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Allama iqbal urdu poetry pdf

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Excerpts from “Shikwa Jawaab-e-Shikwa” by Allama Muhammad Iqbal. Translation: Sabieh . Pay no attention to whether I render my poetry in Hindi or Arabic. Download free Urdu poetry books of Allama Muhammad Iqbal in pdf. Allama Iqbal Wrote the books of poetry in Urdu. Iqbal Wrote seven books. Below is the complete compilation of his Urdu poetry works. Pages, 24MB PDF File. All books of Allama Iqbal are in Public Domain, and per author's.

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A Brief Sketch of Allama Iqbal. Sarham Ahmad. ) Sir Dr. Mohammed Allama Iqbal . Iqbal wrote poetry in Urdu and Persian, and several collections in each. Free Download All Allama Iqbal Urdu Poetry Books in PDF. people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Iqbal poetry, Manager quotes, Pdf. Urdu Poetry allama iqbal best collection of allama muhammad iqbal poetry.

Talks 3. Death is my ultimate destiny. Language The poems he wrote up to , the year Iqbal left for England imbibe patriotism and imagery of landscape, and includes the Tarana-e-Hind The Song of India , popularly known as Saare Jahan Se Achcha and another poem Tarana-e-Milli [Anthem of the Muslim Community], The second set of poems date from between and when Iqbal studied in Europe and dwell upon the nature of European society, which he emphasized had lost spiritual and religious values. Love is the messenger of God. He says in one of his poems: You draw the hearts to the Presence Divine, I inspire them to bloom and blossom.

Ilm ul Iqtisad Poetic books in Persian 1. Asrar-i-Khudi 2. Rumuz-i-Bekhudi 3. Payam-i-Mashriq 4. Zabur-i-Ajam 5. Javid Nama 6. Bang-i-Dara 2. Bal-i-Jibril 3. Zarb-i Kalim www. One glance of guide such joy and warmth can grant, On marge of stream can bloom the tulip plant.

One has no comrade on Love's journey long Save fervent zeal, and passion great and strong. O God, at gates of rich I do not bow, You are my dwelling place and nesting bough. Your Love, makes me God, fret with pain and pine, You are the only quest and aim of mine. Without You town appears devoid of life, When present, same town appears astir with strife.

For wine of gnosis I request and ask, To get some dregs I break the cup and glass. The mystics' gourds and commons' pitchers wait For liquor of your Grace and Bounty great.

Both verse and wisdom indicate the way Which longing face to face can not convey. It freshens and renews life's inner meaning; An illumined soul can be a shepherd's, who Could hear the Voice of God at God's command. This poem has been written in the Mosque of Cordoba. Allama Muhammad Iqbal www. N aur bhii hai. N saika. N ab mere raazadaa. I am remote from my valley, To me you are the Burning Bush of Sinai! You are a houri of the Arabian Desert, Nursed by the Western breeze.

I feel homesick in exile, You feel homesick in exile: Prosper in this strange land! May the morning dew quench your thirst! The world presents a strange sight: The vision's mantle is torn apart— May valour struggle with the waves if it must, The other side of the river is not to be seen! Life owes itself to the heat of one's soul: Flame does not rise from dust. The Syrian evening's fallen star Shined brighter in the exile's dawn. There are no frontiers for the Man of Faith, He is at home everywhere.

The following Urdu poem is a liberal translation the tree mentioned here was planted in Madinatut Zahra Allama Muhammad Iqbal www. N merii saadagii dekh kyaa chaahataa huu. N ye jannat mubaarak rahe zaahido.

N huu. N ai ahal-e-mahafil chiraaG-e-sahar huu. N, bujhaa chaahataa huu. N bharii bazm me. Daa be-adab huu. N, sazaa chaahataa huu. N Allama Muhammad Iqbal www. N baaqii nahii. A free man is in prison today, Without a spear or a sword; Regret overwhelms me And also my strategy.

My heart Is drawn by instinct to chains. Perhaps my sword was of the same steel.

Allama Muhammad Iqbal Urdu Poetry Books Free Download

Once I had a two-edged sword- It turned into the chains that shackle me now. How whimsical and indifferent Is the Author of fates. He was defeated and imprisoned by a ruler of Spain. You are the trustee of the Muslim blood: In my eyes you are sanctified like the Harem. Prints of prostration lie hidden in your dust, Silent calls to prayers in your morning air. In your hills and vales were the tents of those, The tips of whose lances were bright like the stars. Is more henna needed by your pretties?

My lifeblood can give them some colour! How can a Muslim be put down by the straw and grass, Even if his flame has lost its heat and fire!

Allama Iqbal's urdu books | Author Books

My eyes watched Granada as well, But the traveller's content neither in journey nor in rest: I saw as well as showed, I spoke as well as listened, Neither seeing nor learning brings calm to the heart!

Written in Spain—on the way back. Urdu lab pe aatii hai duaa banake tamannaa merii zindagii shammaa kii surat ho Khudaayaa merii duur duniyaa kaa mere dam a. Ndheraa no jaaye har jagah mere chamakane se ujaalaa ho jaaye ho mere dam se yuu. N hii mere watan kii ziinat jis tarah phuul se hotii hai chaman kii ziinat zindagii ho merii parawaane kii surat yaa rab ilm kii shammaa se ho mujhako mohabbat yaa rab ho meraa kaam Gariibo.

