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After installing the game, select Ubisoft/Prince of Persia: Warrior. Within/Play Prince of Persia: Warrior Within from your computer's. Start menu or double-click the. Walk-through: This section provides a complete walk-through for Prince of Persia: Warrior Within. Inside you'll find combat tips for specific. For Prince of Persia: Warrior Within on the PC, GameFAQs has 10 FAQs (game guides and walkthroughs).

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See our member submitted walkthroughs and guides for Prince of Persia: Warrior Within. Help for Prince of Persia: Warrior Within on GameCube, PC. Free Prince of Persia: Warrior Within game guide. Ben Zackheim If you're a " complete" member, you get the guide in pdf format. SCROLL TO. Prince of Persia 2 at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and strategies. Welcome to the Prince of Persia: Warrior Within wiki guide.

Use acrobatic attacks to defeat the next squad of enemies. Roll through the open door after pressing this floor switch. Sacrifical Chamber. Hop onto the ledge to the left in the entry hall to find an artwork chest. Clock Tower.

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Follow the dark path or use the light. Remember Me Forgot Password. Sign Up. Guides Cheats Answers Forums. What's New on SuperCheats? Prince of Persia: Crush the acrobatic enemies that appear here.

Also, note this location for much later in the game. You may even encounter an enemy on the beam. Leap backward to the beam. As you cross the beam, an acrobatic enemy drops on the opposite side. Dodge her attack with a jump then counter immediately. Jump to the curtain and ride it down to the opened passage.

Proceed through the new route. Drop off the ledge and spot the curtain underneath. Drop onto the curtain and ride it toward the bottom. Leap to the shorter beam then across to the adjacent beam. Hop over to another small beam before landing into the next passage.

When you land, roll across the floor trap. Bust some containers to gain sand before saving your game at the fountain. You spot Shadhee and an unknown woman engaged in battle. You must battle Shadhee again. Her attacks remain essentially the same; though she employs a damaging kick that tears through your blocks.

Utilize your power to recall time if you suffer significant damage. Break them to recover some sand. If you move away from the battle, Shadhee will move to the woman and resume kicking.

If you go for the sand containers, you must return quickly; if the woman falls to her death, the game ends in failure. Block her attacks then counter with your own assault. When she unleashes the uppercut, counter with your own series of primary and secondary weapon strikes.

If she turns her back to you and goes for the unknown woman, assault with a combination strike. Press attack quickly to gain the upper hand. Be careful around the edges. After the battle, the room crumbles and the woman you saved escapes the chamber through an alternate route. Before leaving the sacrificial altar, go up the stairs and find an artwork chest.

Also, grab and pull the altar toward the stairs. This opens a secret passage. Follow the passage to reach your first life upgrade. Roll over the floor spikes and dodge the pole traps. Roll under the spinning blades. At the large gap in the floor, run along the right wall when the blade moves toward the top of the screen. Roll under the final pole traps to reach the life upgrade. Hop onto the broken column on the right side of the chamber facing the altar.

Leap to the ledge. Traverse it to the right and jump to the bar. Swing on the bar and leap to the ledge above. Jump to the left to the adjacent ledge. Hop to the bar then swing on the bar and jump off the wall to reach the bar overhead. Swing on the overhead bar to reach the platform on the left. Jump up and grab the rope. Hold the special action button to run along the wall while holding the rope.

Press action to let go and run toward the beam. From the beam, leap to the walkway then save your game at the fountain on the left. Break nearby containers to replenish your sand tanks. Run to the ledge across from the fountain and drop and hang off. Drop to the beam straight below. Walk on the beam toward the column and continue to the right. From the end of the beam, leap to the ledge on the column.

Traverse around to the left then jump to the bar. Swing to the next narrow ledge. Jump up twice then shimmy to the right and onto the upper walkway. Hop onto the debris and climb the rope. Leap from the rope to the bar switch. Jump from the switch back to the rope and descend. While standing the edge of the platform run along the left wall to the balcony.

Jump up to the rope and use it to reach the next pathway in the corner. Enter the circular chamber on the right and battle a couple acrobatic enemies. Return to the previous balcony and throw the enemies off.

In the circular room, run up the back wall and grab hold of the upper ledge. Swing to the next highest bar. Turn around on the bar and swing to the next higher bar. Swing again to reach the next passage. Break some containers for sand before jumping up to the ledge along the right side of the wall. Jump up to the next ledges and hop to the bar. While hanging from the lower bar, you need to swing toward the wall and jump off the wall to reach the upper bar.

Turn around again and swing from the bar to reach the ledge. Avoid the pole trap by dropping and holding onto the ledge. Shimmy to the left underneath the pole trap. Wait until the pole trap moves away again then pull up and continue into the hallway. Around the corner a couple blades guard the wall.

Walkthroughs for Prince of Persia: Warrior Within

Run along the right wall to the rope when the blade moves up. Leap to the opposite rope and use it to reach the far ledge. Run along the wall when the blade moves near the bottom of its run. You may have to adjust your rope run to get the blade in the right spot. Maneuver through the pole traps around the corner wait for an opening in the center and enter the time travel room.

Drink from the fountain to replenish health and save your progress. Upon entering new time travel rooms, you must activate the portal by inputting the correct four-button sequence. This time travel room must be activated. To activate the room, you must toggle the four switches in the room in the appropriate order. If you press a switch out of order, the entire sequence resets.

