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Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and strategies. Pokemon FireRed-LeafGreen Prima Official Guide Scan. Game Guides @ Emuparadise. Direct Download: Unforunately this file has been removed for now. Pokémon FireRed and Pokémon LeafGreen are remakes of the original Game Boy Pokémon games, Pokémon Red and Pokémon Green, respectively.

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Pokemon FireRed-LeafGreen Official Guide - Free ebook download as PDF File ( .pdf) or read book online for free. Download Pokemon FireRed-LeafGreen Official Guide. See our member submitted walkthroughs and guides for Pokemon LeafGreen. Help for Pokemon LeafGreen on Gameboy Advance. More help, hints and.

Talk to the nurse behind the counter to heal your Pokemon for absolutely no charge! They range from levels Walkthrough GBA by strawhat Dec 18th First match will be a female Picknicker with 2 Level 18 Oddishes and 2 Bellsprouts. Cancel X. Normal items also appear on the floor in the shape of a Pokeball.

It is suggested that beginners choose Bulbasaur , since it's a Grass-type and is strong against the Pokemon in the first Gym, which are Rock-type. After choosing your Pokemon, Gary will come over to the table and choose his Pokemon, which will have an advantage over your Pokemon. For example, if you were to choose Bulbasaur , Gary will choose Charmander. He'll talk to you afterwards, and as you leave, he'll challenge you to your first battle. Be careful during this first battle, as Gary's Pokemon is stronger than yours, even though you both have lv.

The Potion may come in handy now. During this battle, you'll constantly be interrupted by Prof. Oak's tutorials. The good thing about this battle is that you get some money if you win, and your Pokemon's level is instantly raised to 6. Now leave the city and go North into Route 1 and towards Viridian City. Try to level up in this route. When you get damaged, be sure to either go back to your house for a free healing from your mom, or to the Pokemon Center in the next city.

Talk to the first person you see for a free Potion. Sooner than you think, Route 1 is coming to an end. Locations Route 1 Pidgey Rattata.

Main Pokedex Games Other. View all Pokemon. Pokemon names with this color are exclusive to FireRed. Pokemon names with this color are exclusive to LeafGreen. Choose Your Pokemon Pidgey Rattata.

There are a few setbacks. First, there are no secret bases in this game. That also means no mixing records. The TVs just sit there and rarely have any shows on. No reporters either. No contests and a very easy "Trainer Tower". Here's also my opinion about who's better than who.

It's really your choice what you get. The only difference is in the version exclusive Pokemon. Fire Red also has to pay more for Porygon. You know, stuff that comes in a manual guide most sane people already know. But in case you are playing the Japanese person or is not sane, here is the section. To jump ledges, just move the control pad downwards. You can only jump down ledges, not over. Now, what do you do? Well, usually, the first thing you do going around town is to explore a bit, but not too much in case an unwanted event is activated.

Pokemon Centers are in almost every town. They are the buldings with red roofs. Talk to the nurse behind the counter to heal your Pokemon for absolutely no charge! More about Pokemon centers. To the right, there's a PC. Press A to access the menu. There will then be a menu. Let's go through it step by step. Professor Oak's PC will tell you how you've been doing catching Pokemon and isn't that important.

Upstairs is the connecting place. The first lady after the PC lets you battle and the second is to trade. The buldings with blue roofs are Pokemarts.

They sell you supplies and also buy from you. When you're there, stock up! The gyms are usually the largest buldings. They say gym on it. Beat the gym leader to progress through the story. The badges they give have special qualities. Talk to everyone in a city, usually you can get some items or advice. To exit a house, there should be a rectangular red mat.

Press down there. To find hidden items, press A on the ground. If there's a hidden item there, you get it! If not, nothing happens. This is usually the case. Normal items also appear on the floor in the shape of a Pokeball. The first Pokemon in your party is sent out automatically when any kind of battle starts. Here's the menu: It can only learn 4, after that you must choose whether you would like to keep one and get rid of another or just not learn the move.

