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Classic Modules Today - S3 Expedition to Barrier Peaks - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. 5e Barrier Peaks. User summary: PDF edition scanned from fifth printing (). Download package includes three PDF files and one ZIP archive containing maps in JPEG. Originally introduced as a tournament module, Expedition to. Barrier Peaks allowed for science fiction elements to be introduced into the fantasy world.

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Expedition to the Barrier Peaks by Gary Gygax. AN ADVENTURE FOR CHARACTER LEVELS This module was the official ADVANCED DUNGEONS. S3 Expedition to the Barrier Peaks (1e) - The Grand Duchy of Geoff has DriveThruRPG: Your One-Stop Shop for the Best in RPG PDF Files!. EXPEDITION TO THE BARRIER PEAKS by Gary Gygax. AN ADVENTURE FOR CHARACTER LEVELS This illustration booklet is specially designed for.

Police Robot BRP Basic Roleplaying. Of course any arcane wonders — both technological and lifeforms. Flash Gordon and Hanger 18, both dealing with your game. Characters to gaze attacks step into the tube and grasp the handle going in the direction 7. Forgotten Realms 5 Preview.

Suitable for four level 8s or six level 6. David D May 04, 9: This was to be my next conversion project! Question; what are the symbols at the bottom of the pages and do you have a conversion guide for them? Michael M May 04, 9: You are welcome. It's an Easter egg. Highlight them in Word or similar word processor and change it to a readable font: Christopher J.

Well worth the price of admission. The author does an outstanding job of sensibly converting the monsters and encounters. What makes this product that much more awesome are the tiny touches of baroque sci-fi he adds to the original descriptions remins [ See All Ratings and Reviews. Browse Categories.

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Search Settings. Plane Shift. Virtual Tabletop. Since the doors area are unlocked by these cards, finding them and discerning their operation is critical to advancing.

To pdf expedition the barrier peaks

Roll 1d20 each turn 1. Worker robot 2. Visuals 3. Lurker above Green slime illustrations that were to be shown to the players. There were also maps for each level of the spaceship and a cross-section Level 4: Botanical Gardens, Rookery, of the ship.

Expedition to the Barrier Peaks - Wikipedia

Menagerie 1. Four-winged Bird 7. Four-winged Bird Reference Sheet 2. Three-legged 8. Squirreloid Monkeyoid 9.

Tree Lizardoid For convenience, there is a Reference Sheet at the end of this 3. Rabbitoid Rabbitoid document which summarizes the key information you'll need 4. White, multi-legged You can print this Grub Rabbitoid onto a single, double-sided page perhaps on colored 5. Ratoid cardstock as a handy tool that you can use alongside a hard 6. Six-eyed Toad copy of the module. After reading this document, all you'll need to run the game is the original module, the Monster Tiers 6: Theater, Athletic, and Activity Manual, the Reference Sheet, and optionally any notes or visuals you've prepared.

Police Robot 2. Umber hulk 4.

Classic Modules Today - S3 Expedition to Barrier Peaks

Worker Robot. Areas that are shaded somewhat darker are dimly Technological Items lit. The darkest shades represent unlit areas.

Level 4 follows a programmed lighting sequence of Light for 14 hours, Dark for 1. Anti-grav Belt — Treat as Levitate; power disc required 7 hours. The drop tubes are in various use, 2 attacks per round states of operation. The map is keyed to describe their 4. Fire Extinguisher — 1d4 HP Cold damage vs. Movement up and down is resistant to Cold; 1d6 vs.

Gas Mask - ' visibility at night or dark; makes impervious that move based on the tubes level of function. Characters to gaze attacks step into the tube and grasp the handle going in the direction 7.

In fully functioning tubes, characters will be Deafened 1d4 rounds weightless. In tubes with partial function, they will need to 8. Grenade, Gas-Poison — 20' radius, Save vs. Con, failure results hold tightly a possible Strength roll may add to the tension.

Grenade, Gas-Sleep- 20' radius, Save vs. Con, failure results in the tube. A Dexterity save roll would resolve the outcome if 1d rounds asleep they choose to do otherwise. Failure would result in falling Grenade, Incendiary — 20' radius, 2d6 Fire down the tube.

Damage is 1d6 for every 10' of fall distance. Hand Pump Spray Gun- used with defoliant but other liquid beside strong acid may be used , applies mist to 2'x2' area Radiation — Areas on the maps marked 13 represent areas Key Cards that are contaminated by radiation.

These areas require a Language Translator — allows for translation of spoken saving roll versus poisoning. After 6 At Strength of 2, per use, 2 attacks per round the character cannot walk any longer.

At -1, the character is Anti-radiation serum will stop the sickness and per use, 1 attack per round Strength will be restored at 1 point per hour. There are no Needler Pistol — Damage determined by AC of target and immunities or resistances listed.

