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Fire code of the philippines pdf

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Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Philippines in Congress This Act shall be known as the "Fire Code of the Philippines of. - Revised Fire Code of the Philippines () - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. RA No. - Revised Fire Code of . SAFETY REQUIREMENTS “NATIONAL FIRE CODE OF THE PHILIPPINES” DIVISION 8. PLACES OF ASSEMBLY SECTION OCCUPANT LOAD A. The.

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RULE 4. AUTHORITY OF THE CHIEF, BUREAU OF FIRE . DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES OF A FIRE BRIGADE . FROM PHILIPPINE NATIONAL POLICE. View and Download: Fire Code of the Philippines IRR. Featured Posts. ISO – Management Review Minutes, Conducted: 28 August CHIEF FIRE SAFETY ENFORCEMENT DIVISION, NHQ. Technical Consultant on High Rise Building. Fire Safety Evaluator. Plan Reviewer/Evaluator. Member.

The All RULE 1. Any single self-propelled motor vehicle equipped with a cargo tank mounted thereon and used for the transportation of flammable and combustible liquids. Editorial Reviews. Assembly occupancies include:

Such a duct shall be of rigid materials, except for a continuous flexible connector approved for the purpose. The lamp exhaust systems shall not be interconnected with any other system. Electric Arc Projection Equipment The exhaust capacity shall be five and two-thirds cubic meters 5.

Auxiliary air may be introduced into the system through a screened opening to stabilize the arc. Xenon Projection Equipment The lamp exhaust shall exhaust not less than eight and one-half 8. The external temperature of the lamp housing shall not exceed fifty four and one-half Each projection room shall be provided with rewind and film storage facilities.

A maximum of four 4 containers for flammable liquids not greater than one-half liter 0. Appurtenant electrical equipment such as rheostats, transformers, and generators may be located within the booth or in a separate room of equivalent fire resistance construction. Maximum Height of Buildings 1. Refer to Guidelines on Building Bulk at the end of this Rule 2. Determination of Building Height: Table VII. Convention 1. Resort areas, e. Golf courses, ball courts, race and Entertainment - a range of tracks and similar uses recreational uses or occupancies, 5.

Sports Club for low to medium intensity 7. Cultural - Parks and Open - If only one 1 RROW services a lot and such is only 6. If only one 1 RROW services a lot and such is only 4. If only one 1 RROW services a lot and such is only 3. Taller and bulkier buildings are better suited in such areas due to higher end-user targets, more advanced and coordinated planning efforts and the application of more stringent development controls DC by the project proponents themselves.

In all cases however, a minimum of one 1 car parking slot shall be provided unless otherwise allowed under this Rule. Special Provision on the Handicapped: Traffic generating buildings such as shopping malls or similar facilities that have very high volumes of pedestrian and vehicular traffic may be located at major intersections or within Overhead Service Entrance In Subdivisions, Housing Projects, Commercial and Industrial Buildings, overhead transmission and distribution voltages are required to supply power source including transformers, poles and supporting structures.

Attachments on and Clearances from Buildings a. An Attachment Plan approved by professional electrical engineer shall cover power lines and cables, transformers and other electrical equipment installed on or in buildings and shall be submitted to the local Building Official.

This requirement does not apply where it is the rule of the local fire department to exclude the use of ladders in alleys or other restricted places, which are generally occupied by supply lines. Open Supply Conductors Attached to Buildings Where the permanent attachment of open supply conductors to any class of buildings is necessary for service entrance, such conductors shall meet the following requirements: Conductors of more than volts to ground shall not be carried along or near the surface of the building unless they are guarded or made inaccessible.

To promote safety to the general public and to employees not authorized to approach conductors and other current-carrying parts of electric supply lines, such parts shall be arranged so as to provide adequate clearance from the ground or other space generally accessible, or shall be provided with guards so as to isolate persons effectively from accidental contact. Ungrounded service conduits, metal fixtures and similar noncurrent-carrying parts, if located in urban districts and where liable to become charged to more than volts to ground, shall be isolated or guarded so as not to be exposed to accidental contact by unauthorized persons.

