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FHM Singapore - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. does it need any I'm still a little rusty but hopefully I'll be ready by August . FHM is a men's lifestyle magazine published in several international territories. Its defunct master edition contained features such as the FHM Sexiest Women in the World, which has featured models, TV presenters, reality stars and singers. The final printed issue of British FHM was in December , after which the . FHM Singapore, MediaCorp (defunct). Download the PDF file. NCCS Statement on the CHC Court decision 21 October . published in the March issue of FHM magazine in Singapore.

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FHM - December SG - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) Singapore FHM is published by MediaCorp Pte Ltd, Caldecott Broadcast. FHM Singapore - April - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. FHM April FHM Singapore - January - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or 23 September think again. killing him immediately.

I figured it was better for her not to play golf. I like men who are very sweet. But when they get to their 30s. I n knee-high socks and cute schoolgirl uniform. Anonymous I have no idea who this guy is, but everyone here is mental. Lets not forget she was also a single mother.

By thriller writer Peter Swanson e all have a little bit of villain inside of us. Committing a murder does not make a person evil. With heroic characters. But most of them did so because. The lucky ones were utterly ignored. But I believe it does. I tell myself four or five times a day that I should quit and do something else. Win or lose. I can find an explanation. A mother once threw coffee over me outside the prison. Most people express utter incomprehension at what I do and that somehow I am representing the wrong side of justice.

The Autobiography Of An Execution is out now. There is another reason why I defend death-row murderers to the end. No guilt. And at some point they graduated on to killing human beings.

The emotional weight of the family members. I think the concept of evil refers to a form of psychopathic anti-social behaviour from a young age. This is mine. Nobody who has resources faces that. I cannot explain that and it drives me mad. What drives me? The basic belief that America is behaving immorally in applying different rules for rich and poor. I work tirelessly to understand why my clients did what they did — and in the vast majority of cases.

My job is to convince judges that my clients do not deserve to be executed for their crimes. And then wait and see what happens next. It is truly chilling to sit across from somebody whom you believe is evil. With those cases. It does not mean I forgive or excuse murder. To me. Most of my clients did something terrible. Grieving families of people my clients have killed do at times direct their anger at me. All that matters with writing villains is letting that little doll decapitator that resides inside of you run the show for a while.

I can map their path to murder. I believe in what I do. That is emotionally hard — it hurts. I have heard people describe committing a murder or a sexual assault in the way that you or I might talk about having jaywalked or running a red light. She just follows her worst impulses. It is impossible to argue. I get confronted at parties for what I do constantly. None of that matters with villains. And most express regret. And if you believe something deeply and sincerely — and you have arrived at that belief in an honest.

For some girls. Not only was he a wonderful character to play. For every 10 good doormen. Face-melted child-killer Freddy Krueger… Some actors famous for one character call it a typecast.

I used to terrorise my co-star. My biggest fear was losing my ability to scare people. FGH Security. He might gut some poor child. A lot of women tell me they find Freddy darkly sexy. When I ask someone to leave. One new club we worked at got tough. Operatic even. Forty per cent of the company I work for. For me. I sort of become him — without the killing.

It began with basting my face with KY Jelly. It never failed to make them shit their pants. Some stand there. Like any great baddie. If you take it personally. It was a battle of wills. They study in the day. They sometimes then go off and get my autograph tattooed and come back to show it to me all bruised and bloody.

When you get abuse. I cannot begrudge that as an actor. The older I get. We had the wrong characters turning up week after week. When dressed as Freddy. I made a woman run from the Chris Mattison. Because he exists in your subconscious. The doorman image has changed. Am I turning into Freddy? We stood our ground and they just gave up. It took four hours every morning to make me Freddy. Never take it personally. I have a laugh and joke with people.

Freddy was a gift. It is a little disconcerting. What makes Freddy Krueger a great villain? Freddy is playing the most intimate mind game. The Last Showing. They just stare or glare and wait for anyone foolish enough to challenge them. Deceptive kindness A gentle appearance makes a villain even more shocking: I landed on my wrist. Standing at the top of a skyscraper is unique and amazing. Dignity All villains have to die sometime and when they do.

A lot of cops like to take pictures of me. Sometimes they ask if I can show them exercises. Is it the best feeling in the world? China was only five. Sometimes it is illegal. The Two Faces of January. Legendary free climber Alain Robert. You can arrest me. By screenwriter Hossini Amini Charisma The toughest bad guys look like an angel.

I still suffer from vertigo though. Provoking them. No one can stop me. When I went to the building I wanted to climb. As a child I wanted to climb.

