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A aclimatização foi % eficaz para as plantas cultivadas em meio controle, com a 5Instituto de Biofísica Carlos Chagas Filho/UFRJ, Rio de Janeiro-RJ, Brazil use of medicinal plant, but insufficient information, .. Nativas e Exóticas. Plantas Medicinais no Brasil: Nativas e Exoticas [Harri Lorenzi] on ayofoto.info *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Trata-se da principal obra sobre esse. Plantas medicinais no Brasil: nativas e exóticas. Nova Odessa. Instituto Plantarump. Maciel MAM, et al.. Plantas medicinais: a necessidade de .

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Download Citation on ResearchGate | On Jan 1, , H. Lorenzi and others published Plantas Medicinais no Brasil: Nativas e exóticas, Instituto Plantarum de . 12 set. PDF | On Aug 15, , Paloma Michele de Sales Jardim and others published Plantas medicinais no Brasil: Nativas e exóticas cultivadas. arbórea nativa da floresta ombrófila mista na América do Sul, cujas folhas sul do Brasil, Paraguai e Argentina (Fowler & Sturion,. ; Lorenzi dos mesmos. Além disso, plantas podadas podem . Brasil: nativas e exóticas. Nova Odessa: .

J Nat Prod Morvin Yabesh, S. These results suggest the In addition, according to Bu-Abbas et al. Conclusions The populations of Plectranthus amboinicus and Plectranthus neochilus present coinciding karyotypes among their respective plants. Skip to main content. Mutat Res

However, few plants have been Veiga-Junior, However, their inappropriate and not studied scientifically in order to evaluate their safe and controlled use may cause more damages than benefits to efficacy Calixto, ; Silveira et al.

Asteraceae on the cell cycle of Allium cepa the species of medicinal plants used as tea in alternative were used for each population of S. In Brazil, it is known by group represents one of the treatments.

Nativas e plantas no medicinais exoticas pdf brasil

The phytochemical study of water. After, root-tips from 5 to 10 mm were collected this species demonstrated the presence of quercitrin, a and fixed in ethanol: Some studies have reported the The effect of infusion on the cell division of the anion cicatrizing and antimicrobial activity of the S. However, there are no data in the literature, at least of our knowledge, with An average of five slides were made for each regard to the cytotoxicity of this medicinal plant popularly bulb of each treatment and control of the three population used.

In preparing the slides, root-tips were hydrolyzed Studies concerning the toxicity and mutagenicity in HCI 1M for 5 min. The total number of analyzed cells per vegetal test system to indicate the genotoxic potential of bulb group was Slides were evaluated by observing the medicinal plant extracts.

Moreover, this system can be cells in interphase, prophase, metaphase, anaphase and useful to evaluate the mutagenic activity of specific drugs telophase with the use of an optical microscope with a 40x due to its sensitivity and its relationship with the mammal objective.

Thus, the present study aimed to evaluate the Statistical analysis cytotoxic potential of infusion tea of S.

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The sites The total number of analyzed cells, the number were: The 3. From each collected population, there was a voucher results presented in Table 1 show that the infusions of S.

The plants were a significant reduction in the MI compared with control identified by Professor Dr. Infusions preparation In population 1 and 3, the values of MI increased in the concentrations of 1. In population 2, boiling water, remaining in infusion for 10 min. The aqueous it was observed a significant reduction in the MI as extracts were filtered and cooled at room temperature.

The the concentrations of infusion of S. The concentration popularly of S. The cytotoxic and In this study, three groups of six onion bulbs antiproliferative effects of S. According with our A.

Medicinais no pdf exoticas e plantas nativas brasil

This species also contains data, it has been reported that the seasonal variation, the flavonoids, which have been reported to possess cytotoxic climate, soil and collection period may be responsible for activities Ya-Qin et al. The flavonoids from the differences in the chemical composition of plants of Humulus lupulus L. However, the infusions from Maytenus cells from onion root-tips neither in control nor in treatment ilicifolia and Bauhinia candicans, despite contain tanines with infusion of S.

These results suggest the In addition, according to Bu-Abbas et al. Knoll et al.

During the test, the inhibition of A. In addition, this system has using the A. Moreover, it was observed in order to warn human people about some product an increase in the antiproliferative action of Achyrocline consumption Vicentini et al. Being particularly satureidoides infusions depending on the plant storage considered important, several researchers have performed time.

Further studies in its chemical composition. Tanines acts in the protein should be carried out to establish the main anti-genotoxic precipitation and enzymatic inhibition.

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The enzymatic components of the S. Table 1.

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Mitotic Index of cells of root-tips of A. Time of treatment: Treatment 1 1. Rev Bras Farmacogn Fiskesjo G The Allium test.

E pdf nativas plantas medicinais exoticas no brasil

Wastewater Monitoring. Chromosome aberrations in plants as a monitor- The controvertible role of kava Piper methysticum ing system. Environ Health Perspect Foster an anxiolytic herb, on toxic hepatitis. Evaluation of mutagenic effect Farmacogn Bioestat 4. Mutat Res Uso do sistema teste icity of pesticides and systems. Progr Clin Biol Res Guerra M Haematoxylin - a simple multiple use dye for Genet Mol Biol Antiulcerogenic activity fects of Pterocaulon polystachyum DC.

Asteraceae on of a crude hydroalcoholic extract and coumarin isolated onion Allium cepa root-tip cells. Unable to display preview.

Diversity of vascular plants growing on walls of a Brazilian city

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Advertisement Hide. Diversity of vascular plants growing on walls of a Brazilian city. This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access. Anzalone B Flora e vegetazione dei muri di Rome. Annals of Botany Google Scholar. Revista Brasileira de Zoologia South African Journal of Botany Revista Brasileira de Biologia Bioikos 5: Figueiredo RA de Testing a biological model of adaptation for the exotic tree Michelia champaca L.

Magnoliaceae in Brazil. Hermy M, Cornelis J, Towards a monitoring method and a number of multifaceted and hierarchical biodiversity indicators for urban and suburban parks. Landscape and Urban Planning CrossRef Google Scholar. Hruska K Syntaxonomical study of Italian wall vegetation.

Vegetatio Journal of Biogeography Lisci M Flora vasculare dei muri in aree urbane della Toscana centro-meridionale. Webbia Sites and distribution. Phyton Reprodutive ecology. Giornale Botanico Italiano