As an alternative to isolation or guarding noncurrent-carrying parts shall be solidly or effectively grounded. Service drops passing over a roof shall be securely supported by substantial structures. Where practicable, such supports shall be independent of the building. Conductors Passing By or Over Buildings a. Unguarded or accessible supply conductors carrying voltages in excess of volts may be either beside or over buildings. The vertical or horizontal clearance to any buildings or its attachments balconies, platforms, etc.

The horizontal clearance governs above the roof level to the point where the diagonal equals the vertical clearance requirements. Figure XIII. Supply conductors of volts or more, when placed near enough to windows, verandas, fire escapes, or other ordinarily accessible places, shall be properly guarded by grounded conduit and barriers.

Where the required clearances cannot be obtained, supply conductors shall be grouped or bundled and supported by grounded messenger wires. Clearance of Service Drops a. Service drop conductors shall not be readily accessible and when not in excess of volts, shall conform to the following: Conductors shall have a clearance of not less than 2.

Conductors shall have a clearance of not less than 3. Conductors shall have a horizontal clearance of not less than 1. Service drop of conductors, when crossing a street, shall have a clearance of not less than 5.

The pdf philippines of code fire

No parts of swimming and wading pools shall be placed under existing service drop conductors or any other overhead wiring; nor shall such wiring be installed above the following: Swimming and wading pools and the area extending 3.

Diving structures; iii. Observation stands, towers or platforms. Mechanical Regulations 1. All mechanical systems, equipment and installations mentioned in the Code shall conform to the provisions of the Philippine Mechanical Code, as adopted by the Board of Mechanical Engineering pursuant to RA as amended, otherwise known as the Philippine Mechanical Engineering Law. Guarding of Moving and Dangerous Parts All prime movers, machines and machine parts, power transmission equipment shall be so guarded, shielded, fenced or enclosed to protect any person against exposure to or accidental contact with dangerous moving parts.

Cranes a. Adequate means like ladders, stairs or platforms shall be provided for cranes having revolving cabs or machine houses, to permit the operator to enter or leave the crane cab and reach the ground safely, irrespective of its position. If a step-over is provided, the gap must not exceed millimeters. A gong or other effective warning device shall be mounted on each cage or cab. Temporary crane operation without warning device may be allowed provided there is a flagman whose sole duty is to warn those in the path of the crane or its load.

The maximum rated load of all cranes shall be plainly marked on each side of the crane. If the crane has more than one hoisting unit, each hoist shall have marked on it or its load block, its rated capacity clearly legible from the ground or floor. Hoists a. Operating control shall be plainly marked to indicate the direction of travel and provided with an effective warning device.

Each hoist designed to lift its load vertically shall have its rated load legibly marked on the hoist or load block or at some easily visible space. A stop, which shall operate automatically, shall be provided at each switch, dead end rail or turntable to prevent the trolley running off when the switch is open. The expulsion of crude oil or certain other liquids from a burning tank in which the light fractions of the crude oil burn off producing a heat wave in the residue.

Where an accurate boiling point is unavailable for the material in question. Class II Liquid. Class B Fires.

Any readily ignitable and free-burning fibers. Closed Container. A large integrated plant or that portion of such plant other than a refinery or distillery where flammable or combustible liquids are produced by chemical reactions or used in chemical reactions. Combustible Fiber Loose House. Combination Standpipe. Class K Fires. Any container so sealed by means of a lid or other device that neither liquid nor vapor will escape from it at ordinary temperatures. Class A Fires. Class C Fires.

Fires involving combustible materials. Class D Fire. Fires involving ordinary combustible materials such as wood. Fires involving energized electrical equipment. Combustible Fibers. Fires in cooking appliances that involve combustible cooking media vegetable or animal oils and fats.

