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Full text of "Thinkdigit Magazine " .. Somebody has just Googled the topic and saved all related PDF docs and dumped into the DVDs. $10 biLLion in R&D for its green tecli-initiative between now and Eagle Eye Department. Security Software. Kaspersky Internet Security 01 - Jun - McAfee Mobile Security. 11 - Sep - Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security. 03 - Nov. Digit is an Indian technology media publisher magazine owned by Media. According to the On May 30, , Digit's website ayofoto.info got a new address - ayofoto.info On the occasion of the Retrieved 19 June ^ Digit: About Us Print/export. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version.

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Get all past issues in Digit Mega PDF pack! ayofoto.info Cover price Rs. /- We're giving away ALL past PDFs before March for download. Title: Digit October , Author: Media, Name: Digit October , http:// ayofoto.info thinkdigit Your favourite magazine on your favourite social network. .. This month we have a hot running GPU, annoying script errors in PDF. Title: Digit June , Author: Media, Name: Digit June , Length: 26 pages, Page: 1 [Hint: You have the entire PDF Mega Pack at your disposal] Answer format: .. ayofoto.info thinkdigit Your favourite magazine on your.

How many nucleobases is DNA made of? The Digit Test Centre receives hundreds of products every month. As it turns out, the guys at dbrand are known the world over for manufacturing the most precisely fitting skins for smartphones and other devices. USB Type-C is said to drive away the pain of misjudging the orientation of the plug while attaching the cables your USB powered devices. How easy would it be to add the mugshot you see on this page into a criminal database? So with that, I hope doom unto you all. On one Sunday afternoon, in between a few heated CS:

Nothing is forever. Forget startups, even established companies and monopolies fall or at the very least undergo a metamorphosis. Nokia, Blackberry, Apple, Microsoft — just about any name you can think of — have found this out the hard way. Historically, there have been some companies and entities that have bucked this trend like the great motor companies of the world, but they will also undergo a transformative phase in the years to come, thanks to upstarts such as Tesla Motors.

What about Digit? Digit has already been the tech navigator to at least one generation mine included obviously , but will Digit be around when your kids are 15?

The medium would have changed Us paper toting luddites will be shunned by then probably , the kind of stories we do might be different, I might not be around, but Digit surely will be there, guiding yet another generation through the tech minefield. Not many of you know this, but beneath the excitement and glossy pages of every anniversary issue is the toil of a countless tired Digitians. A bunch of extremely stressed out writers, editors, and interns spend every waking moment that month apart from a few CS: GO sessions trying to figure out how best to give our readers the maximum in this one mega issue.

Even younger perhaps. As a result, many of the columns this month are likely to be nostalgic. Can you really blame us? Andy supposedly said it when a bunch of bystanders were trying to get into the frame when he was being photographed.

For a quick rise to nebulous stardom, technology has enabled just about anyone to have their 15 seconds or even 15 nanoseconds of fame - sometimes even. I was bewitched under a spell.

I was in heaven! The next day was a special one, too. As I called my best friend into my room, booting up my PC to show him the components inside, his jaw literally hit the floor. He was dumbstruck.

Now it was his time to cry and throw a fit at his dad. What fun! To show off even more of my new love of computers, I realized something — I had to convince my father to get me a VSNL pack that would let HyperTerminal connect to the Internet.

Oh, and one other thing. Later that year was also the first time I ever picked up a Digit issue. The thought of playing the latest game demos bundled in the CD on my spanking new PC was just too hard to resist for my teenage self.

And look where it led to! Memories that are largely unaltered, yours alone for eternity. And I have a lot of fond memories from 15 years ago. It was a defining year of my life for more reasons that one. Technology, obviously, played a big part in it. So many thoughts raced through my head, but raising a mental middle finger in the faces of all my colony and school friends is the only spontaneous reaction I remember.

I was laughing at their loathing and misery, literally feeling on top of the world. While I enjoyed playing games on his PC and watching movies on CD drives, I knew deep down in my heart that my PC would have to be more powerful than his pre-configured, off-the-shelf HP machine.

The stakes were high, but settling for an inferior machine was just not an option. I had to pull out all the stops. Which meant tears. Within a couple of days, he came bearing gifts.

Let me know your thoughts on this column at: A number of startups emerge everyday but not many can face the heat. Here are the ones that dissipated with time. Ubuntu is a complete desktop Linux operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. Android Studio is the official integrated development environment IDE for Android platform development. Keep an eye out for Blip the image and get access the Blippar icon next to video reviews, interactive to some images games, and much more!