I kind of like it. In Australia. But I fought hard and overcame it. In Japan. I was banned for 10 years. It means my strength is not as good as it should be. Life is something that has to be funny. Once I fell head first and. Alain Delon in Le Samourai. If you ever come face-to-face with Anton Chigurh and his unflattering bowl cut. The Wire was never about straight-up heroes and villains — it was all about the shades of grey — which means that to stand out as a double-hard bastard above all others.

Kurtz is tall and thin. Add to that his complete upstaging of the real villain of the piece. The demonic fur-obsessive who wants to kill. Can anyone remember the plot of No Country?

Hannibal Lecter Anthony Hopkins in The Silence of the Lambs That Sir Anthony managed to turn one of the most frankly ludicrous mannerisms ever committed to camera — a slurping noise?

It was basically Alien vs Predator. He even outshone his own supposedly bigger. What I do is evil… but it must be done.

Absolutely not. Peter Capaldi subsequently even went head to head with Alastair Campbell in a charity swearathon. I loved winding opponents up. No amount of money would make me lose that fight. Out of fights. I understood this from an early age. I fought nearly 20 British champions.

I lost The money meant I could give my kids the life I never had. Johnny Greaves. I became the best in the business. Apart from seeing my kids born. I was known as the guy who never got knocked out and always lost well. I was. Always the away fighter. They wanted to give me a good hiding. At one point I was literally holding him up over my shoulder. No promoter is going to pay for your fights out of his own pocket unless he is sure you are going to get to a level to repay him.

But he came out like a steam train in the first round and blew his beans. I knew I was a good boxer. Walking into an arena full of thousands of people who wanted me hurt. As a journeyman boxer. I jumped at the chance. So I became a journeyman — fodder for those fighters who had been earmarked for the big time. So when. My ambition was always to reach professional fights. Commonwealth champs and fought in stadiums of And win I did.

Always the away fighter and always the villain. I wanted to taste glory for myself. The crowd were so angry when I won. The crowd not so much: Could I see their point of view? Of course. That was frightening for everyone as the ambulances were a long way behind us. The Premier League has become too sanitised.

They were trying to kill us. We were facing rioters throwing rocks and charging our lines with weapons. Another officer had a brick hit his riot helmet. How does it feel to be seen as the bad guy? Not good. I saw a female officer suffer a seizure after a rock hit her on the head. They put her on a makeshift stretcher and got her out of there as quickly as possible.

Cops are human beings. Many of our supporters love to play the bad guy. Mark Duggan was killed [by a police officer]. Standing in the middle of Tottenham High Road. It often works against us. The way things are going. The visor crumpled under the weight of it. Millwall will be the last bastions of working-class football. The rioters had broken into a fishmongers.

You have to minimise casualties on both sides. Fear is one of the most basic human emotions. Who was the last person you punched on the nose? Police cause agro. The shopkeepers were giving us drinks. Our trademark chant is. One of my friends was trying to give them money. John Murphy. He never felt more hated than during the London riots… 6 August is a day burned on my memory for as long as I live.

I never expected to see that level of hatred. While the club and fans may argue about what they ultimately want Millwall to represent. Sometimes the red mist comes down and cops lose control.

At the end of the day. I think we all were. Like every other club. B Set elaborate Home Alone-style booby traps for your dad. A FFS. C Pull over and offer a lift. A With some ill-judged joke on Twitter about anal sex. What do you suggest? D C D With your actual willy. Which of these are you most likely to do in the shower?

Perhaps not evil. What a nice chap you must be. Laugh out loud to yourself for 10 minutes. You put all the clocks in your house forward an hour. With a nod and a mumbled. What do you do? Take a long. A A lovely exhibition followed by a bit of dinner. No skeletons in your closet. Then filmed him being covered in glue and feathers. How do you greet your work colleagues? Hey check out the banter on this YouTube video! B Think about how much enjoyment ploughing your car into them would bring. Are you a mildly tittish twerp.

C B You want to play Call of Duty. Your girlfriend wants to do something Saturday. Insist on reading through every single text messages on phone. C C Be suspicious as to why she wants you out of the house.

You see a mate waiting at a bus stop in the rain. Perhaps tone down your twattishness a tad and have a word with yourself from time to time. D A Paintballing with all your mates. Then made a Vine out of the footage. I did my second tattoo when I was 15 and in this sort of rebellious phase. Michelle has grown fond of a simpler and more relaxed lifestyle. Have you been modelling long? Basically to lie in bed all day. Her professionalism and love for modelling shone through during our time with her in front of the camera.