Choose an attack and the battle sequence begins. Whoever has higher Speed attacks first. Some moves do damage and others do not. Each attack has a type so use them to your advantage. They also have a certain amount of PP, the number next to the attack.

That shows how many times you can use the attack. When it reaches 0, you can no longer use it. Generally, stronger moves have less PP. As your PP gets less, the color will change from yellow to orange to red. When Pokemon is selected, you go to a screen of Pokemon. You can select switch in which you switch in a Pokemon and waste a turn, or just check a Pokemon's stats. You always go first when switching unless Pursuit is used. When Item is selected, you can use an item in battle if it can be used, but you can't attack afterwards.

You always go first unless Pursuit is used. Run is escape from battle. You don't lose anything. Once in a while, you will fight a double battle. What this is is a two Pokemon on two Pokemon battle. The rules are basically the same. The fastest of the 4 Pokemon attack first.

The only difference between this and a normal battle are the effects of some moves, like Earthquake dealing damage to ALL Pokemon and Surf dealing damage to both opponents. You can also attack your partner, although that's a very stupid idea in most cases. Stat definitions: Stands for hit points. When you have 0, your Pokemon faints. Decides how strong your physical attacks are along with a move's base power.

Decides how much damage you take from physical attacks. Special Attack: Decides how strong your special attacks are along with a move's base power. Special Defense: Decides how much damage you take from special attacks.

The Pokemon with higher speed goes first. On wild Pokemon battles, if your Pokemon is fast it also has a higher chance of running away when selected.

There are two kinds of battles: Trainer and Wild. To start a wild Pokemon battle, just go to a place wild Pokemon may live. They are usually found in grasses but they also live in caves, oceans, abandones buldings, and more.

They are random battles consisting of one Pokemon. The only reward you get from winning is experience. Only certain Pokemon are in certain areas. Trainers usually hang out at just about anywhere except cities and towns. To start a battle with them, let them make eye contact with you.

Trainer battles are a bit different from wild Pokemon battles. First, you cannot run so make sure you have Pokemon in good shape. Second, they will have more than one Pokemon usually, including Pokemon you cannot find in the wild or that area. They are smarter and are a higher level than those wild Pokemon.

Third, you will get both experience and money as a reward. All those Pokemon types do effect the battle.

Appendix:FireRed and LeafGreen walkthrough

Some types of attacks are strong against others. If the Pokemon is dual type, things aren't much different. If one type is strong against another, it does 2x the damage. If both types are weak to the attack, it does a whopping 4x the damage. If the type is immune to the attack, it does no damage. If one type is weak to the attack but the other attack is resistant to it, the damage will be normal. Sometimes critical hits and added effects happen on moves.

There are several tactics of battling which will be explained later. These will haggle your battling abilities are very annoying. There are two kinds of conditions, direct and indirect. You can only have one direct condition at a time and it will say so above your HP. They stay after the battle and when switched and can only be cured when you go to a Pokemon Center or use a special item. These conditions are: Take 1 HP per 4 steps damage outside of battle. Sleep User usually can't attack.

Wakes up after turns. Frozen Same as above, except a fire attack will automatically thaw frozen Pokemon whether used by foe or frozen Poke. Paralyzed Paralyzed Pokemon's Speed halves.

Attack is halved. Faint User can't stay in battle. Unlike the original RBY, this status will stay. Indirect status conditions are not mentioned directly. There are many of these are incurable by item and are nulled by switching or ending the battle. Here's a list of SOME indirect conditions: Awesome move. Damage to itself depends on Attack and Defense. Can only be used on opposite gender.

Nulled if either Pokemon is switched.

They have one to two types and a special ability. They also have personalities which affect their stats. They also grow at different rates, some taking more experience to reach their max level and some taking less.

List of Personalities Adamant: Pokemon become stronger by battling, whether wilds or trainers. As Pokemon become stronger, they also learn better moves. You can keep up to 4 moves. When you're trying to learn a new move, they will first ask if you want to keep that attack, then you go to a screen where you choose the attack you want to delete. If you select no or the new move, then the game will ask if you are sure you don't want to learn the new move. Say yes or no.