Suvarna Shringarpure, Mobile: Debleena Majumdar, Mobile: Jayanta Bhattacharyya, Mobile: Pebble Time Round Chromecast 2 Smartron t. Managing Director Dr.

Photographer Jiten Gandhi. Back cover Bajaj Nadeem Ansari. India Antivirus Kanak Ghosh. We do not, expressly or impliedly, warrant or assume any liability or responsibility for the quality, accuracy, completeness, legality, reliability, usefulness or claims of any product or service advertised in the magazine. Disclaimer For every Digit contest, there will be only one winner, unless specified otherwise. Contact us Tell us what you feel about Digit If you have an opinion about anything published in Digit, or about technology in general, write to editor digit.

Just write in to sos digit. Remember to include full system configurations in your email. Interact with thousands of Digit readers and have some geeky fun! Join The Revolution! For copy-related issues, delivery status or any other complaints regarding out service, write to help digit.

Agent Our very own secret agent will give you the lowdown on what to buy, from where and for how much. Send in all your buying advice or questions to the coolest agent ever. Write to agent digit. You should, because we have exciting offers for everyone, and you save money in the bargain. Contact our Test Center at testcenter digit.

News and new product launches To announce new product launches and press releases, email us at pressrelease digit. Get the requisite permissions by contacting us at reprint digit. Business enquiries Think we can help you grow your business, or maybe you can help us grow ours? Get in touch with us at business digit. All of us came from boring jobs, or college degrees, and the only thing we have in common is a love for all things science and tech; plus, all of us were readers and fans of Digit before we came here.

Well, our goal was always to be the honest and unbiased voice of reason in tech. We wanted to tell it like it is, no matter who it pissed off, and we want to continue doing so. Many of you would have sampled our regional language initiatives.

We want to get tech to people in India in their mother tongue — a special shout out to our publishing director, Vikas Gupta, and the vernacular teams for making this happen. Apart from languages, we will also find newer platforms and ways to interact and connect with you more often, be it via social media, the website, apps or even the e-mag if we ever get it out of beta!

We just want to show as many people as we can the wonder of technology, and how it can raise not just them but this country to higher levels. We want more billion dollar tech companies to be founded in India, by young Indians. India was India, it was different, it was unique, and had unique needs. You have to remember that this was an age where Internet connectivity was still a luxury in India, and even PCs were not something just anyone could afford. Online is where the real challenge was, especially in the last 5 years, because everyone and his uncle has a tech blog, and all major media houses started up tech web sites and threw money around to try and grab all the eyeballs — it reminded us of the dot com boom actually.

We recently got some more good news: What magical witchcraft allows us to win against these Goliaths, and stay number 1 for 15 straight years? So before anything else, thank you for your continued support and keeping this dream alive. Indians pride themselves on knowing more than others — we learn, we thirst for knowledge and we give undue respect to no brand.

It shocked me, but I understood Robert's view. My favourites: My Expectations: Focus on Windows phone apps too. I am a blogger since , and I own a website where I make sufficient money thanks to you. Happy Anniversary Digit and keep feeding our minds with awesome stuff.

All the latest lifestyle technology, gadgets to drool over and gizmo porn like never before. Desire, Greed and Temptation ahead I want to get help from you. We are regular with distributing such tools in our DVDs. If there's a major update, we'll surely add it in our DVD. Keep an eye out. I also want to learn command prompt in Windows, so an article please. Also, can you feature articles from labnol?

I like his tips and tricks. And again thanks for a wonderful magazine. Ajoy Kr Das.

Thanks for your feedback. Hello to all. First I want to thank you for a wonderful magazine. I have a request. Can you 20 Digit June www. I love the way you present your ideas. Your YouTube channel is very dull and monotonous and lacks the flair and humour of the magazine. Your editorial pages are wonderful —they are like the birthplace of ideas.

Last but not the least, great Job guys! We have had an entire section called Space Age for the past two years now. Your magazine defines awesomeness for me.

Your December edition was a dynamite of information and entertainment. I was eagerly waiting for Zero1 awards and you did a splendid job in zeroing down the best products in each category as always. The final edition of Encyclopedia Technica was just as amazing as the previous four editions.

Well I have two suggestion for you:. Thanks for sharing your story of discovering Digit. I remember mine just as clearly. About your suggestions let me take them up one by one: Changed from this issue onwards. You are so popular, why don't you organize a big tech show or exhibition like CES. I am sure will attract a lot of companies and tech firms who will be ready to showcase their products and services at your event. You can also organize some gaming or tech quiz sort of thing there.