I only do it when I have appointments. What do you enjoy about it? This is weird. How does that work? I basically like looking at my own figure. Killzone and GTA 5!

I just kind of wanted it. Strawberries and whipped cream. You mentioned being a manicurist. I got my first tattoo when I was 13 — I was in the middle of this phase where for some reason I was just into blood and gore [Laughs]. I personally enjoy spicy food a lot. Tell us about your tattoos. I enjoy cooking and playing video games as well. My third tattoo came along when I was But the tattoo artist did a bad job so I was really upset about that.

Especially with the use of ingredients like onions. Where would we find you on a Saturday night? Not badly. Things did get better after a few more shoots with different photographers though.

One day. I also listen to dancey music. I started to feel more comfortable in my own skin. And in the past? I used to club a fair bit. Aside from that I listen to lots of electro pop. Maybe F-Club or something — all those who head down to Clarke Quay should know anyway!

Back when I was in school. Michelle Low Age: Playing games. With his next three movies. He followed The Sixth Sense. It became one of the highest-grossing films of all time. At the age of nine. By the time he graduated from high school. The trees outside whisper something about the Hollywood Illuminati enslaving us all. It was first heard this side of the afterlife by a village psychic in India.

FHM – December 2015

Or they just rustled in the breeze. He is one of the highest-paid writers in Hollywood and one of the most prolific directors of his generation. So he became a filmmaker instead. But at work. Nelliate C Shyamalan.

He is sunny and smiley. I like the unknown presence that causes fear and takes you back to a childlike state. To date. His mop of black hair is framed by light from the open window behind him.

Calling himself Night was a bit like calling a tall guy Tiny: The camera was the key. India before his family relocated to an affluent suburb of Philadelphia. But none came. Maybe something good will happen! He backtracks. His outing. Take Robin Williams — I was so saddened by his passing. When they become aware of their surroundings.

They taught me that when you dream with enough clarity. But the industry does that to you. While the box offices have banked him millions. There is something pure about the moment a child loses their innocence. The Happening. It tells you your worth.

But unlike Swayze. The President wants to have dinner! He has many times thanked his upbringing for his success — even now. The Wall Street Journal dismissed his film. The Last Airbender. It was religion to me. Always yourself. I had a sense of. I guess the best answer for me is that if I can reflect myself as a human being in my making of movies.

It just so happens to be a total cheeseburger as well. If you can be exactly that. I would totally screw it up. Be yourself. It bombed. On the other hand. He issued a bespoke form of payback on his critics: The hack in the movie gets eaten by a monster. Not Night. Night has the medicine: But Night is still as bright as ever.

The trees have stopped whispering and the clouds have moved over the sun. I do care about people. But what frightens M Night Shyamalan? See also: The Village a fairy-tale forest full of menace and Lady In The Water a Philadelphia apartment complex in need of both a handyman and an exorcist. In The Village. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

The spoiler warning may as well have been invented for M Night Shyamalan films: A director who might just be a frustrated actor. Sleepy Hollow. The Sixth Sense. Any Hitchcock film. If you look down and see the colour brown. Either way.

After Earth. An innocent child with a gift. As with Cole in The Sixth Sense. Can I have a glass of water? In Unbreakable. Like Stanley Kubrick before him. Will they manage to shrug off their demons and solve the mystery? Will anyone believe them if they do? A precocious child actor. The Village. Fight Club. Lady in the Water. Taking its cue from apocalyptic classics of yesteryear. The Shining. Shyamalan is a master at using bright colours to manipulate our emotions.

The Usual Suspects. M Night Shyamalan loves to show up in his own films. Nick de Semlyen. Fun fact: Shutter Island. Pushy mother optional.

An actor who can look depressed and a tragic back story. In scary movies. Bruce Willis and dead people. The Woman in Black. Most of them. Perks of the job. Good nervous. All her friends have helped put that message together. The cannon erupts. She jumps into an energetic air guitar and head bangs. What are some differences between US posh girls and posh Brits? Girls here are way more reserved. And as for J-Lo. In LA. How does a super-posh night out go in the States? It always starts with a dinner: The most exclusive restaurant you can get into.

You brought your American poshness all the way to the UK. You all start drinking way younger over here. Which side of the Atlantic handles their champagne better? You got it. Before performing at the Super Bowl. I like to spoil a guy. Meet Stephanie Pratt: The blonde and bonkersly hot American who. Some weird stuff goes on in there… Really?

