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Canon g1x manual pdf

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Download drivers, software, firmware and manuals for your Canon product and get access to online technical support resources and troubleshooting. G1 X user manual online. PowerShot G1 X Digital Camera pdf manual download. Digital Camera CANON POWERSHOT G1X User Manual. ( pages). View and Download CANON POWERSHOT G1X user manual online. POWERSHOT G1X Digital Camera pdf manual download.

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PDF Manuals. • Adobe Reader is required to view the PDF manuals. From Canon Camera using Canon CameraWindow] on the screen displayed when you . Canon Inc. reserves the right to change the specifications of the hardware and software separate manual, describes how to download and view the images. Download drivers, software, firmware and manuals for your PowerShot G1X. Online technical support, troubleshooting and how-to's.

Attach the bracket to the camera. Page 77 Using Optional Accessories of the bracket. Page Index Shadow Correct Based Support. The movie is now saved as a new file.

Fixed Lens Cameras Cameras.

PowerShot G1X Support

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Manual pdf g1x canon

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View All Business Services. Get Inspired Stories. Make your next creative idea come to life. Live for the story Stories. Techniques Techniques. Canon Connectivity Canon Connectivity. Choose [File Numbering], and then choose an option. Page 53 Adjusting Basic Camera Functions The lens is normally retracted for safety about one minute after you press the button in Shooting mode p.

To have the lens retracted immediately after you press the [] button, set the retraction timing to [0 sec.

Choose [Lens Retract], and then choose Page 54 Adjusting Basic Camera Functions To ensure that your shots will have the correct local date and time when you travel abroad, simply register the destination in advance and switch to that time zone. Choose [Electronic Level], and then press the button. Calibrate the electronic level.

PowerShot G1X Support - Firmware, Software & Manuals | Canon Australia

Choose [Calibrate] and press the button. A confirmation message is displayed. Choose [OK], and then press the button. Up to 63 characters can be used. Access the [Language] screen. Page 61 Charge the battery on or immediately before the day of Charged batteries gradually lose their charge, even when they are not used.

You can easily check the charge state of the battery by attaching the cover so that A is visible on a charged battery, and attaching it so that ,A is not visible on an uncharged battery. For power outlets in a different format, use a commercially available adapter for the plug. Never use an electrical transformer designed traveling, USed to attach a Macro Twin Lite flash to the Canon Lens Filter 58 mm alia.

Protects the lens and enables a variety shooting effects. For details on connection or how to switch inputs, refer to the TV manual. Turnthe camera on Nothing is displayed on the camera screen. When finished, Follow steps 3 - 4 on p.

Only Group Playback displayed when a grouped image is selected. Play Movie Starts movie playback. Only displayed when a movie is selected.

Slideshow Starts slideshow playback. Page 69 Using Optional Accessories insert the coupler. Follow step 2 on p. For wide-angle shots of backlit subjects without using the flash, attach optional Lens Hood LH-DC70 to prevent light outside the angle of view from entering the lens.

Attach the hood. Page 71 We recommend the use of genuine Canon filters 58 mm dia. When not using auto focus to shoot, set the manual focus option [Safety MF] to [On]. If you use the built-in flash with the filter adapter attached, Page 72 Speedlite EX flash is available. This camera does not support some Speedlite EX series functions. Non-EX series Canon flash units may not fire correctly or may not fire at all, in some cases.

Use of non-Canon flash units especially high-voltage Turn the flash on, and then turn the camera on. To remove the adapter, hold down the ring release Configure the external flash. Follow step 5 on p.

Manual pdf g1x canon

Keep cords from the macro ring lite away from flash heads. When using a tripod, adjust the position of the legs to prevent them from coming into contact Page 77 Using Optional Accessories of the bracket.

Align the bracket screw with the tripod socket on the bottom of the Attach the bracket to the camera. Page 78 Using Optional Accessories Configure the external flash and settings on the camera. Follow steps 5 - 9 on p. Keep cords from the macro twin lite and off-camera shoe cord away from flash heads. When using a tripod, adjust the position of the legs to prevent them from coming In other shooting modes, only [Red-Eye Corr.

The flash is adjusted and fired automatically, as needed. Flash Mode When this setting is set to [On], [Shutter Sync. Screens displayed and available functions vary by printer. Page 82 When you are finished printing, turn the camera and printer off and disconnect interface cable. After following steps 1 - 5 on p.

Page 83 Specify the paper size, layout, and other details p. Cropping images Before Printing Trimming By cropping images before printing, you can print a desired image area instead of the entire image. Choose [Trimming]. After following step 1 on p.

Manual canon pdf g1x

Page 84 Printing images Print the image. Cropping may not be possible at small image sizes, or at some aspect ratios. Page 85 Printing Images Choose a layout. Print the image. Available Layout Options Bordered Page 86 You can also print the folder number, file number, and elapsed time for the frame by setting [Caption] to [On].

Choose up to images on a memory card and configure relevant settings, such as the number of copies, as follows. Page 88 No. Index printing is not available on some Canon PictBridge-compatible printers sold separately.

Page 90 Printing images Configure the print settings. Press the Av buttons to choose [Order], and then press the button. Following step 1 on p. Page 91 Before using an Eye-Fi card, always confirm that local use is permitted p. Inserting a prepared Eye-Fi card enables automatic wireless transfer images to a computer or uploading to a photo-sharing website. Images are transferred by the Eye-Fi card.

Refer to the card's user manual contact the manufacturer for instructions Page 92 Using an Eye-Fi Card transfer. Checking Connection information Page 95 p. The battery is swollen. Battery swelling is normal and does not pose any safety concerns. However, if battery swelling prevents the battery from fitting in the camera, contact a Canon Customer Support Help Desk.

Display on a TV Set [IS mode] to [Continuous] p.


Increase the ISO speed p. Page 97 Troubleshooting Shots mook grainy. Lower the ISO speed p. High ISO speeds in some shooting modes may cause grainy images p.


Set [Red-Eye Lamp] to [On] p. Page 98 Troubleshooting Playback stops, or audio skips. Switch to a memory card that you have performed low-level formatting on with the camera p.

There may be brief interruptions when playing movies copied to memory cards that have slow read speeds.

Manual canon pdf g1x

When movies are played on a computer, frames may be dropped and audio may skip if computer performance is inadequate. Page 99 p. Memory card error p. Page Switch to Playback mode to check for the image. File Error It may not be possible to print computer-edited images or images shot with another camera.

Held vertically The camera detects the shooting orientation and adjusts settings for optimal shots. Orientation is also detected during playback, and in either orientation, the camera automatically rotates images as needed. However, the orientation may not be detected correctly when the camera is pointed straight up or down.

Resolution My Category p. Movie length Exposure compensation number p. Page iiiiiiiii:: No sound is played. ISO Speed p. Review p. Hold Detailed " Page Functions and Menu Tables Mute p.

Page Use a blower brush to remove dust from the lens. To prevent condensation from forming on the camera after sudden temperature AC adapter kit Digital zoom Display language AEB mode AE lock Drive mode AF frames Page Index Servo AF Focusing range Macro My Category Manual focus My Colors Basic operations Nostalgic shooting mode Page Index Shadow Correct World clock Smart Shuffle Smart Shutter shooting mode Snow shooting mode Page If such changes or modifications should be made, you could be required to stop operation of the equipment.

Canon U. Tel No. Contact your Canon dealer for information about plug adapter for overseas use. For U. For areas where V AC power is not used, you will need a special plug adapter.