Spanish moss. Fires involving flammable liquids and gases. An accountable officer. Collecting Officer. Any liquid having a flash point at or above thirty seven and eight tenths degrees Celsius An enclosed and isolated structure where loose fibers are worked upon. Any liquid that has a flash point at or above thirty seven and eight tenths degrees Celsius A pipeline system filled with water and connected to a constant water supply for the use of the BFP and the occupants of the buildings solely for fire suppression purposes.

Combustible Liquid. Chemical Plant. Compressed Gas Container. A mixture of two or more compressed gases contained in a single packaging. Descriptive of any material which. Combustible Waste. One that exists solely in the gaseous state under pressure in the range of two hundred seventy three kilopascal KPa to twenty four thousand nine hundred twenty three kilopascal These include.

Any naturally-occurring. A group of firefighters performing fire suppression activities within a specified jurisdiction. Also known as loose waste material. Corrosive Liquid. Any liquid which causes fire when in contact with organic matter or with certain chemicals. Compressed Gas. Cryogenic Container. A pressure or low-pressure or atmospheric container of any size designed or used for the transportation.

An assembly of components. Compressed Gas Mixture. Compressed Gas System. Crude Oil. Equipment used to deliver petroleum products such as gasoline. A container in which the maximum liquid level is below the normal surrounding grade and is constructed of natural materials.

Curtain Board. The process of first raising the temperature to separate the more volatile from the less volatile parts and then cooling and condensing the resulting vapor so as to produce a nearly purified substance. A tank. Dip Tank. A plant or that portion where liquids produced by fermentation and distillation are concentrated.

Cryogenic Inground Container. Water is introduced into the system thru fire service connections when needed. A normally open device installed inside air duct systems which automatically closes to restrict the passage of smoke or fire.

Philippines of fire pdf the code

A framework that is constructed over a mine or oil well for the purpose of boring or lowering pipes. Dry Standpipe. A type of standpipe system in which the pipes are normally not filled with water. An organic member of the Bureau of Fire Protection who is tasked to attend to the immediate needs and concerns of a customer. A vertical panel of non-combustible or fire resistive materials attached to and extending below the bottom chord of the roof trusses to divide the underside of the roof into separate compartments so that heat and smoke will be directed upwards to a roof vent.

A process for rapidly removing excess wet coating material from a dipped or coated object or material by passing it through an electrostatic field. Cryogenic Fluids. Dispensing Device. Any visual or audible signal produced by a device or system to warn the occupants of the building or fire fighting elements of the presence or danger of fire. Fire Alerting System.

Electrical Arc. Electrostatic Fluidized Bed. Any finely divided solid. A continuous passageway for the transmission of air. Such object is transported through a container immediately above the charged and aerated materials in order to be coated.

Fire Code Of The Philippines 2008 IRR

An extremely hot luminous bridge formed by the passage of an electric current across a space between two conductors or terminals. A hot piece or lump that remains after a material has partially burned. Fire Alarm. A fire alarm system activated by the presence of fire.

Charges for regulation. A container holding powder coating material that is aerated from below so as to form an air-supported expanded cloud of such material that is electrically charged with a charge opposite to that of the object to be coated. Includes any chemical compound or mechanical mixture that is commonly used or intended for the purpose of producing an explosion. Explosive Magazines. A partially enclosed portion of an assembly room the ceiling of which is not more than one hundred fifty five centimeters cm above the proscenium opening that is designed or used for the presentation of plays.

Duct System. A collective term that is used to refer to a group of firefighters. Fire Brigade. Enclosed Platform. Materials used as final coating of a surface for ornamental or protective purposes. Fire Protective Assembly. Fire Resistance Rating. Fire Code Taxes. Fire Exit Drill. Any condition or act which increases or may cause an increase in the probability of the occurrence of fire. An assembly incorporated in the structure designed to prevent the spread of fire.