How weird? Essentially the place is set up like a huge concert with the tables looking down at a stage. I love stuff I can wear. If you wanted to buy me a gift. The goal is to never wait for anything — a drink. Uh huh… Yeah. Christina Aguilera apparently requests vitamin C tablets on her rider… that are specifically in the shape of the Flintstones.

I usually lasted as long as it took to burst out laughing. Last one: A Mucky Winston. How did you fare when it came to the infamous keg stand? I was pretty good!

Oh man. First up… pork scratchings. I have no idea what one of those is. You cannot do it right without getting messy. Is that anything to do with champagne? A beer and Smirnoff Ice cocktail. Then stuff about The Hills. You actually eat those things? You got called out on Made In Chelsea for not knowing what netball is. Is that for real? Bad start. What order do those three go in for you?

And sex is third. It would always be hidden in the basement. Everyone in Beverly Hills lives in these huge houses. Oh my… What criteria does a guy have to fill if he wants to be your boyfriend?

A lot. When you find one that still has a hair on it. I know this! After that. Made In Chelsea. Almost… but we made that one up. Next up. Big Brother. I remember going to a Chelsea game recently and trying my hardest not to get my phone out and play on it.

You should appreciate it more. We do not care about your sports team. Be grumpy. Matt blake Photography: A potent blend of musty gym bags. Two other away fighters are in the 3m x 1. And if it does land. So go out there and enjoy it.

The second thing is the sound of punches. The job has different names. They are the men who will drive across the country. Each blow reverberates down the stairs. But Frank — like his brother before him — is a journeyman. And he knows the score. Without men like Frank and Johnny there would be no Carl Froch. They make boxing tick. One wrong step could send him tumbling down the stairs.

Then a voice. I fought nearly 20 British. Have gloves. In boxing. Boxers here dream of the pizzazz of a big show. Frank was in his corner. But there are no TV cameras. The night itself takes place under British Boxing Board of Control rules.

This is not amateur boxing or whitecollar. This is pro-boxing at the bottom rung. Puce-faced men crowd about the ring hurling abuse at the away fighters. Girlfriends totter about on needle-heels. This is not a corporate crowd on a jolly. These are ordinary people. Commonwealth champions and fought in stadiums of The most hated man in the room.

Johnny came along. And it was Johnny who first entered the world of prizefighting. But life is mundane. After a few final words from their cornermen and instructions from the referee. It got to a point where I had to put my money where my mouth was. Frank enters first through a cloud of dry ice to near silence. Does he think he can win? Frank lost his first fight on points. Even Johnny. Eighteen months later.

Then comes Hayes and the audience erupts. For others. And tonight. But Frank has no children. For most of this. For many. Keep moving! Round two is. I was born for this. Hayes is visibly bigger than Frank.

Frank was by his side. Do I expect to win? Hayes instantly launches into a flurry of punishing blows. A muffled voice reverberates through the walls: The other fighters have drifted home. The atmosphere turns eerily quiet. For Frank. Warbling done. He gives a theatrical bow. Johnny was the feisty one.

Johnny says he fought to give his two kids a life he never had growing up. As kids they were inseparable. The round ends with a clear victory to Hayes. I knew I was in for a fight. He is a great boxer. He fought with skill and heart and. And I know I won at least a couple of those rounds. At one point. The fourth and fifth rounds are kinder to Frank.

The decision is unanimous. It is quite apparent Frank is way more than just cannon fodder. Frank throws more punches and looks lighter on his feet. A fan may well have awarded him both. You know I never drink before a fight. For being a fat cab driver a year ago?

He may have lost but he lost well. I need a lager. By the sixth. He is quickfooted. And that is a golden ticket to any promoter with a war chest of untested fighters and pound signs for pupils. A defensive master. The Other Side of the Boxing Business. None of them knocked him out. He eventually took the journeyman path as a way to make a living. He even held the Central Area title at one time. Jody routinely has audiences howling with laughter.

In fact. A New Perspective on the Noble Art. It was this belief and passion for all things beautiful that propelled Yang forward on her medical journey. Today, the medical aesthetics doctor dedicates her expertise to people who pursue beauty or just need a confidence boost. What led you to medical aesthetics? Later, I found I was also good with my hands and, combined with a penchant for beauty, I specialised in medical aesthetics when the opportunity arose. Are people usually surprised when you reveal your profession?

Most people I meet for the first time are surprised I'm actually a qualified medical doctor, as I don't look like one of their stereotypes. Being beautiful is simply becoming confident in yourself, doing what you can to improve yourself so you are the best you can be. Nonetheless, I advocate being beautiful in a way that is natural to you. Valeria Lukyanova, known as the human Barbie doll, is in my opinion an extreme case I do not recommend.