At a certain level, most Pokemon evolve into stronger creatures, or evolve. They will have higher stats, but sometimes they will not learn attacks they could only learn in their previous stage and they learn new attacks slower Some Pokemon even evolve twice!

If you wish to stop evolution, press B when the Pokemon is evolving. Some Pokemon require a certain condition in order to evolve although most evolve with Level.

There is: Evolves at a certain level.

You need to use a certain evolution stone. Jigglypuff with Moon Stone. Trade it with a friend, and get that sucker back.

Make the Pokemon happy by giving it vitamins, battling with it, and never letting it faint. Probably the hardest to do. Increase its Beauty stat to the max and raise it a level. About techniques.

Pokemon learn moves by leveling up, but there are also other ways of learning. One way is to breed. When two Pokemon are in the same breeding group see breeding section and the father has a move that the baby can learn only by breeding, it will get it!

The baby will always be the species of the mother. For more information on this, check the breeding section. TMs are another way. After you defeat Brock, you get the TM Case.

It holds TMs. If the Pokemon can learn it, it will. You can only use a TM once. HMs however can be used as many times as you want although most of them are useless competitively. Sometimes a move namely HMs can be used outside of battle. These can be useful in most cases and can be used even if the Pokemon has fainted or ran out of PP for that move. The cry changes when you reach the yellow zone in HP, again in red, and finally once more when it faints. Pokemon also have different growth rates.

Some Pokemon get to level with only , experience, but some can take more than 1. You need to have a wide variety of Pokemon on your Pokemon team and getting all is part of the fun! Here's how to do it. First, get into a wild Pokemon battle. Weaken the Pokemon down to red to low yellow health. Now go to the item screen, press right a few times until you are in the pocket to the very right, and use one of your Pokeballs.

Each Pokemon's catch rate can differ. Generally, the higher level the Pokemon and the rarer it is, the harder to catch. Legendaries are by far the hardest Pokemon to catch. Each Pokeball also has a catch rate which can effect the chances of the Pokemon staying in the Pokeball.

The Pokemon's status can also effect the difficulty of capturing it. Try to get it to fall asleep or even better, frozen. Any other status will work fine but with these two, the Pokemon doesn't have a chance of KOing itself and can not attack. Remember that some Pokemon may be holding items that will help them.

One kind of special Pokemon is a shiny Pokemon. These are very, very rare and have a different color than normal Pokemon. They also have a special animation when they are sent in to battle. They are ordinary in every other way however.

Some Pokemon also hold a special condition called Pokerus. This is rarer than a shiny Pokemon and very helpful. This doubles the EVs that you get from Pokemon. It can be spread to all Pokemon in your party and disappears after a few days. If you can store it in your PC, it will stay. What sucks is that you can't tell if a wild Pokemon has this condition, but there's a chance your Pokemon can catch it.

If you have questions about EVs, take a look at the hidden stat section. This time, you can view the Pokemon by their size, weight, height, type, Pokeball, and so on and it's much easier to use if you want to search for Pokemon you have to use in your team. Here's a list of the categories in game order: These tips are sure to help beginning players. Save often. This is a must in every game. Do especially after tough battles and before a legendary or Gym Leader.

When you reach a town, the first thing you should do is go to a Pokemon Center and heal your party unless a guide says not to.

Guide pokemon leaf pdf green

Have at least 10 balls with you. You never know if a shiny or rare Pokemon comes up. Don't use your Master Ball unless you are facing a legendary that can run or a shiny Pokemon which can selfdestruct. Have a wide variety of moves so that you can have an attack that is super effective to all types. Have HM Slaves. Stick worthless HMs on Pokemon you won't use so that your "good" team won't have useless attacks.

Each type of trainer going by sprite usually hold specific types of Pokemon. Search around in each area of grass for new Pokemon. Sometimes you will find dark spots on the ground. These are usually hidden items! Press A on the spot to find an item! Here's my format: Wild Pokemon - The name of the Pokemon that appears there. Appearance Rate - This is the approximate amount that Pokemon will appear in the specified area. The first number is the appearance rate in Fire Red, the second for Leaf Green.