And if this happens don't forget to invite me as the chief guest! Just kidding free passes would be enough 2. You get so many products for testing, do you return all of them? It would be a good treat for gadget lovers.

I wish all the very best and Happy New Year to team Digit for the year and keep rocking like you always do! Dhanda Thanks for the wishes Rohit. However the economics should work out. Your suggestion is duly noted and will be taken up with management in our next edit meeting.

This month: For those who just want more than should be humanly allowed, we have enough to satisfy your hunger On December 22, , Google unveiled pictures of the first fully-functional prototype of their self-driving car project. For us, this is worthy of launch of the month, even. Imagine a not-sodistant future, where you never. If rumours are to be believed, you may soon see an iPhone 6 mini from Apple — 4.

Airtel has started charging people for VoIP calls, and we fear others may follow suit. This is against the idea of Net Neutrality. PwC says India will have 15 million 4G users by the end of This exponential growth will come because of affordable smartphones being available in India, and the MSPs push towards it.

Win at security by paying attention to our security watch section. This month, password stealing from Android. Last month belonged to Microsoft and Google as the two heavyweights launched new apps and updated old, popular ones. Microsoft's online Office tool now available for all. The move allows users who haven't subscribed to Office , to create and edit documents in. Microsoft has launched its Office online tool 'Sway' for everyone with a Microsoft account.

The company has also added some new features including easier text editing features to the preview. Microsoft stated that just 10 weeks since the debut Sway has received over 1 million unique visitors and over , requests to join.

Microsoft stated in a blog post: Microsoft has also made the iPhone app available in Australia as well as New Zealand. The app has received. Excel, Word and Powerpoint for free. The company has launched the free version of Office for iPhone and iPad and a preview version for Android for now, with the full release expected in Google brings museum display exhibits to mobile users Google is making its platform available for museums to help them showcase their exhibits to smartphone users.

2015 pdf thinkdigit magazine

Museums will be able to use YouTube and Street View to showcase their exhibits to anyone with a smartphone. Google Cultural Institute has partnered with museums worldwide for the project. Last year Google launched a degree online view of Indian monuments in partnership with Archaeological Survey. Admit it. But, with other more advanced projects in the offing, viz, the James Webb Space Telescope. Robots have been painting cars and cleaning rooms, but driverless cars are getting closer and closer to reality.

The robot, expected to be a humble servant has grown up and is ready to take over the world. Definitely not in a cartoon-esque way we hope. The result is a visual representation of the findings as graphs, maps and even infographics. Win at Farming Salt is bad for plants. So bad in fact, that salting fields leaves them fallow. This means that giving your plants salt water is like shooting yourself in the foot.

Not the kind of weird that we relate to today though. Head to the link to meet modern fear for yourself. To know more visit: In fact, using jQuery is encouraged. Hopefully, this article will help you sink you teeth in deep enough that you can delve deeper on your own. At this point you have multiple representations of the same data in your application that need to be kept in sync. If you are not careful in structuring your application, you can end up with code that is tied to your DOM.

This is where Backbone comes in with some basic modules that you can build your app on. These are basic enough that they are. Backbone includes four major components, the Model, the Collection, the Router, and the View.

Boilerplate Like with any JavaScript library, before you can begin using it, you need to set up a basic HTML page that includes it, and any dependencies it has. Have a look into this infographic to pick the programming language according to your uses and benefits.

Behold the first 3D printer to have been used in space. First object to be created was a wrench. All you wanted to know about our first foray into non-terra realms, making interplanetary travel a reality Abhishek Chaudhary readersletters digit.

Magazine 2015 thinkdigit pdf

A great hunter in Greek mythology, Orion was a force to be reckoned with. It was said that he could go into unknown surroundings and conquer them to gain supremacy. Alright, with that seal of approval for its name, let us consider what exactly this means for mankind, and our future in the stars. What took us so long? Whether or not most people like to admit it, the greatest advances in space-tech came when USA and USSR went head to head in the space race, considering it to be another lap in the race for global supremacy.

Of course, after the United States won that race, things kind of slowed down on that front. Until recently, that is. After sustained criticism of our neglect of one of the most interesting domains of existence, space research has really kicked into a higher gear in the past decade. They say the greatest advances in science are evolutionary and not revolutionary. And Orion, marking our first step in our quest to move beyond the limitations of the Earth, is indeed a great increment as we chart our way to con-.

Digit June Anniversary Special by Media - Issuu

Get the most out of Android 5. Gadgets are always at a risk, be it theft, data fishing or just an accidental drop. We take a look on how you can lower this risk via preventive measures and apps. And if, by chance for some reason we do, we remain in a state of anxiety until we reunite with them.