But once filming ended and we were no longer competing. Was it a different story after the cameras stopped rolling? Dom and I are quite similar in many aspects. We were completely bouncing against each other.

Fiercely competitive and jointly responsible for the more electric scenes of drama on show. It felt really weird at first but I relaxed into it eventually.

But in the show. For our cover girls. Some people just handled it better than others. Dominique Nguyen Vietnam and Roelene Coleman India agree that one of the most challenging aspects of the Supermodelme realityTV contest was managing their emotions and fragile alliances within the model house. Did you two clash on the show? Nothing was scripted or staged. We were filming 16 hours a day and sleeping very little.

We had so many big personalities that it was very conflicting. With the cameras around. I was just being me. Some girls still put on makeup to look pretty.

Reality-show stars often seem larger than life. I let loose on the show. I still tried to be cameraready. The scenes were not dramatised but it was probably magnified a hundred times because of the circumstances. Roelene Coleman: Living with so many girls in such a refined space and being filmed all the time is a lot of pressure.

People saw me in a negative way. You feel pressured to do something because the cameras are rolling. I think I played the misunderstood weirdo. Do you feel your personality changed while filming? Like Dom said. But in this show. There were cameras constantly around but. What was your stereotypical role on the show? I was probably the crazy drama queen.

But because we were competing against each other on Supermodelme. We had long chats and figured out that we actually get along really well. And having to share a bedroom with someone you think may be talking about you behind your back. The moment filming was done. Lycra string bikini. Lycra string bikinis.

Zig-zag print lycra bikini top and lycra bikini bottoms. I never told judge Ase Wang that she bears an uncanny resemblance to my sister. As a result. The absolute hardest part is meeting people. The other difficult thing is that it can get very lonely. Under the circumstances. And making me laugh is an absolute must.

What would a guy have to do to score a date with you? I like when a guy can just man up and come talk to me. I could find someone attractive and not be attracted to them. Come talk to me and make me laugh. People think we live a glamorous life. So you just bite your tongue and listen. The energy has to be right. A guy who makes me laugh. I also think that no one wants to deal with my craziness.

I live in Hong Kong and have followed her since I was younger. No matter what she said about me. I disagreed with a lot of things they said! In those situations. Nowhere feels like home. I agree. You constantly have to pick yourself up from the ground. On Dom: On Rolene: Terrycloth hoodie. Pay attention. You might learn something. School Skills for Grown-ups Words: Stu Hood Photography: Carlos Nunez Styling: Hayley Lawrence Strap on your rucksack. But now. His big brother worked for Ferrari.

In conclusion. A lot of the time. An obtuse angle is more than 90 degrees. So there you go. Pamela Meyer. Fandi and his uncle were really good mates. This can take many forms. This is your barrier. The most obvious is placing physical barriers.

When someone is trying to think up what to say next or make their words appear spontaneous. It worked when you were a kid and it still works now. If the aggressor moves towards you and touches it. Prevent this from happening by adopting a degree stance.

If you set a pattern of work. Play Xbox. So while your old pals might know that your unbrushed hair and scruffy shirt are no big deal. The possibility that you would make no friends.

FHM - December PDF download free

When you were a kid. Boss Your Boss Running out of class as soon as the bell rang. In the end. Exam results. Roger Mavity. Look them in the eye and face them with your body. You know what did matter? Cool stuff. None of these mattered in the playground. You could get out of PE. Here are a few pointers for drafting the perfect sick note to get you off your day job.

One word is capable of striking fear into the hearts of all teachers: Head lice. Even if you are genuinely sick. With one of those bad boys clutched in your hand. Next time you need a day off. Keep smirking. Worse that could happen is they make you shave all your hair off. It was the boy who seemed a bit dangerous.

The scruffy outlaw who feared no teacher. Marco Antonio using Dermalogica. So you need to stop looking for approval from other people including your boss.

2014 pdf fhm singapore december

Think back. Down tools and suggest some team drinks… In Ibiza. Turns out the year-old you understood women far better than you do now. Guess what? And when it comes to relationships. A quick warning. Rachel DeAlto. C and Kerastase. Without the heart palpitations. Shakespeare wrote. In the morning. So rediscover your inner schoolboy and remember what fancying someone used to feel like before Facebook pokes and WhatsApp convenience took over.