Fire Code Revenues or Revenues. Fire Hazard. Fire Lane. Taxes prescribed in Section Collective income derived from the collection of fire code taxes. A building unsafe in case of fire because it will burn easily or because it lacks adequate exits or fire escapes. A fire resistive door prescribed for openings in fire separation walls or partitions.

Fire Door. A practice drill for the orderly and safe evacuation of occupants in the buildings. Fire Safety Constructions. Refers to the design and installation of walls. Fire Code Fines. The portion of a roadway or public way that should be kept open and unobstructed at all times for the expedient conduct of fire fighting operations. Fire Trap. The time duration that a material or construction can withstand the effect of a standard fire test. It shall also mean to include the treatment of building components or contents with flame-retardant chemicals.

Fire Protective and Fire Safety Device. Any device intended for the protection of buildings or persons to include. Flammable Liquids. The time in which flame will spread over the surface of a burning material. Are material coatings in which the material being applied is a flammable liquid. Are liquids having flash points below thirty seven and eight tenths degrees Celsius An organized group of private firefighters recognized by the BFP.

A wall designed to prevent the spread of fire. Any compound or mixture which when applied properly improves the resistivity or fire resistance quality of fabrics and other materials. Fire Volunteer. Class I-B Liquids include those liquids having flash points below twenty two and eight tenths degrees Celsius Flame Spread Rating.

Flammable Finishes. Flammable liquids are classified as follows: Class I-A Liquids include those liquids having flash points below twenty two and eight tenths degrees Celsius Class I-C Liquids include those liquids having flash points at or above twenty two and eight tenths degrees Celsius Flammable Cryogenic Fluids. The characteristic of a material on how easily it will burn or ignite. Flame Retardant. The active principle of burning. Fire Wall. Are cryogenic fluids which are flammable in their vapor state.

Fluidized Bed. Flammable Vapor Area. ASTM D An area in which the concentration of flammable constituents vapor. A process where a piece of metal is heated prior to changing its shape or dimensions.

Pdf fire code of the philippines

The flash point of fuel oil. Examples are methyl bromide. The creation of a cloud of ultra-fine droplets. A kind of stable explosive compound which explodes by percussion. Any substance which. Flash Point of a Liquid. A container holding powder coating material that is aerated from below so as to form an air-supported expanded cloud of such material through which the preheated object to be coated is immersed and transported.

It shall include: The lowest temperature a liquid at which sufficient vapor is given off to form an ignitable mixture with air. ASTM High Piled Storage.

Castings less than eleven and three tenths kilograms Persons or establishments engaged in fumigation and thermal insecticidal fogging. For highly combustible materials such as rubber goods and certain plastics. Identification of potential hazards which includes risk evaluation that takes into account the likelihood of the hazard resulting in a fire or explosion.

Hazardous Fire Area. Heavy Casting. Government Fire Brigade. A group of firefighters rendering firefighting activities in the premises of a public office. An area of land or water or a structural surface that is used.

High Rise Buildings. Hazard Evaluation. Castings greater than eleven and three tenths kilograms The utilization within an enclosed space of a fumigant in concentrations that is hazardous or acutely toxic to humans.

Any area covered with dry grass. Buildings shall be deemed to be used for the storage of high piled combustible stock when the floor area used for such purpose exceeds either one-tenths 0.

Same as heliport. A large building in which aircrafts are kept or repaired. Any act of manufacturing. Include combustible materials on pallets or in racks more than four meters 4 m high.

Industrial Baking and Drying. Any piece of metal or an electrical conductor used to bypass a safety device in an electrical system. Machinery Room.

A cylindrical device turning on an axis around which a fire hose is wound and connected. Impact Barriers. Horizontal Channel. Any uninterrupted space between horizontal layers of stored commodities.

