested in development of the mind and body. Sign in. In this text, Brunton recounts his journey throughout India to seek out illumined yogis, swamis, sadhus, and saints. Brunton experiences siddhis and miracles firsthand as he learns the wisdom of these masters.

This book was instrumental in Ramana's notoriety throughout India and the West. This text has been custom formatted for Kobo and checked for typos. It includes an interactive Table of Contents. Autobiography of a Yogi. Paramahansa Yogananda. Scientific Healing Affirmations. The Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda. Swami Vivekananda. Four Hindu Classics: The Art of War. Sun Tzu. The Surrender Experiment. Michael A.

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