Translation My longing comes to my lips as supplication of mine O God! May like the candle be the life of mine! May the world's darkness disappear through the life of mine! May every place light up with the sparkling light of mine! May my homeland through me attain elegance As the garden through flowers attains elegance May my life like that of the moth be, O Lord! May I love the lamp of knowledge, O Lord! May supportive of the poor my life's way be May loving the old, the suffering my way be O God!

Protect me from the evil ways Show me the path leading to the good ways Allama Muhammad Iqbal www. The succession of day and night Is the fountain-head of life and death.

The succession of day and night Is the reverberation of the symphony of Creation.

Allama Iqbal- Kuliyat-e-Iqbal Complete eBook (PDF)

Through its modulations, the Infinite demonstrates The parameters of possibilities. The succession of day and night Is the touchstone of the universe; Now sitting in judgement on you, Now setting a value on me. But what if you are found wanting. What if I am found wanting. Death is your ultimate destiny. Death is my ultimate destiny.

What else is the reality of your days and nights, Besides a surge in the river of time, Sans day, sans night. Frail and evanescent, all miracles of ingenuity, Transient, all temporal attainments; Ephemeral, all worldly accomplishments. Annihilation is the end of all beginnings. Annihilation is the end of all ends. Extinction, the fate of everything; Hidden or manifest, old or new.

Yet in this very scenario Indelible is the stamp of permanence On the deeds of the good and godly. Deeds of the godly radiate with Love, The essence of life, Which death is forbidden to touch. Fast and free flows the tide of time, But Love itself is a tide that stems all tides.

Love is the breath of Gabriel. Love is the heart of Mustafa. Love is the messenger of God.

Love is the Word of God. Love is ecstasy lends luster to earthly forms. Love is the heady wine, Love is the grand goblet. Love is the commander of marching troops.

Love is a wayfarer with many a way-side abode.

Love is the plectrum that brings Music to the string of life. Love is the light of life. Love is the fire of life. Just the media these pigments, bricks and stones; This harp, these words and sounds, just the media.

The miracle of art springs from the lifeblood of the artist! A droplet of the lifeblood Transforms a piece of dead rock into a living heart; An impressive sound, into a song of solicitude, A refrain of rapture or a melody of mirth.


The aura you exude, illumines the heart. My plaint kindles the soul. You draw the hearts to the Presence Divine, I inspire them to bloom and blossom. Despite the limit of azure skies, Ordained for this handful of dust. Celestial beings, born of light, Do have the privilege of supplication, But unknown to them Are the verve and warmth of prostration. An Indian infidel, perchance, am I; But look at my fervour, my ardour.

My song is the song of aspiration. My lute is the serenade of longing. Every fibre of my being Resonates with the refrains of Allah hoo! Your beauty, your majesty, Personify the graces of the man of faith. You are beautiful and majestic.

He too is beautiful and majestic. Your foundations are lasting, Your columns countless, Like the profusion of palms In the plains of Syria. Your arches, your terraces, shimmer with the light That once flashed in the valley of Aiman Your soaring minaret, all aglow In the resplendence of Gabriel's glory. The Muslim is destined to last As his Azan holds the key to the mysteries Of the perennial message of Abraham and Moses.

His world knows no boundaries, His horizon, no frontiers. Tigris, Danube and Nile: Billows of his oceanic expanse.

Iqbal pdf poetry allama urdu

Fabulous, have been his times! Fascinating, the accounts of his www. He it was, who bade the final adieu To the outworn order. A cup-bearer is he, With the purest wine for the connoisseur; A cavalier in the path of Love With a sword of the finest steel. A combatant, with la ilah As his coat of mail. Under the shadow of flashing scimitars, 'La ilah' is his protection. Your edifice unravels The mystery of the faithful; The fire of his fervent days, The bliss of his tender nights. Your grandeur calls to mind The loftiness of his station, The sweep of his vision, His rapture, his ardour, his pride, his humility.

The might of the man of faith Is the might of the Almighty: Dominant, creative, resourceful, consummate. He is terrestrial with celestial aspect; A being with the qualities of the Creator.

His contented self has no demands On this world or the other. His desires are modest; his aims exalted; His manner charming; his ways winsome.

Soft in social exposure, Tough in the line of pursuit. But whether in fray or in social gathering, Ever chaste at heart, ever clean in conduct. In the celestial order of the macrocosm, His immutable faith is the centre of the Divine Compass. All else: He is the journey's end for reason, www. An inspiration in the cosmic communion. O, Mecca of art lovers, You are the majesty of the true tenet. You have elevated Andalusia To the eminence of the holy Harem.

Your equal in beauty, If any under the skies, Is the heart of the Muslim And no one else. Ah, those men of truth, Those proud cavaliers of Arabia; Endowed with a sublime character, Imbued with candour and conviction.

Their reign gave the world an unfamiliar concept; That the authority of the brave and spirited Lay in modesty and simplicity, Rather than pomp and regality. Their sagacity guided the East and the West. In the dark ages of Europe, It was the light of their vision That lit up the tracks.

A tribute to their blood it is, That the Andalusians, even today, Are effable and warm-hearted, Ingenuous and bright of countenance. Even today in this land, Eyes like those of gazelles are a common sight. And darts shooting out of those eyes, Even today, are on target. Its breeze, even today, Is laden with the fragrance of Yemen.

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