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Sap gts pdf

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1) Manage import and export processes, integrating them effectively into the Supply. Chain. 2) Automatically identify licensing requirements for importing and . SAP GTS customs management configuration. AES in SAP GTS. . ATLAS. SAP GTS setup for import/export self-filing. User. Or worse? In this white paper, we intend to explain some SAP GTS features. We will focus on those features, which we think you will be the most likely to need .

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SAP Global Trade Services shortly known as SAP GTS is used for automate the international trades for a company. SAP Global Trade Services System is based on Netwevaer Platform. Here is a PDF training material about Foreign trade & customs in SAP. You can create a PDF file using the "Download" button. The Master Guide is a planning tool that helps you to design your SAP GTS system landscape. SAP GTS is built to support various business trade processes and can generate a sanctioned party list, then an SAP GTS block is enforced. PDF form,

First become versed in the fundamentals: You can find the current implementation content of Solution Manager at https: Skip to main content. Some are required only for special processes. The configuration guide describes the settings you need to make to configure application components required for a business scenario. Compliance Management contains functions relating to import and export control regulations. Master your critical trade functionalities:

Allowing you to minimize the financial risk associated with global trade activities. The relevant data is collected from the logistics processes, and then sent to your national statistics authorities periodically. SAP Note: Welcome , Guest Login Register.

SAP GTS ( Global Trade Services ) Tutorial and Training PDF

Getting Started Store. A t tachments 0 Page History. Created by Ann Marie Sinclair , last modified on Sep 29, The GTS system features functions in the following areas: Three main areas of Compliance Management are: Sanctioned party list screening Legal control — export including embargo checking and license management Legal control — import including embargo checking and license management Customs Management Customs Management allows you to standardize and automate import and export procedures with customs authorities.

The main areas are: To comply with legal requirements, Compliance Management checks and screens master and transactional data from the logistics processes of the feeder system through integration between the feeder system and SAP Global Trade Services. The same features are also available with an enhanced information design in Web UIs. You can choose which version of the information architecture and UI technology you would like to use.

By streamlining import and export processes through automated IT-based customs processes by the Customs authorities, companies can expedite the cross-border trade activities in a global market. The application supports automated customs processes that can be country-specific such as automated export or import systems of authorities or the European New Computerized Transit System NCTS. By using SAP Global Trade Services for the automated systems, companies can use the production of international shipping documentation.

This includes commercial invoices, entry summaries, and pre- clearance notifications. The overall result is an acceleration of cross-border trading and avoidance of shipment delays. With the main focus on the implementation of electronic transit and customs procedures, Customs Management facilitates imports and exports as well as communication and printing.

The documents for transit and customs procedures can be based on master and transaction data from a feeder system through integration of logistics processes in the feeder system and the processes of Customs Management. The customs communication service enables you to connect to customs offices to execute customs declarations at the border or inland by communicating electronically and printing required forms.

Customs Management allows you to use regular customs procedures as well as inventory-managed customs procedures, for example customs warehousing, outward and inward processing. As for the customs warehouse and outward processing procedure, this also includes customs inventory management. Customs warehousing and its inventory management are based on the logistics integration with a feeder system.

Customs duty calculation supports complicated calculations of duties and value added tax based on goods value and additional costs, for example transportation or insurance. Product classification assigns the appropriate classification numbers to imported and exported materials.

In addition to customs procedures, you can also monitor movements of excise goods and comply to the standards that the authorities set for electronic communication and securing the movements. It assists in determining whether all the prerequisites for preferential customs duty rates have been fulfilled. This determination is based on transaction and master data from the logistics system that can be used in Preference Processing through process integration between SAP Global Trade Services and the feeder system.

Preference Processing includes the following requirements for preference processing: This reduces the overall price of goods for customers who import the goods. It supports importers and exporters in mitigating financial risks by trading globally.

You can incorporate this service in your export transactions to minimize risks and expedite transactions in international trade. It allows you to gain more control over shipping dates and receipt of documents for legal control purposes. The following features are available to minimize risk in import transactions: You can do this by using the letter of credit attributes.

Each attribute can be specified individually.

SAP GTS ( Global Trade Services ) Tutorial and Training PDF

Based on the attribute settings either the single or the multiple assignment of attributes is possible. The export processes can be based on logistics data from a feeder system through integrated processes. Monitoring and controlling functions enable exporters to keep track of all their business transactions and cooperate with the customs authorities in a legally compliant manner. The product area of electronic compliance reporting ensures that the Intrastat declarations fulfill the requirements of the statistical authorities Authorities in the European Union require statistical information on trade between member states for internal trade statistics, which companies can provide by using SAP Global Trade Services.

With Electronic Compliance Reporting, Intrastat declarations can be edited and a file of the Intrastat declaration can be created in the required format. Using SAP Solution Manager significantly accelerates the implementation process and help you to achieve your business goals. Implementation content for your solution may further accelerate the implementation process. It is referred to as BI Content in most documentation.

It contains SAP-specific vocabulary in over 30 languages, as well as many glossary entries in English and German. It comprises a text business scenario documentation and a graphic component view.

The Business Scenario descriptions are part of the Solution Manager implementation content. You can find the current implementation content of Solution Manager at https: The security guide describes the settings for a medium security level and offers suggestions for raising security levels.

This document contains general guidelines and suggestions. SAP applications have a security guide of their own.

SAP GTS Material

It lists the required installable units for each business or IT scenario. It provides scenario-specific descriptions of preparation, execution, and follow-up of an implementation. It also provides references to other documents, such as installation guides, the technical infrastructure guide and SAP Notes.

It does not describe any business-related configuration. One of its main functions is the configuration of business and IT scenarios. It contains Customizing activities, transactions, and so on, as well as documentation. The configuration guide describes the settings you need to make to configure application components required for a business scenario. There are individual configuration guides for each product section of SAP Global Trade Services, including information about system connection, data replication, general and process-specific customizing.

The configuration guide specifies the configuration activity sequence, and their dependencies. Configuration activities can be Customizing activities, SAP system transactions, organizational activities, and so on.


The configuration guide identifies the areas in the Customizing where you find the general activity documentation, but it does not reference individual Customizing settings for the business scenario. The Customizing activities and their documentation are structured from a functional perspective. In order to configure a whole system landscape from a process-oriented perspective, SAP Solution Manager, which refers to the relevant Customizing activities in the individual SAP systems, is used.

It refers users to the tools and documentation that are needed to carry out the various operations-related tasks. Release notes are documents that contain short descriptions of new features or changes in SAP NetWeaver or an SAP application since the previous release. Arrows separating the parts of a navigation path, for example, menu options Example Emphasized words or expressions Example Words or characters that you enter in the system exactly as they appear in the documentation Example Textual cross-references to an internet address, for example, http: These include field labels, screen titles, pushbutton labels, menu names, and menu options.

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Gts pdf sap

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Nothing herein should be construed as constituting an additional warranty. Please see http: Disclaimer Please see http: Related Papers. Master Guide — Support Release 3. By Wenwei Du.

Pdf sap gts

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