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Test Bank for Connect Core Concepts in Health 13th Edition by Insel. Nprtf2 Sth33q. Page 1 of 15 This chapter has questions. Scroll down to see and select. Connect Core Concepts in Health edition (PDF) integrates the latest (PDF) Human Anatomy & Physiology Edition by Elaine N. Marieb and K eBook. by Paul M Insel; Walton T Roth; Jennifer D Irwin; Shauna M Burke; Heather M Clarke Thomas; Tara Mantler; Julie Parsons Tripp; Erin Pearson. Print book.

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XIV PREFACE Connect Core Concepts in Health gives students access to a assets/ resources /Relationship_ Recognition_Laws_Map%28 1 %29,pdf). Connect Core Concepts in Health Twelfth Edition Brief - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. Connect Core. [Paul Insel, Walton Roth] Connect Core Concepts in Health 13th Brief Edition - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Updated.

The behavior one identifies for change is called bad news. During this time, there were few op- tions to prevent pregnancy; methods of contraception were much less effective than the methods we have today, and women continued to have unintended pregnancies. Carla realized and corrected her mistake. If she continues the pregnancy, how will her life change by having a child? Researchers asked women to describe their reasons for deciding to have an abortion. Physicians were at the fore- front of this movement.

Which of the following is a positive social influence on health behaviors?

Concepts pdf core health connect in

Which of the following is NOT a recommended strategy for maintaining behavior change? With regard to one's health, which one of the following elements is most within an individual's control? Which of the following is NOT an example of taking action to modify the environment and to support health behaviors?

The wellness concept defines health as the absence of disease. In order to achieve overall wellness, an individual must seek to develop at least four of the six dimensions of wellness. Self-control is one characteristic of a person who possesses good emotional health. A person who is devoutly religious is assured of good spiritual health. Prior to the twentieth century, a person was most likely to die of a chronic disease. During the early twentieth century people were more likely to die from infectious disease than from heart disease.

Poor lifestyle choices can be directly linked to mortality rates in the late twentieth century. Length of life is synonymous with quality of life. A goal of Healthy People is to eliminate health disparities among Americans.

Healthy People reflects an emerging sense of personal responsibility as the key to good health. Most health problems occur at the same rate for men and women. Women are more likely to be afflicted with Alzheimer's disease than men are. Groups who have high poverty rates most often have the worst health status. In the long run, what we do for ourselves has a great influence on our health. The first step in behavior change is to make a plan for the change.

The most deeply rooted habits are often those that are changed most easily. Some behaviors are too deeply rooted to be changed through independent self-management techniques alone.

Knowledge about health is all you need to undertake a behavior change. The costs associated with behavior change far outweigh the benefits. Short-term benefits of behavior change are important as a motivating force. Belief that you are in control of your own life is known as having an internal locus of control.

Having an external locus of control is associated with motivation and commitment to change behavior. Social support is not important for motivation during a behavior change program. Expecting success in behavior change actually decreases the likelihood of achieving success. It would be fair to describe "slips" in the attempt to change behaviors as failures. Health journals are most effective as a behavior-change tool when they address only the specific target behavior.

Concepts in health connect pdf core

Having incremental steps toward a long-term goal increases the chance that you will achieve the ultimate goal. Working toward realistic goals will increase your chances of success. Making changes in your original plan of action will decrease your chance of reaching your goal. Effective rewards and support for behavior change can be provided by family and friends.

If you are facing stress in your life, it might be necessary to delay a behavior change program. Stress from other parts of a person's life often makes it more difficult to be successful in changing a behavior.

Making successful change in a health behavior has the additional benefit of allowing you to feel better about yourself. Behavior choices and actions impact only the health and wellness of the individual.

However, she has become very busy since she came to college. She is a full-time student and is very active in campus clubs and organizations. Her classes and campus activities leave her little time to socialize with her friends. She is beginning to feel as if she has let her friends down, because she has had to cancel several activities that they had planned, but she also feels guilty if she isn't able to meet her other obligations.

Carla has always thought that she was in control of her life and has managed well up until now.

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She wants to spend more time with her friends without giving up her other activities. Knowledge Reference: Describe the dimensions of wellness Reference: Carla made a plan to spend more time with her friends but found that her plan didn't seem to be working too well. Which of the following is the most likely reason that Carla's plan is not working as she expected?

Carla is not adequately motivated to change her behavior. Carla is more committed to her activities than to her friends. Carla has an external locus of control. Describe the steps in creating a behavior management plan to change a health- Multiple Choice Question related behavior Reference: Carla realized and corrected her mistake.

What can Carla do to ensure that she will continue to have enough time to have fun with her friends without compromising any area of wellness? Establish set times and days to be with her friends. Eliminate some of her participation in campus activities. Tell her friends that they have to participate in some of the campus activities with her so that they can have more time together.

Explain the importance of personal decision making and behavior change in Multiple Choice Question achieving wellness Reference: Define the six dimensions of wellness discussed in the text and, for each dimension, list two behaviors or habits that would promote its development. Answers will vary Bloom's Taxonomy: Describe the dimensions of wellness Essay Question Topic Area: Discuss the role that lifestyle choices play in determining quality of life.

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If she continues the pregnancy, how will her life change by having a child? Can she become a mother to this child? If she has other children, how will another child af- fect them? How does she feel about adoption? What are her long-term feelings likely to be? If she ends the pregnancy, can she accept the decision in terms of her own religious and moral beliefs?

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If he is unsupportive, does she have the social and emotional resources to raise the child without him? If she is young, what will be the effects on her own growth?

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Will she be able to continue with her edu- cational and personal goals? What about the ongoing fi- nancial responsibilities? Men may also accompany their partners during the abortion process.

Supporting each other through the abortion process may strengthen their relationship. Many abortion facilities are sensitive to creat- ing a safe space for women in such situations. How would you begin discussing how she feels and what options are available to her? What kind of support would you be willing to offer? Ultrasound a device that shows an image of the developing fetus is the most accurate way to determine this. Abortion is an extremely safe process.

To put it into perspective, it is safer than childbirth. Women who are up to 2. Women who are 2. Medical Abortion Medical abortion entails taking two medications, mifepristone and misoprostol. They take the second Viable Able to survive outside the uterus.

Misoprostol may be taken at home or in another nonmedical setting. Before abortions were legal, women with unintended preg- nancies had the legal options of becoming a parent or pur- suing adoption.

This decline may be due to a variety of factors, in- cluding an easing ofthe social stigma of single parenthood. A drop in adoption rates in the probably reflected an increase in the abortion rate following the legaliza- tion of abortion. Since , however, adoption rates have remained steady, whereas the abortion rate has declined, indicating that overall, women are not choosing abortion over adoption.

Many children who are adopted are adopted by a rela- tive or foster parent. Adoptions in which the child is not related to an adoptive parent s are more common among those with higher levels of income and educational attainment. Adoption is permanent: The adoptive parents will raise the child and have legal authority for his or her welfare. Many people can help a pregnant woman consider her options, in- cluding her partner; friends; family members; a professional counselor; a family planning clinic; or family services, social services, or adoption agencies.

A counselor should always be respectful and willing to discuss all three options—continuing the pregnancy and becoming a parent, arranging an adop- tion, or ending the pregnancy.

Adoptions can be open or closed, also known as confiden- tial.

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In a confidential adoption, the View Full Document. I cannot even describe how much Course Hero helped me this summer. In the end, I was not only able to survive summer classes, but I was able to thrive thanks to Course Hero.

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