Pdf fire code of the philippines

A box or cabinet where fire hoses. A passageway from one building to another. Such channels may be formed by pallets. Horizontal Exit. An area not exceeding of one square meter 1 m2 or less in which operations for touch-up or spot painting of a surface area are conducted.

A specific room which is permanently installed and used for the operation of machineries. Loose Fibers. Fibers that are not bundled or packaged in suitable bales.

Is the industrial process of subjecting materials to heat for the purpose of removing solvents or moisture from the same. Limited Spraying Space. Hypergolic Fuel. Loose House.

Hose Reel. Any flammable gas liquefied through pressure. A separate detached building in which unbaled combustible fibers are stored. It is used as a principal element of aluminum alloy for the manufacture of mobile phones. Hose Box. A highly flammable metal which burns to over two thousand nine hundred eighty degrees Celsius 2. A rocket or liquid propellant which consists of combinations of fuels and oxidizers which ignite spontaneously on contact with each other. Closets solely contained within and opening only into a room shall be considered a part of such room.

The liquid vaporizes under normal atmospheric pressure. A type of gas used in medical and similar facilities. Oil Burning Equipment. Is a continuous and unobstructed route of exit from one point in a building. The maximum number of persons that may be allowed to occupy a particular building. Organic Coating. Any person actually occupying and using a building or portions thereof by virtue of a lease contract with the owner or administrator or by permission or sufferance of the latter.

A method of securing flat-bottomed compressed gas containers upright in a tight mass using a contiguous three-point contact system whereby all containers within a group have a minimum of three points of contact with other containers.

The purpose for which a building or portion thereof is used or intended to be used. A strong oxidizing organic compound which releases oxygen readily. An oil burner of any type together with its tank.

Ra fire code of the philippines pdf

Occupant Load. Organic Peroxide. Is a form that contains data and information regarding the properties of a particular substance. Is the maximum pressure permissible at the top of a container in its operating position for a designated temperature. Medical Gas. Medical Air. Means of Egress. It is also used during anesthesia as a substitute for nitrous oxide to reduce the high concentration of oxygen exposure.

A liquid mixture of binders such as alkyd. Examples of Group A plastics include. A mechanical device consisting of linkages and horizontal bars across a door.

Oxidizing Material. The person who holds the legal right of possession or title to a building or real property. Any group of halogenated hydrocarbon chemicals which photochemically reacts in the stratosphere in a way which destroys the ozone layer. A material that readily yields oxygen in quantities sufficient to stimulate or support combustion. The use of one or more electrical appliances or devices which draw or consume electrical current beyond the designed capacity of the existing electrical system.

Rooms where baled. Panic Hardware. Picking Rooms. Group A Plastics. Plastic materials having heat of combustion much higher than that of ordinary combustibles and burning rate higher than that of Group B plastics. Group B Plastics. Any qualified person.. Examples of Group B plastics include. Plastic materials having heat of combustion and burning rate similar to those of ordinary combustibles.

An air compartment or chamber to which one or more ducts are connected and which form part of an air distribution system. Examples of Group C plastics include. Plastic materials having heat of combustion and burning rate higher than that of ordinary combustibles.

Portable Tank. Fire Safety Practitioner. A process of restoring used tire to a usable condition by bonding new rubber onto the worn thread and lateral surface. Any street. Descriptive of any substance that ignites spontaneously when exposed to air.

An inclusive term for all parts. An inclusive term that refers to wrecking yards. Refrigerating System. Public Way. An assembly of four 4 major components. Roll Coating. Safety Factor. Proscenium wall. Is the ratio of the design burst pressure to the maximum working pressure and shall not be less than four 4. Automatic closing doors that are designed to confine smoke and heat and delay the spread of fire.

A fire resistive wall which separates a stage or enclosed platform from the public or spectators' area of an auditorium or theater. A process of coating. Self-Closing Doors. Safety Can. Pressurized or Forced Draft Burning Equipment. An approved container.