If they are both the same, they will appear as the same number. Catch Difficulty - How hard it is to catch the Pokemon. I also do fishing and Surfing. It's safe to say that Old Rod only hooks Magikarp and the places I don't mention for Surfing and there's water means that there's only Tentacool.

Blah 2. Blah Just a quick reference for those who don't really want to get spoiled about the area or don't want commentary. Now, that should be about all you need to know. Let's get on with the walkthrough! Watch the cool new opening video and then start a new game. Scroll through the help menus and listen to Professor Oak, the man who appears on your screen, talk and talk and talk until he is finally finished. There, you'll name your character. After choosing a name, he will ask if you are sure that's your name like you have a mental problem.

Choose the top option Yes and be on your way. Next, you have to name your rival who you have known for a long time, but remained nameless until now. Name him too and say that you're sure once again top option. OK, let's begin our adventure now. After you minimize and appear in your room, go to the top left and press A on the PC.

Choose the top option, Withdraw, and press A again on the item Potion. Close the menu and walk downstairs. Talk to you mom and leave your house through the rectangular mat. Outside, talk to as many people as you please.

Visit houses and get used to controls.

Now, since there's nothing to do, exit the town by walking to the top above. Wait, as you exit, Professor Oak stops you! He says some stuff about Pokemon, and then asks you to follow him. Do so and he will lead you towards his laboratory. Chat with him for a while and rival will ask what took him so long. Chat some more and he will ask you to choose a Pokemon on the table to the right. Now, this is the first decision that will make a huge difference in the game.

He is not to bad in a final team either. You get to teach him Frenzy Plant later. Bulbasaur can take many Special hits and easily can last its weaknesses.

Awesome annoyer in competitive battles. It can take many hits of both physical and special attacks. Its attacking stats aren't too bad, and speed is a little on the slow side. You can teach it Hydro Cannon later. It can be a very good utility Pokemon later in the game. If you like to be safe rather than sorry, here's your Pokemon.

It has low defenses, but high offenses and speed which is extremely handy for sweeping. It is the best starter out of all 3 actually, one of the best Fire types in the entire game.

No, this is not an opinion, this is a fact. It can learn very powerful moves by breeding and is seen VERY often on the bots. If pure power is what you're looking for, then choose Charmander. However, it is a bit more difficult to progress through the game with him.

You however, can choose whomever you like. Rival will also choose one, always one strong against your type. Once your tough decision is over OK, maybe as tough as choosing pizza toppings , start to exit the lab. Rival song remix starts rival challenges you! Time to start your first battle!

Bulbasaur Lineup Pokemon Level Bulbasaur 5 Charmander Lineup Pokemon Level Charmander 5 Squirtle Lineup Pokemon Level Squirtle 5 He should be easy enough. Professor Oak will be coaching you and teaching you the controls throughout the battle and whatever you do. Remember that Potion that you got from your room? Now is the time to use it, if you are in need. If you lose, you don't get a Game Over or lose half your money since it's only practice, so don't worry if you forgot the Potion.

It's better to win though to get some money for later on. You should have gotten plenty of money from that battle, some which you will have to spend later. Anyway, rival leaves whether you beat him or not and your game will continue. Head out of the lab and up and out of Pallet Town. Run if you're running low on health. As you walk up the route, you should see a man. Talk to him to get a free Potion. Afterwards, you will get to the beautiful Viridian City.

Feel free to explore your new surroundings, but don't go outside the town. Heal in the Pokemon Center and when you're done exploring, hit the Pokemon Mart, or did you already do that? Well, either way, you get a package for Oak. So, time to back to Pallet Town.

You have the option of jumping over the ledges this time around, but I don't recommend it since you still need some experience. Now, go to Professor Oak at Pallet Town. But don't worry, no battle this time, he just came because Oak told him he wanted to say something to both of you.