So, how to get some peace of mind in situations like these, here are some apps and measures to get you sorted. In case you have lost your phone nearby you can remotely activate the ringer of your phone which can attract attention and help you locate it easily. Just like Android Device Manager Apple also has in-house device finding app cum service which works via your iCloud.

This service can be easily activated from iCloud setting in your Apple device. Now if you lose your device you just have to enable the find my iPhone feature from https: You can also initiate a remote wipe on your Apple device which will reset your device to its factory settings. But the good thing is the find my iPhone feature will continue to work even after the device has been erased, it.


Android Device Manager is a basic and simple tracking app from Google. The app keeps track of all your connected devices. Once enabled, you will be able to track 64 Digit January www. You can add up to three devices on a basic free account.

The app provides tracking, remote locking, triggering a loud alarm and customized messages which would be displayed on screen as standard and adds up a couple of other features as well. The app can take pictures of its surroundings via front and rear cameras and can resist un-installation.

You can add more features to this app when you update your basic account to a paid account. The Paid account of this app will let you track unlimited number of devices.

You can avail real-time on-demand. We have a combination of PC configurations for most budgets out there, including the combo of our test rig. However, the landscape is still emerging, and these are undoubtedly early days in the evolution of smartwatches. I advise treading with caution, not getting easily swayed with e-commerce website discount deals and splurging on smartwatches unless you really really want them.

Because most of these devices are either too infantile in their utility value, or Star War-ish in their appeal, and sport clearly exaggerated price tags that make absolutely no sense whatsoever -- seriously, I look at smartwatches sold online and get a mild heart attack everytime I see at their inflated prices.

More than telling the time, these smart wrist devices are more than just a one trick pony, and are well and truly vying for your hardearned cash.

Should you buy one? Another thing to watch out for in smartwatches is the fact that their platform is still very young and not clearly defined. For e. Like I said, the field is barren right now when it comes to dependable purchases from well-known brands.

And I also feel that some of the features that fitness. These handy devices are like companion gadgets to go along with your smartphone, and they let you keep your phone within the pocket within Bluetooth range by delivering notifications right to your wrist. Paired with your phone, smartwatches can help you get over your smartphone addiction by notifying you about incoming calls or SMSes without you having to whip out the handset every single time.

Not very smart now, is it?

printer pencil by hoyoung lee estimate price

One of my biggest beefs with smartwatches selling in the market currently is to do with their look and feel. Apart from, say, the Motorola Moto , none of the true smartwatches can be passed off as a plain old watch on your wrist.

The Digit Test Centre receives hundreds of products every month. Each of these products is put through a series of tests and is finally given a score. The final score is arrived at after considering a number of factors and evaluating them in terms of features, performance, value for money, build quality, and, in the case of software, even ease of use.

Disclaimer For every Digit contest, there will be only one winner, unless specified otherwise. Contact us Tell us what you feel about Digit If you have an opinion about anything published in Digit, or about technology in general, write to editor digit.

Just write in to sos digit.

Remember to include full system configurations in your email. Interact with thousands of Digit readers and have some geeky fun!

Join The Revolution! For copy-related issues, delivery status or any other complaints regarding out service, write to help digit. Agent Our very own secret agent will give you the lowdown on what to buy, from where and for how much. Send in all your buying advice or questions to the coolest agent ever. Write to agent digit. You should, because we have exciting offers for everyone, and you save money in the bargain.

Contact our Test Center at testcenter digit. News and new product launches To announce new product launches and press releases, email us at pressrelease digit.

Get the requisite permissions by contacting us at reprint digit. Business enquiries Think we can help you grow your business, or maybe you can help us grow ours? Get in touch with us at business digit. For those who just want more than should be humanly allowed, we have enough to satisfy your hunger This month: You can attach a mouse, keyboard, monitor or a TV, whatever floats your boat, C. The computer has done wonders on the financial front as well. Funskool has buffed up its ops in India by introducing the LeapFrog range of toys.

Children can run, jump and play to earn rewards by mimicing a virtual pet that resides in that band. So, if your child has grown weary of that Hotwheels set you bought last month, you know what to gift him next.

Kids are so tech savvy these days. It was cheap, way better than its predecessor and boasted of double the memory and six times the performance. But, now the folks at California based Next Thing Co. About the size of three AAA batteries, C. Samsung posted a teaser image on its official Facebook account earlier, of what looks like the box of a special edition Iron Man-themed Galaxy S6 Edge smartphone.