For your game, Necrotic, spread. Narrow Spread: Wide Spread: Short Range — 30 minutes, roll vs Dex save, success reduces that may choose to attack or interfere with it by using metal to 2d6 rounds weapons.

If a character strikes or otherwise interacts with an 2. Medium Range — 20 minutes, roll vs Dex save, success area marked on the map with X's, roll 1d On a 1, the reduces to 1d4 rounds and slowed 1d4 character is electrocuted. Death saves are allowed under 5th 3. Long Range — 10 minutes, roll vs. Dex save, success reduces Edition rules, but the original game stated that death was the to slowed 1d4 rounds result of electrocution.

Also, the module makes no mention of Portable Spotlight — may be adjusted to allow infravision to resistance or immunity modifiers. For your game, Lightning ' resistance or immunity may provide some protection. Power Disc — holds 6 charges, requires 2 rounds to change power discs Flora and fauna — There are dangerous alien plant and Powered Armor — See Special Creatures section animals throughout the ship. Many of the plants or animals Repair Robot Remote Control Box feature special attacks, resistances, and features.

Ship's Rations Wound Healing Canister- On depressing rivet, spray will heal field that prevents creatures that can tap into ethereal realms HP and cure disease, infection or spore infestation. This may also apply to any spells or Contains 6 uses.

Android Standard: White areas are on the map represent areas that are Template fully lit when the panel is activated. Lightly shaded areas are 2. Android, Beserk: Horrid Plant: Android, Boxing: Intellect Devourer: Android, Fencing: Android Martial Artist: Android, Nurse: Lurker Above: Mind Flayer: AC15, 7. Android, Physical Fitness: Android, Surgeon: Multilegged Grub: Non-violent; Treat as Giant Centipede 9.

Treat as Giant Badger with following: Dwarf Phase Spider: Treat as Ape with following: AC12, 56HP, Phosphorescent Fish: Blue Mold: Environmental; causes insanity if consumed Purple Blossoms: Poison Brilliant Fish: Non-violent, Treat as Weasel MM, Brown Black Pudding: See Special Creatures Robot Template Deadly Boring Grass: Environmental; Vulnerable to fire, Robot Police: Treat as Template with following: Con — failure paralyzes victim; victim is slowed 90 feet Emergency feet ; Anti-gravity only lifts 1, half of movement for 1d4 days or neutralize poison is pounds; Orange and Red card Frequency.

Displacer Beast: Laser Pistol unlimited power use , Eye of the Deep: Non-lethal with following: Legendary Action. Multiattack 3 with pincer 2d8 Robot, Repair: That doesn't meant that the science-fantasy genre was a weird inclusion.

Gygax said that he played with the genre because "the quasi-medieval fantasy milieu becomes staid without some variety". He also said that science fiction "is really no more than future fantasy". Kuntz takes a different tack saying "It was all fantasy to us". In other words, the fantasy and science fiction genres of the '70s were less differentiated, and so crossing between them was less taboo. A few years later, Don Turnbull said that "Barrier Peaks" "was criticised by some purists when it was published".

Adventure Tropes. It's a rather enormous one too. It also makes use of a trope more common in later computer games: Players must collect a rainbow of access cards to advance through the dungeon. Exploring Greyhawk. However, the majority of the adventure takes place in the actual spaceship, spewed forth from another universe. Monsters of Note. A few weird monsters are introduced in "Barrier Peaks": However, it may be the mind flayer that gets the most important spotlight.

There's just one of them, and he's an escaped specimen, but the drawing on the cover of the art book, which shows the flayer fully kitted out in futuristic gear, apparently made an impression; it's likely what pushed the mind flayers toward a more futuristic role in Spelljammer Future History. Some of "Barrier Peaks" was updated as part of a campaign arc found in S The whole module was reprinted much later in S However, the adventure is not particularly horrific or dreadful.

It was to be written by Roland Green, and it must have gotten quite far along because web sites all over the world claim it exists but it was never printed.

The peaks pdf expedition barrier to

About the Creators. By , he was working hard on The World of Greyhawk , which would be published a few months later; the evidence of the increased focus on a well-detailed world is apparent here. Please feel free to mail corrections, comments, and additions to shannon. Log In. New Account or Log In. Hide my password. Get the newsletter. Subscribe to get the free product of the week!

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S3 Expedition to the Barrier Peaks 1e. Multiple File Formats. Average Rating 12 ratings. Product History S3: As it happens, that City of the Gods was actually a crashed spaceship! Customers Who Bought this Title also Purchased.

Reviews 8. Please log in to add or reply to comments. George F November 06, 7: I wonder if anyone has has done any 3d printer files for the robots in this. Soren N. Pages missing. Random blank pages. Cool classic adventure but poor quality. William V. I imagine it would be harder to DM and play than the typical module, but with patience and creativity from all sides, could prove entertaining.

Brendan F. Ah, the barrier peaks book of WTF?!? Weirdly layed out there are two thirds of the. Jonathan H.