Leaf guide pokemon pdf green

Skip his blabbering and get your prize - the Pokedex. Get it and scram. You also get a 5 Pokeball bonus, sweet. Now, go all the way back to Viridian, but instead of training, do some catching.

It is highly recommended that you start training your new Pokemon immediately, either Pidgey or Rattata or both. Chances are you're going to keep it through the entire game. Now, you start a new chapter in your journey. You will finally be able to catch Pokemon and become a Pokemon Master. You should know your surroundings by now, there is a Pokemon Center near the entrance, and Pokemart northeast of it and two exits North and West. First, go North. A man will talk to you and show you how to catch a Pokemon, but we all know he's old and wrong since he forgot to weaken it.

You recieve a help device you will probably never need afterwards. Anyway,now you can explore the top part of the Viridian. Don't exit yet, just take a look at the top. You should see a closed gym and a school teaching you about status conditions.

The gym will reopen later, so let's give it some time and train a bit. Go back to the heart of the town and this time, take the West exit after buying about Pokeballs if you can afford it. Go to the patch of grass and train your second Pokemon a bit if you plan on keeping it. Don't leave the patchy grass except to heal. They are common, good experience, and have strong attack and speed.

Leaf guide pokemon pdf green

Spearows are rare here, they're not worth spending a lot of time for since they appear much more commonly and are easier to catch later on. The Nidoran that used to appear here have moved on, and so should you. Take your Pokemon and get out of there. DO NOT explore this area past the grasses. After catching Pokemon, heal, buy more Pokeballs if needed, and proceed into Viridian Forest. Don't progress through here yet, we're not done with Viridian City. Don't fight any trainers, the first two aren't one.

Here, you'll also find many new Pokemon. Pokemon here range from Level , but are not that strong. Leaf Green has it on the easy side since Caterpie are more common and can't poison you. Bring an Antidote or two if you play Fire Red. In this area, catch the caterpillars and Pikachu if you're lucky enough to find one. If you have Charmander or Squirtle, catching Pikachu is a must.

Kakuna and Metapod are perfect training posts for weak Pokemon. They usually come in Level 5 and can't attack. Since they are an evolved form, you rack up some serious exp.

By now, you should be forming a temporary 6 Pokemon team. My team: After you finished your training, head back to Viridian City. Heal, and head West once again. The Pokemon here should be really weak compared to you, head up and West and you'll see the reason I told you not to go here. Bulbasaur Lineup Pokemon Level Pidgey 9 Bulbasaur 9 Charmander Lineup Pokemon Level Pidgey 9 Charmander 9 Squirtle Lineup Pokemon Level Pidgey 9 Squirtle 9 This time, rival's a bit harder.

You'll have a tough time with Pidgey's Sand Attack at if you're at a low level and can't do much damage. Pidgey has some decent defense. It doesn't have a flying type move yet, so all it can do it Tackle. Nail it with Pikachu fast or use your starter.

Your starter should have its third attack by now, so use it. You will probably level up once. After Pidgey faints, rival will send out his starter which actually isn't as hard. Bulbasaur's Leech Seed works well here, as does Pikachu's Thundershock. It's actually a bit easier than Pidgey. Use a Potion if needed and fry him well. After that, sore loser rival will walk away and now you can explore the Pokemon League HQ a bit.

You won't be able to proceed far, so when you're done exploring, head back to Viridian City. Heal, restock, and now head into the Viridian Forest. Train your weak Pokemon on the wilds here, especially the caterpillars to start evolution. If you see a Pikachu, catch it as it's quite rare. Don't stress too much if you don't find it though as it is much more common later on, although it can help on the second gym.

Now, first, head left and then up and follow the path to get a Potion. Now, go back to the entrance and take the right path. After defeating that trainer, take either path. In the middle of the end of both paths, there will be another Bug Catcher. This one will hold 2 Weedles and a Kakuna. Defeat and continue. Smack in the middle of your path should be an Antidote. There should be another fork here.