I took out a comma. I put it back in again. That adolescent excitement. A text message is the obvious next step. Clara may have settled down in Tampines. In the afternoon. Because somewhere out there. Ben Crystal. All it took was a kind word from her. Sort of. Her example had a massive influence on my life. I still visit Roser. None whatsoever. I was one of the first foreign players. You would not dare to let her down. I had one special teacher — a nun called Roser. This is because they know the mythical combination of pheromones and subliminal signals that can cause any member of the opposite sex to become helplessly attracted to them.

It taught me how the sport absorbs whole lives. Make them tell us. It was a religious school. What happens when methanol and CH3OH chemicals present in whisky production react with the calcium hydroxide in that lime cocktail you drank five minutes ago? Science will show us. The mood of the family for the week would depend on the result of his match. FHM would like to see children educated in the art of boozy chemistry. Every time I go back to my hometown.

I know about change. I went to school in Catalonia up until I was She was an incredible worker. My father was a football manager. But they do. I moved away to go to school. Forget teaching us how to ask where the nearest library is — we want to be able to say. When I was I was alone and it was the hardest moment in my life.

You can see the differences in the education systems from different cultures. I got involved in my first school play. It's a far cry from doing a TV soap opera when one is often faced with an awful script. Even right through my overachieving years. In Sec 1. Adrian Pang. With good material. As the saying goes: But I was very lucky to have been able to get by as a working actor in London.

This went on right through to my university days. With 95 per cent of actors in the UK unemployed at any one time. If I could give my younger self some advice. All of a sudden. Players are just people. And then you start dreaming in it. Going from Spain to Wigan was like going to the moon. Going overseas was pretty much liberation for me and I relished every minute of it. I was also a bit of a wimp. Like I said.

I can barely take care of my own. Being a teacher is one of the hardest jobs in our society. That was when I caught the acting bug and fell in love with an older woman she was just The most important trait required to be a successful actor is a healthy sense of denial. I attribute this to Jim McCabe. Some players are much more disciplined.

And I haven't www. More discipline. You feel something and you want to transmit it. He taught me that it is possible to do something you love as your job. I was getting those grades simply to get them. As parents. At that time. I always kind of sucked at sports so I was in the school military band playing drums in primary school.

Of course being in university was still very much la-la land. Then fatherhood happened and the game changed again forever. We need to go back to the old ways. In Sec 3. For more info. I learnt how bad it feels to have no voice.. Even when I got into school plays. They really respect education. The most amazing feeling is when you start thinking in English. Dannii Choo Photography: Cheryl Chan Cotton T-shirt. Cotton panties. Did you ever have a crush on a PE teacher? Back then. I n knee-high socks and cute schoolgirl uniform.

Do you remember what your first crush was like? I had my first boyfriend when I was in primary school but it was just puppy love. Do you still hang out with your friends from school?

How did you get him to notice you? I was in a co-ed school throughout my schooling life. I was a pretty regular kid. I thought he looked really cute! Were you a bully or a bookworm? With that thought etched in our minds. FHM rewinds the clock a few years back. Anna Huang looks like a centrefold version of your secondary-school crush.

Cotton T-shirt. Cotton shorts and socks. Terrycloth shorts. Bra worn underneath and cotton polka-dot panties. Not even once? What about being sent for detention? I was sent for detention once because I was late for school. Maybe for being untidy because I leave my things everywhere at home.

If you were sent for detention now. So I might be in a spaghetti-strap top and shorts today. Have you had any encounters with a mean girl?

Did you ever skip class to go out? Whenever my group of friends wanted to go somewhere during school hours. And we never got caught. Cotton bra. Cropped T-shirt. He knows how you can date the most beautiful women. Behavioural psychologist and founder of treatmentsforthemind. Carlos Nunez Bat way out of your league with the help of experts from the world of sex and psychology. And a comedian. Scottish comedian. He knows the secrets of the female subconscious.

Every sentence has to be hilarious and meaningful. The fact that she also just happens to be heart-meltingly beautiful. Take the lead and get the first round in. When the ice is broken.

All girls love a good laugh. I know what you did last summer. Then offer to buy her a proper coffee from the cafe downstairs. This is hard. Some direct eye contact across the room will do more than a million one-liners. Kind of creepy… Like his gaze is saying. Then let the other chumps chat her up while you have a laugh with your mates. If she says no.

Instead honk her body parts such as her nose or tummy. Be patient and let her pride do the work. It paralyses men. Compare her to a plant that reproduces without sex. So make eye contact and ask her the story behind her necklace or tattoo.