Salvage Yards or Shops. Any area in which dangerous quantities of flammable vapors or mists. Liquids having a flash point at or above thirty seven and eight tenths degrees Celsius An integrated network of hydraulically designed piping system installed in a building.

Class IV Solvents. Liquids having a flash point below thirty seven and eight tenths degrees Celsius Spray Booth. Solvents or Liquid Classifications. A method of classifying solvents or liquids Class I Solvents. Sprinkler System. Liquids classified as non-flammable. Smoke Developed Rating. A source of energy sufficient to ignite a flammable atmosphere and includes open flames.

Source of Ignition. Class II Solvents. A designated area where smoking is permitted within premises where smoking is otherwise generally prohibited. Spraying Area.

RA No. 9514 - Revised Fire Code of the Philippines (2008)

Refers to the rating of combustible materials based on the density and volume of smoke developed within a certain period of time when its surfaces are ignited. A mechanically ventilated appliance of varying dimensions and construction provided to enclose or accommodate a spraying operation and to confine and limit the escape of spray vapor and residue and to exhaust it safely.

Liquids having a flash point at or above ninety three and three-tenths degrees Celsius An accountable form transferred to the AGDB thru a Memorandum Receipt MR which shall be issued as a proof of payment in the collection of the fees and charges imposed in pursuit of the statutory and regulation functions of the BFP.

Refers to the process of melting or fusing metallic ores or compounds so as to separate impurities from pure metals. Smoking Area. Tank Vehicle. The lowest part of a mine.

Sump Pit. The utilization of any insecticidal liquids passed through thermal fog-generating units where. Any insecticidal liquid specifically designed for emission from a thermal fog-generating unit in the form of an aerosol fog which is lethal to pest organisms and insects.

Any vehicle with or without auxiliary motive power. A system of vertical pipes in a building to which fire hoses can be attached on each floor. Thermal Insecticidal Fogging. Examples of thermal insecticidal fogging liquids are permethrin. Thrust Stage. A partially enclosed portion of an assembly building which is designed or used for the presentation of plays.

Thermal Insecticidal Fogging Liquid. Standpipe System. Any vehicle carrying or towing a cargo tank used for transporting flammable fluids or hazardous chemicals. Any single self-propelled motor vehicle equipped with a cargo tank mounted thereon and used for the transportation of flammable and combustible liquids. The portion of a stage which projects into the audience on the audience side of a proscenium wall or opening.

Tank Truck. The process of supplying or removing air by natural or mechanical means to or from any space. Used Water. A passage hall or antechamber between the outer doors and the interior parts of a house or building. Tote Box. An enclosed vertical space of passage that extends from floor to floor. A box constructed for use in the handling of stocks in process or finished stocks while in tote box store rooms.

It also includes the cleaning. Water Treatment Plants. Vertical Shaft. Waste Water Treatment Plants. Refers to the copious flushing of an area with fresh air for the mitigation of explosion and other fire hazards. Liquid waste generated by treatment plants. The degree to which a substance is able to damage an exposed organism. Waste Water. Such air may or may not have been conditioned. Reorganize the BFP as may be necessary and appropriate. Support and assist fire volunteers.

In the case of the fire safety practitioners. Enter into Memoranda of Agreement with other departments. RULE 4. Issue implementing rules and regulations. BFP A. Enter into long term agreement. BFP or his duly authorized representative. Enter into external party agreements for the conduct of trainings. Call on the police. Inspect at reasonable time. Develop programs on the professionalization of the fire service. Other sources. Other government offices and agencies.

Organic members of the BFP. Perform such other functions as directed by the Chief. BFP in accordance with existing government accounting and auditing rules and regulations. Coordinate with appropriate government and private institutions for the offering of college courses on fire technology and fire protection engineering. BFP on any matter brought to his attention. The head of the company. All business establishments employing at least fifty 50 persons shall. Advise the Chief. This also prescribes the continuous professional education.

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Fire code of the philippines summary of the content

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