They both lead to the same place. Go right, and now there should be a rotating trainer. You shouldn't be beaten down by now, so put a strong Pokemon first and battle. This guy sucks too with 2 Caterpies. Continue down the winding path. At one spot, there will be a trainer with his back turned to you. Talk to him to start a battle. He will hold two level 7 Metapods and a Level 7 Caterpie. Beat him and continue down. At the end of the path, make a quick right to find a Potion.

Now head back on track. This next Bug Catcher only has a Level 9 Weedle. Oh nos. Wrap em up and go to the end of the path to exit the forest. Well, go on to Pewter City. Ignore the things to the right for now as there's no way to get there yet.

Well, explore here a bit. You'll see a museum with a lot of junk in it , a house with a Nidoran Male We should get one , a Gym Don't go in yet , and the regular Pokemon Center and Pokemart. Oh yes, we should restock, shouldn't we? Let's see what's on sale You'll get your money soon enough. In the Pokemon Center, next to the PC there's a reporter. Do whatever you want with her, she just changes your profile when you do link-up battles. Next to the Pokemart will be a man. Say no to his question and he will lead you to the museum.

Say Yes and he will do nothing. Try to proceed and a dude will stop you and bring you to the gym. If you're wondering about the woman who asks you a question in the patch of grass, she's just asking you if you know what she's doing.

Doesn't matter what you choose. Going to the museum is optional. Talk to the Jigglypuff in the Pokemon Center! Lovely song.

Pokemon FireRed-LeafGreen Official Guide

You are now able to trade. There's a hidden Pokeball two spaces left and one space down in the light patch of grass to the left of the museum. This guide is mine, Stra what's. Yes, I pwn. Well, what about that patch of grass we passed while coming to Pewter?

There's nothing new there, just the same old Pokemon that you found at the beginning of Route 2. If you want to train, go back to the forest. It's perfect for Pidgey, Spearow and Charmander.

When you're done training, head to the gym. It's time to win out first badge. Talk to him for advice. No matter which option you pick, he'll still give you advice. Now, you can skip the trainer, but why waste good experience and money?

The kid still talks about the light years from Red and Blue. If you're having trouble with this guy, go back and train, especially if you have Charmander. Bulbasaur and Squirtle should do fairly well though. This is the easiest gym, so no puzzles this time. Now it's time. Time to battle Brock. Bring it on small eyed brutha! My party: If you have Charmander, this can be a tough battle. Neither of Brock's Pokemon have that great attacks, but they have tremendous defense!

A Special Attack should do decent damage on him, and the only way to do that now is to get a Butterfree by evolving Metapod at Level Use Potions if needed. If you're still having a lot of trouble, you should really level up to at least Level Onix is also pretty fast. I gained two levels from this. A lot of people have pointed out that a good Mankey can also sweep the floor with Brock using Low Kick or Karate Chop. Thanks for the heads up.

After listening to the cool gym leader music, head out. Heal and prepare to ascend Mount Moon. Make sure you're equipped with items especially Pokeballs! You will get the Running Shoes! Now you can run fast by holding B while walking. So, proceed. On Route 3, the first trainer you'll see is a Lass with two Level 9 Pidgeys. She's harder than most of the trainers you've fought so far, so train up your weak Pokemon.

Actually, train them on all the trainers here. Here's a map: Lass, 2 Level 9 Pidgeys. Youngster holding a Level 11 Rattata and Ekans. Lass, Level 10 Nidoran Female and Rattata. Youngster, Level 14 Spearow. Bug Catcher, Level 11 Caterpie and Metapod.

OK, so after you defeat the trainers I recommend you go back to heal a bit.

Pokemon LeafGreen Version – FAQ/Walkthrough

The next can be tough without fast Pokemon. She looks like an innocent bypasser walking around, but when talked to she'll battle. She carries a Level 14 Jigglypuff who can put you to sleep, so attack quick or use Awakenings. After Jigglypuff, ignore the grass and run along the path until you get to the Pokemon Center. To the very left is a man who sells you a Magikarp for , but it's difficult to train right now and you can find them later on.