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This is prime chat time. I hope you threw in some extra sugar. Could this be love? That always goes down well with baristas. Sort of: First contact. Apart from qualifying for the special forces or getting a table at Tim Ho Wan on a Saturday evening. Next thing you know. If he seems upset. Just show him an intimate picture of his sister and you.

If she returns the look. Your buddy could re-enter at any moment. One minute she was just that slightly annoying girl who was always bugging you for a go on Wii Tennis. Then again. But you have to smell vegetables before you buy them. A grocery goddess. Not surprisingly. But it keeps me coming back to try and crack its mystery. Number-one rule: Stay calm.

Sit in the middle of the floor and do Pilates. Or fight. But the dog just wants a biscuit. How sexy? She still looks hot when bending down to scoop up canine excrement.

Walking her dog and looking sexier than anyone has any right to at seven in the morning. Choke down your fury. Ask her why she chose that breed. Namiki Yu. Leopard-print cotton bra and panties.

Printed cotton skater skirt. Cotton bra with leopardprint trim. Lycra lingerie set. And in a way. Wool cardigan. From left: Cut-out lace Lycra T-shirt. Cotton polka-dot shorts. Striped cotton tank top. Striped satin bra. Lycra bra and thong. Do you get recognised on the streets? Do you have any favourites?

What differences have you noticed between Singaporean and Japanese men? I can tell that many of the guys here work out very hard and keep in shape. Fitness seems to be a big thing here.

You sing. While some Japanese men do work out. Singaporean men are also very sweet. Are you considering breaking into the Singapore market? I love being in the entertainment industry and would like to do some singing as well. Striped cotton skater skirt. What type of men would you go for. Does your job make being in the bedroom boring?

I would just glare at him and be very sarcastic. I never get bored of it. Japan is an ageing population and people are investing less time in meaningful relationships.

I just want to concentrate on my career for now and enjoy being single. I enjoy my private. Tell us a secret about yourself that not many people know. But when they get to their 30s. I like men who are very sweet. Personally I. What do you like to do on your day off? I enjoy anime and cosplay. I realise there are many girls and boys in their 20s who tend not to have partners.

I also like men who eat a lot. It was the last show. Talk us through your pre-fight ritual. I train twice a day. Tarec Saffiedine. I also remember why I work so hard for it and everything just goes from there. What was your last fight there like? It is a one of my biggest accomplishments so far. I focus more on my own strengths. How has your transition to UFC been? I try to stay as focused as I can.

Ever used your skills in real-life situations? Tickets available from Sistic outlets. I start slower. But on Saturdays. Actually I started fighting as an amateur and competing when I was 15 years old. I will be working really.

Ever stepped into the ring for a fight. I see my hands raised at the end of the fight. From now till fight night. I usually just train once. As for the outcome on 4 January. Which UFC fighter do you have your sights on? Right now. For updates on the fight card.

Lim Hyun-Gyu from South Korea. During a fight. Every fight you win in the UFC is a step forward. You can be as ready as you want physically.

Like any high-level sport. I stay loose at the beginning of the fight — to see how it goes. Sands Expo and Convention Centre. What are your thoughts on the academy? Its standard is really good. I was bullied a little as a kid and I had my misadventures.

You want to keep progressing and climbing up the ranks for a chance of a championship fight. The Flying Steps breakdancers, on the other hand, move from one stunt to another effortlessly.

How has the response been like? This is what we look for whenever we do the show — fluidity of movement. How did you get into breakdancing? I want to learn it! Is there any dancer you idolise? How has breakdance changed your life? I get to travel a lot. If I was doing something else, I might not be given the same opportunities. What is the meaning behind your nickname, Lil Ceng?

Before I was in The Flying Steps, I was in another crew going around the world having breakdance battles. What goes on in a breakdance battle? It is really like impromptu dancing. For example, if he lacked power moves, I'd try to incorporate more power moves in my dance to outshine him. The best things to do would be to be confident of yourself, shut everything else off your mind and let your body take control.

Practice makes perfect. How much time do you spend practising your moves? We need enough rest to let our bodies recuperate. Ever forgotten a step during a show? Many times! When you make a little mistake in one part, you tend to forget the subsequent parts. Ever used your moves to get a girl? Is there a strict diet you follow? Whenever I dance, I eat a lot so as to replenish the energy. If you participate in the Olympics, what are you chances of winning a medal in gymnastics?

Not a chance! Visit sistic. Not any more. We talked dirty to the year-old, and even got him to fess up to photocopying his own balls and taking pictures of puddles of puke in his spare time… In Filth, all sorts of wrongness happens. Maybe when my head turns into a mountain of cocaine, or when me and James McAvoy spit-roast a girl.