The update is designed to provide general bug fixes. Microsoft is reportedly developing an app called Flow, which is set to make its debut on iPhone and will work handin-hand with its Outlook app.

Computers save us from epidemics Scientists are able to use computers and predict whether animals might harbour dangerous epidemiccausing microorganisms.

A gender-detecting beer billboard in Hamburg lit up only when ladies pass by it: I even updated most of the drivers which took a similarly long time. Any pointers on what I should do would be really appreciated.

It would also help if you can somehow test each of your components individually on another PC as this would let you perfectly identify faulty hardware and set it aside. If all the components are working as they should be, the desktop's motherboard is most likely the one with issues.

Get a hold of another compatible motherboard for your components and try running the desktop with it. I was a regular desktop user from a long time but that changed when I bought a laptop around more than a year ago. I started using the laptop extensively because I was never at the same place for more than a few weeks and hence my desktop was left neglected all this while.

Recently when I powered on my desktop after close to months, I noticed that it was running super slow. This was unusual because the last time I used it, it was working absolutely fine. In order to rectify this, I opened the desktop, disconnected and reconnected most of the cables, re-seated the RAM and graphics card. The system still ran extremely slow. Reinstalling Windows was an ordeal in itself as it took me more than a day to get it done.

Team Digit is here to save the day for you. Start by going from one Use the correct flags to ensure a proper recovery component to another component like checking out whether the belonged to my brother. I wanted get some PC will POST with only one stick of RAM extra performance out of it but couldn't installed along with the CPU on the board set the memory clock any higher than but without anything else like storage MHz due to locked voltage controls, which drives or other drives.

So, after struggling a lot with AfterDo this in a step-wise manner for each burner and Trixx, I decided to flash its component as you finish testing one and BIOS because in that form it was of no move on to the other like the HDD next, use to me. The flashing process was for example. This process will most likely successful. But after I rebooted the PC, the is are at fault. Scientists recently found out that unknown radio signals detected 17 years ago were from the staff microwave.

Read more: Digit had a chance to catch up with S. How useful do you think smart watches are? Is it a category where the use-case is only validated once you buy the product? I feel that smart watches are used.

In heavy usage it is about four days and in normal usage it is about seven days so we feel that is more acceptable. But, to your point on the battery life on the wear side — it continues to remain a challenge, yes. The stress tracking helps you manage your health. For instance, the report I showed you will collect your heart rate throughout the day.

And, through a fusion of these sensors and your activities we can tell you how stressful you are, relatively throughout the day. You can then do your review after a week to analyse what was you were doing on a particular day to be so stressful and then see how you can take corrective steps. Also, smart watches come in two categories: I think that the market over the last two years has seen greater performance in the band area rather than in the wear area. There are technical as well as use reasons for this trend.

On the band area, I see continuous growth and that is because the use case for the bands is already established. People know about the experience it provides — activity tracking, calorie monitoring and so on — and hence this is sold. But, how do we grow and expand the user experience in the band area is the challenge and that is where we come in.

We are entering the market later than the FitBits and JawBones of the world and we recognize that. We have a longer view of the world. The band that we have come up with is focusing on the sports and activity area of course, but.

From that perspective there is already a captured audience that will use the band. Apple watch seems to be successful — at least they report it to be — but we will see.

And, also if you look at the display on our band there is no colour, it is black and white and very low light. The whole reason for this is to conserve the battery and do the key things. We carry this philosophy even with our sensors. For example, there are two sensors we are adding to our band this year. One is a heart rate sensor where we are using optical heart rate so that it consumes very little energy because of the LED.

The sensor itself has two gold-plated contacts touching your skin and it is very passive in current drain so. Stress tracking — what does it do and what is its use case? Our wearable strategy focuses on. This device looks like a watch but is actually an analog activity tracker: Of course, we want you to write in to us and let us know how we did, what we missed and also elaborate on any specific category. Send feedback to editor digit. However, one of the most important services Digit provides to you is imparting knowledge, especially when it comes to telling you what to buy and why.

How do we do this? We test. You already know why this is needed: There are really three ways by which you can tell a good deal from a bad one: Smartphones are all the rage today as the market is oversaturated with multiple devices and this is why we test them intensively to give you the best recommendations.

Learn how we do it. By Prasid Banerjee. Speaking from personal experience, a Moto X 1st Gen bought in , is very much usable right now, and it will be till at least the next year. Smartphones today are powerhouses, with a lot of computing power and functionalities. For a basic user, a smartphone can actually replace a laptop and computer, allowing him or her to do everything on a smaller screen. Also, compared to all the other tech mentioned here, smartphones are bought online most frequently.

Why is this important?