After healing, it's time to go catching. For those of you who didn't catch Spearow before, now's your chance. Another Pokemon of interest are the Nidoran and Jigglypuff. Be sure to at least land a Nidoran Female for breeding, but if you're playing Fire Red and can't stand to search so long, grab a male one since IMO, that one's better anyway.

Jigglypuff aren't that great but you need it for your Pokedex. This is the only place to find it so grab it before moving along. This is a horrible place to train Grass and Bug Pogleys so move your butt out of there if you plan to train Bulbasaur Ivysaur?

Remember Geodude? You'll want it, trust me. Zubat are only good if they can evolve into Crobat so I don't recommend getting one yet. Clefairy and Paras are rare and unique to this area, so get one! Train your Pokemon here as it's an excellent training ground if the Pokemon can take down Geodudes. Paras seem to appear more often now than in the original RBY, so don't get sos psyched when you see one. The first thing when you get to Mount Moon besides catching Pokemon is to avoid the trainers and head left to the opposite side of the large rock.

Collect TM09 containing Bullet Seed and move. From there, move up and to the left of the trainer and water is a Paralyze Heal. OK, now let's fight the trainer there. He will have a Level 11 Weedle and Kakuna. From him, move back on track to the right. There will be another trainer there. If you need to know what a Clefairy looks like, here it is. The Lass will hold a Level 14 Clefairy.

It can be a bit difficult with attacks like Doubleslap and Encore, but you should be able to handle. This is your last chance to heal so do so if you took some damage. Now, after that from the Lass, keep following the path. There is a ladder take it down. Collect the Star Piece and retrace your steps back. When you get back, go south and to the left path. Take the Potion West of him and head East. Get the Rare Candy and move on. As you keep going on the right path, you should find another Escape Rope.

When you get to the end of the path, you should be in an area near the top of the ladder you went to before. There's a man rotating in a pile of rocks. Talk to him if you want, he's not a trainer. Keep going directly West from there to find a Lass moving around. Fight her Level 11 Bellsprout and Oddish. Keep going along the path. You should find a ladder. Before leaving, make sure you pick the hidden item in the rock which is Ether. When you get back to the ground floor, there should be a trainer.

Fight the Youngster's 2 Rattatas and Zubat all Level Hopefully you haven't dumped Butterfree yet or have your starter with you. Take the ladder and go along the path. Before you go on when you resurface, head up to find a Revive which should come in handy if your weakening at this point I hope you aren't Now head back and right. Fight the Rocket's Level 13 Rattata and Sandshrew and move on. They're both tougher than wild ones with new attacks, so be prepared. Go to the little trench in the right to find a hidden Moon Stone in the Rock.

Now, go up and fight the Super Nerd. He is a bit tough holding a Level 12 Grimer hope you have Butterfree After defeating the Super Nerd, you will be given a choice of two fossils. The first one on the left is a Dome Fossil. This will will become a Kabutops which is rather cool and has good attack, and the second one it the Helix Fossil which later becomes Omastar, a Pokemon specializing in Special Attack and Defense. Omastar is much more useful in link battles, so I recommend that although Kabutops does look cooler.

I chose the Helix Fossil. Wonder when you'll exit? Don't worry, you're almost there. Keep going and collect an Antidote and head up the ladder. There's going to be no more trainers from this point on so celebrate if you're weak!

When you exit, first get used to the light and greenery. Are you OK now? Good, head East and you will find two Move Tutors.

Walkthroughs for Pokemon LeafGreen

The one on the right will teach Mega Kick and the one on the left Mega Punch. These moves will both suck later on if you plan to battle with friends, but at the moment they are pretty good. They will teach only one of your Pokemon those attacks so choose wisely if at all. You won't be able to go back for a while so if you want you can go back through Mount Moon, but who would do that?

Pick up TM05 Roar and head on to the next town in which you can stock up. The Bike Shop. You can't get one yet: The Super Potions. Buy them if you have strong Pokemon. The hidden Rare Candy in the backyard of the house on the upper left corner who tells you about the badges.

It's located near the right side. The Police Officer blocking the house. Don't worry about that yet. The house next to the Pokemon Center.