There are loads of firsts for me in this film. Such as? Oh, and dancing badly on camera. We heard that while filming in Scotland,you dabbled in some scenic photography… Yeah, I decided to take pictures of vomit on the street. It would have made a great coffee table book. Filth is showing in selected theatres from 2 January. Eminem has a new album out. Even Eminem has struggled to get hyped: Still capable of landing heavy blows, but less hungry, less quick on his feet, more reliant on empty aggression.

He can still shift millions of records so, at this stage, why try harder? But the fact that Eminem has christened his new album The Marshall Mathers LP 2 indicates that the year-old is looking to rediscover some of his early magic. The Eminem who could steal entire albums with one guest verse?

The Eminem that had the power to undo the damage that Vanilla Ice wreaked on white hip-hop? The Marshall Mathers LP 2 is available online. Hero 1: World War Z Star quality: Lady and zombie killer, and can out-pant any Race the Dead contestants.

Everybody weeps. When I was doing my costume fitting, I had a degree fever; I had to throw on five different styles of leather outfits for about two hours! I think I lost about half my body weight in sweat.

The costume looks amazing, but it was a nightmare and so hard to wear. It took about 30 minutes to get on and 30 minutes to get off. Did you feel ridiculous? It looks hilarious, sadistic and demented. It looked so good. When that happens, you have nowhere to turn to except revenge.

2014 fhm pdf december singapore

Do you enjoy violent movies? I like violent movies; I like something that takes me away from real life, whether it is action, horror, comedy or violence. The violence in Kick-Ass 2, while heavy, is also cartoonish. I mean Mother Russia is throwing a lawnmower through a cop car.

Do you have a favourite superhero? I was a huge Wolverine fan when I was younger. My dad is a great artist. Do you walk around in disguise when you go out, just to see how people react?

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When I get recognised, people are usually nice. But the reaction varies. There are a lot of people who come up and just want a hug and a picture. There are others who come up rowdy, a bit drunk. Then, very rarely, there are some who think that because I have done a movie, they know me and can be really mean.

Hero 2: Arthur Newman Star quality: Heroes 3: Now You See Me Star quality: Modern-day Robin Hoods who use illusion to steal from the rich to give to the debt-ridden.

Heroes 4: The Internship Star quality: Hero 5: Bullet to the Head Star quality: Proves that Botox, if done right, can keep any face firmly in place — even in the thick of action.

What do you think about the crew in South Africa? I think some of the writing in film used to be superior to television. Another reason: I was thinking TV is a bit more long- term. I play John Eriksson. Diving was new. It is about human trafficking. Tell us about your character in the new action-adventure series.

You have to realise: They are all working actors. Air Fire and Rescue. I thought it was a good character. I am co-starring and producing Skin Trade. I keep it up all the time because of my job. It used to be about the effects and spectacle. You work for a period of time. Aside from it being directly tied to my physically demanding roles. I have a team who works for me. How did you get your prime form for the series? Staying in top form has always been a lifestyle cornerstone.

FHM Singapore - April 2014

And sometimes. Otherwise I enjoyed it. Why did you decide to take on this role? It was the script initially. Now it is turning around. In the show. With actions flicks. I think television has good writing and good characters. How do you feel playing a fallible leader? I have probably played action roles for too long. Having explored the full range of action scenarios. December I started off in ice hockey.

How do you find the continent? My two daughters came here. Universal Soldier and an Expendables mercenary. This is a guy who is the leader of the unit and has a lot of personal problems. I do weight training. SAF3 premieres first and exclusively on Tuesday. I have the basic groundwork. You play it anxious. I think the people down there are quite friendly and nice.

A lot of the movies. Watch Dogs will be released in second quarter of Cause city-wide blackouts to ditch police. This Steve McQueen-directed no. Great on the eye. Doomed pieces together the puzzles left unsolved in the prequel. From its evolution to the purpose it actually serves. Breasts Florence Williams When the author found out that her breast milk was tested positive for chemical toxins.

With chapters written in the form of online-message-board postings. Doomed Chuck Palahniuk Following the success of Damned. Still not sold? And for those who have to deal with menacing glares in public transport because of the pack of char kway teow nicely seated on your lap. The latest instalment of the Wolf Gift Chronicles puts the grit and teeth in the hairy folklore.

Quite literally to hell and back. A love story no shame reading about such stuff. Get RewaRded in style. Like us on www.

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