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Fiitjee study material pdf

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IIT JEE FIIT JEE STUDY MATERIAL - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. FIIT JEE So never even think of missing any class at fIITJEE. materials · -- JEE · Home / JEE MATERIALS / FIITJEE RANKERS STUDY MATERIALS FIITJEE PHYSICS RSM(this link is given by mihir chopra at leadest). FIITJEE RANKERS RESONANCE STUDY MATERIALS PDF. (Rankers Study Material = Comprehensive Study Material + Computer Based All India FIITJEE Students from Study Material Programs & Test Series Programs.

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The files are available in PDF format. I downloaded many study materials from there and the site is not fake. I suggest those who are interested can check the. These include study material from FIITJEE, Arihant, and Physic. and high quality study material for JEE Mains and advanced in PDF Format. FIITJEE Ranker's Study material - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online. FIITJEE Ranker's Study Material.

E-mail ID. Anglo Indian. Happy downloading! When we consider all the free electrons, their random motion averaqeto zero and make no contributTon to thedri ft. Flow of' electric charge constitutes electric current.

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Subscribe to: When connected to a battery, the free electrons get accelerated due to the electric field set up by the battery and. However, the passage is not smooth and the electrons collide with the lattice ions in which the ultimate gainer of energy is the ion.

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As we know the temperature of a body is related with the energy of vibrations. The loss of energy of electrons incoUision and their acceleration by the electric field, finally, results in drifting of electrons in a particular dlrectlon. Although the actual motion of electrons is erratic, the overall effect is of drifting of electrons.

The motion of the conduction electrons in an electric field E is thus a combination of the motion due to random collisions and that due to E. When we consider all the free electrons, their random motion averaqeto zero and make no contributTon to thedri ft.

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Thus, the drift speed is only due to the effect of the electric field on the electrons. If an electron of mass m is placed in an electric field of magnitude E, the electron will experience an acceleratlon given by Newton's second law.

Each electron will then start off fresh after every encounter, moving off in a random direction. In the average time 1: Wh,t is the-direction and magnitude of current? Physics Ne 1.

FIITJEE Ranker's Study material

The current flows from B to A. A copper wire of cross-section 2 mm2 carries a current of 30 A. Also, prove that Vd is very small compared to it. Now, each Cu atom contributes one electron. I ' --' The constant 'R' is called resistance of the conductor. Ohm's Law is not universal O. Conductor obeying Ohm's law are called Ohmic conductors.

However, resistance is always defined as the ratio VII. For a conductor of cross-sectional area A, resistance between the sections A and B separated by length 1!

Material fiitjee pdf study

Exercise 2. New Delhi - , Ph: To calculate current through the conductor, we have to calculate effective resistance between its two ends. So, we will consider the. R2 dx.. R A cylindrical conductor of length l and inner and outer radii radius R1 and R2 has specific reslstance p.

A cell of emf B is connected across the two lateral faces inner and outer of the conductor. Find the current drawn from the cell. Instead, it depends on temperature. As temperature increases. At any temperature t, p is given by the following expression. Also, ex. PolH p dT Specific resistance of the material.

The circuit is completed by using a battery B , a rheostat Rh , a key K and a galvanometer ,G. The balancinQ!

Study pdf fiitjee material

B Rh k Here, P represents the resistance of the wire while 0 represents the resistance in the resistance box. Physics 15 CRPCurrent Electricity where r is radius of the wire and L is length ofthe wire r is measured using a screw gauge whil-e Lis measured with a scale. Errors The major systematic errors in this experiment are due to the heating effect, end corrections introduced due to shift of the zero of the scale at A and 8, and stray resistances in P and Q, and errors due to non-uniformity of the meter bridge wire.

Exercise 4 Error analysis: End corrections can be estimated by including known resistances P1 and Q1 in the two ends and finding the null point: In order that ex.


It is a Wheatstone Bridge with three arms P, 0 and R; while the fourth arm s is the unknown resistance. P and Q are known as the ratio arms while R is known as the rheostat arm. The resistance in the rheostat arm is now adjusted so that the galvanometer deflection is in one direction. Thus, the resistance S can be accurately measured.

Errors The major sources of error are the connecting wires, unclear resistance plugs, change in resistance due to Joule heating, and the insensitivity of the Wheatstone bridge. These errors may be removed by using thick connecting wires, clean plugs, keeping the circuit on for very , brief periods to avoid Joule heating and calculating the sensitivity, In order that the sensitivity is maximum, the resistance in the arm P is kept close to the value of the resistance S.

Resistance of a conductor is 1. Find the resistance at ooe and ,oe. Given the coefficient of resistivity is a. At a junction in a circuit the total incoming current is equal to the total outgoing current. In other words, the algebraic sum of the currents at a junction is zero.

A junction in a circuit is neither a sink nor a source of charge. The algebraic sum of the potential drop around any closed path is zero. Hence, for the. R -IR o For an emf source, the potential changes will be obtained as illustrated below: Ph; , , Fax: M N Case I Solution: Case I: VA - VB: F A 30 Solution: Resistors AF and FE are in series with each other.

Therefore, network AEF reduces to a parallel combination of two resistors of 6 0 each. Resistance between A and B is given by. Electrical energy delivered.

An electrical current flowing through conductor produces heat in it. This is known as Joule's effect.

Pdf material fiitjee study

The combination is connected across a volt source of emf. Which bulb i will glow brighter?

Material fiitjee pdf study

Maximum power transfer theorem In a circuit, for what value of the external resistance would the maximum power be drawn from a battery? Current Electricity Physics A copper wire having a cross-seetional area of 0. If a current of 10 A is set up in this wire, a find the time in which the wire starts melting.

Therefore, the wire will start melting in the same time. D Solution: Hence, the central resistance labelled 'C' can be assumed as ineffective. The polarity of how many cells should be reversed so that the current becomes 1 3 rd of the earlier value? What is the most effective way of grouping them? Now, 'C' is getting charged. If the charge on capacitor at time 't' is q, writing the loop rule, 1 S R q. Numerically, it is equal to RC. It has negligible resistance. Ammeter It is an instrument used to measure currents.

It is put in series with the branch in which current is to be. An ideal ammeter has zero resistance.