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Form 231 mvat pdf

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Form Print · Email · PDF version. Description: For e-Returns Version 2. Attachment, Size. Attachment, Size. formxls, KB. MVAT Act, is the return in substitution of the original return filed earlier. . In case of dealers filing multiple returns (Form and Form ) for any place. Forms, Annual e-Return annexure (For e not eligible Dealers), PDF-icon, MS-word-icon, excel. Regular e-Return Annexure, –, –, excel. For e-Returns .

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Form, Application Form for Registration under Section 16, pdf download · word Form, Return cum chalan of tax payable by a dealer under Mvat Act, . Form CST Goods Return User Guide. PDF icon Form__Goods_Return. pdf And Revised U/S 20(4) (a) (from 01/04/) VAT/CST New Automation. Download Maharashtra VAT Form MTR6, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Please fill the R. It seems you have Javascript disabled in your Browser. Punjab Value Added Tax Act. The Insolvency and Bankruptcy of India Rules. Entry Tax Rules.

VAT Forms for Maharashtra in Excel / PDF (Fillable like Excel)

The Central Excise Act, Customs Act, Central Sales Tax Act, Entry Tax Act. Companies Act, Delhi Value Added Tax Act, Maharashtra Value Added Tax Act Rajasthan Value Added Tax Act, Bihar Value Added Tax Act, Karnataka Value Added Tax Act, Punjab Value Added Tax Act. Haryana Value Added Tax Act.

Telangana VAT Act Gujarat Value Added Tax Act, The Indian Partnership Act, Societies Registration Act, Reserve Bank of India Act, Competition Act, Monopolies and Restrictive Trade Practices Act, Foreign Exchange Management Act, The Employees' State Insurance Act, Profession Tax Act. Right To Information Act, Equalisation Levy Act, The Insolvency And Bankruptcy Code, IGST Act , Central Goods and Services Tax Act, Direct Tax Rules.

Indirect Tax Rules. Corporate Laws Rules. VAT Laws Rules. GST Rules. Income Tax Rules. Wealth Tax Rules Income Declaration Scheme Rules Customs Valuation Rules. Service Tax Rules. Central Sales Tax Delhi Rules, Central Sales Tax Maharashtra Rules.

Entry Tax Rules. Cenvat Credit Rules, GST Valuation Rules , Companies Rules, Limited Liability Partnership Rules, LLP Winding up Rules, Delhi Value Added Tax Rules, Maharashtra Value Added Tax Rules, Haryana Value Added Tax Rules, Punjab Value Added Tax Rules. Rajasthan Value Added Tax Rules, Bihar Value Added Tax Rules, Karnataka Value Added Tax Rules, Telangna VAT Rules Gujarat Value Added Tax Rules, Tamilnadu VAT Rules, Baggage Rules, Profession Tax Rules. Delhi Labour Welfare Fund Rules, Cost records and audit Rules, Equalisation Levy Rules, The Insolvency and Bankruptcy of India Rules.

Income Tax Forms. Wealth Tax Forms. Companies Unpaid Dividend Forms. LLP Winding up. Service Tax Forms. NBFCs Forms. FEMA Forms.

Income Declaration Forms. VAT Forms. CGST Forms. DVAT Forms. MVAT Forms. Bihar VAT Forms. Karnataka VAT Forms. Haryana VAT Forms. WB Vat Forms. Punjab VAT Forms. GST Forms. Accounts and Records. Advance Ruling. Appeals and Revision. Assessment and Audit. Demands and Recovery. Return Form Template is an Excel utility and contains five sheets i.

This Workbook also consists of Return Forms Viz. However, unless the annexures are validated the relevant return form, as chosen by the dealer, will be accessible.

This is basic information i. Please read the instructions given at the bottom of the Header. The system will not accept any other date format.

231 mvat pdf form

As explained above dealer will be required to download the latest version of return template. Presently version 1. Only this version of the Return Template requires to be used. Dealer is required to file the Sales Annexure 31 and Purchases Annexure 32 while filing the return for prior period up to 31st March as was being done earlier.

It is mandatory for the dealers use new template consisting of 31,. The dealers are required to manually fill all the fields of the applicable returns. The dealers are required to file Sales-Purchase annexures. However, dealers who have opted for the Composition Scheme and required to file return in Form are not required to file 31 and J2 annexures.

No negative value shall be accepted in annexure. The decimal Values shall be accepted and those shall be rounded off in Excel return. Dealer shall not use comma while entering the values in sales, purchase annexure and excel return. Please fill the R.

231 mvat pdf form

Also fill Name of dealer, return period, Return Type, Financial year etc. Each field in the Header is mandatory. Please provide information about Name of the Authorized signatory, e-mail id as also the Mobile Number.

The dealer is required to select appropriate Return form type from the drop-down menu. A provision has been made to mention the TIN wise information of sales and purchases in the annexures 31 and The requisite information be filled in the appropriate column.

231 pdf form mvat

Post data filled in the Sales and Purchase Annexure, excel template of applicable blank return form will get auto populated after validations. All the fields in the return will be required to fill manually. The necessary Validations will take place in a sequential manner i. The messages sheet will display messages about errors, if any. If the information is filled incorrectly errors may generally appear.

In order to make this error free necessary changes should be made in the Header, sales and purchase annexure. To edit, please press the refresh button. If there are no Sales and Purchases and hence the Sales and Purchase Annexure are kept blank under such circumstances dealer is not required to fill any information in the Excel Return.

MVAT Return to be filed on new portal even for period prior to 1st April

It should be left blank. In the Excel Return, the dealer should provide information in the all fields of return. It should be noted that dealer should not enter decimal figures. All the figures shall be rounded off to the nearest rupee. Goods Return claim in the Return: The dealers should have already paid taxes due as per these returns within the prescribed time period.

Accordingly, while filing returns for the aforesaid periods the dealer shall mention the amount of tax paid in appropriate field of the return they file. If as a result of filing of return for abovementioned period additional amount of tax becomes payable, then the dealer shall be required to make payment of additional tax along with due interest.

Once dealer uploads.

The dealer shall make the payment of tax and interest, wherever applicable by logging in to the website mahagst. Acknowledgment of return filing: Dealer will receive the return PDF format in due course. Dealers are requested to use the Instructions and User Manual to resolve basic problems in new return filing process.

If you need assistance with any of the steps of return filing process, or you cannot resolve your issue, please contact your Nodal Officer or Help Desk for further assistance. Copy forwarded to: Copy for information: What if some dealers only want to file a supplement return.

Their tin is available now and they need to revise only that amount not the other amounts.

How can that be done?