Figure out the first switch, then the second, then the third, and finally the fourth. For traveling through time you receive arguably the best power in the game, Eye of the Storm. You can now slow down time temporarily, which will help you circumvent traps as well as become more powerful during combat situations. Exit the chamber save your game again if you wish. Roll over the floor spikes and past the pole traps. Run along the left wall to the next platform. Drop off its back side and down to ledges underneath.

Break containers in the corner to recover sand. You must use the Eye of the Storm power to slow down time so you can reach the door before it closes. Activate the floor switch then tap the slow time button.

Run and roll under the door before it closes. Enjoy your power while time remains slow by assaulting the two guards ahead.

Hang off the ledge and drop to the platform below. A brief cut scene reveals the Dahaka for the first time. Turn around to face the opposite direction. Run along the right wall to reach the beam. Pull up onto the beam and leap to the next one. Walk to the end of the beam and jump to the rope against the wall. Run with the rope and use it to reach the bar. Swing to the next bar and finally the walkway ahead. Jump and grab hold of the beam. Pull yourself up on top and leap to the column across from the curtain.

Shimmy to the right so your back is to the curtain. Jump to the curtain, slide down, and jump back to the beam below. Shimmy around to right and swing to reach the platform. Jump down and battle the guards. Toss the acrobatic women off of the edge and use your own acrobatic combo attacks against the others. One of the tougher skills in the game is the rebound jump. Sometimes the only way to reach a high ledge is to jump back and forth between two walls.

At the far side of the room, turn right and hop up onto the ledge. You must reach a high bar. To do so, run against the wall and jump back toward the column.

Continue to jump as you hit each surface to work your way up until you reach the column. Leap backward to the niche in the wall then perform another series of jumps to continue even higher. Pull up and hop to the opening in the wall. Climb up into the hallway. Drink from the fountain to save your game. Leap over the gap and exit onto the rampart to have your first close encounter with the Dahaka.

The Dahaka pursues close behind and you must quickly, yet carefully, traverse a series of obstacles to remain ahead of the creature. The slightest hesitation and the Dahaka could reach your position and end your game. Perform the following moves to evade the Dahaka during this chase:. Bust the barrels to clear a path. Ascend the stairs and slaughter the enemy at the top. Hang off the edge and drop down to the path below.

Leap from the column to the platform and enter the next chamber. Run along the right wall and slide down the curtain and drop to the floor. Search the bottom area for containers holding sand and a weapon rack if you need a secondary weapon.

Free Prince of Persia: Warrior Within game guide

Hop up the nearby column and run up its edge to reach the column. Shimmy to the left to reach the walkway above. The Dahaka is relentless. You must perform a near-flawless series of moves to evade his grasp. Traverse and shimmy around to the left so you circumvent the hole.

Drop onto solid ground on the opposite side. As soon as you drop down, the Dahaka returns. Flee the Dahaka by performing the following moves. The wall of water protects you from the Dahaka. Walk to the edge to travel through time and return to the past. Use the save fountain to save your progress. Exit the time travel chamber and maneuver past the pole trap and the wall blades.

He appears to attack you before running off. Search the room for a weapon rack if you need a secondary weapon. Climb the column to its top and jump to the ledge. Shimmy to the left and onto the walkway. Leap to the ledge and traverse it around to the left and hop onto the opposite walkway. Run along the right wall to hit the switch. Slide down the curtain and exit through the open door. You now have the Eye of the Storm and can slow down that grate.

You may have noticed this floor switch earlier in the game. Press the switch, slow time with Eye of the Storm, and then roll through the open grate to reach a passage to a life upgrade.

Hit the floor switch and use Eye of the Storm to slow time. Ascend the stairs and roll under the open grate. Roll over the floor spikes and past the spinning blade and crusher.

Continue around the corner and similar traps. Reach the end to automatically receive your second life upgrade. Retrace your steps out of the hall. When you reach the grate, run up the wall to the switch to open it and roll through. Return down to ground level and enter the passage containing a couple pole traps. Maneuver between the pole traps and roll under the pole moving up and down.

Skirt through the third trap and reach a save game fountain. Round the corner and snag a weapon from the rack if desired.

Battle the black mist creatures by rolling close and using an acrobatic combination. Utilize the Eye of the Storm power against these multiple enemies.

After ascending the stairs, roll under the spinning blade. Leap to the ledges and traverse them to the right to reach the next passageway. Kill the creature and roll under more spinning blades. Crush the enemies can toss them off the path too and reach the far side. Save your game at the fountain and pick up a weapon from the rack if needed. Ascend the stairs and reach the next pole trap. Roll under each trap while the pole is at its peak.

Roll under the spinning blade at the top. At the next gap, wait until the two pole traps separate before running along the right wall. Duck under another blade trap and reach the next gap. The gap is far too long to just run along the wall. Plus a couple pole traps appear when you move to the edge. Wait until the lower pole trap moves away from your position then run along the left wall. At the end of your run, jump to the ledge on the right side of the corridor.

Depending on where the pole trap is, either walk to the right to avoid damage or leap to the ledge above and stand above the trap. This sequence is found on the path to the Hourglass Chamber Now you must maneuver under the upper pole trap. When the lower pole is behind your position, drop off the ledge and shimmy to the left.

Drop onto the next hallway. Roll under the spinning blades including another at the top of the stairs. Climb the ladder on the left and jump backward to the wall switch. Hang on the switch until it drops to open the nearby door. Drop from the switch and use the Eye of the Storm power to slow time so you can roll into the Hourglass Chamber. You must activate a mechanical and garden tower to unlock the mechanism that bars the throne room. The new sword is the Serpent Sword and offers a new four-strike combination.

Save your game at the fountain as you leave the Hourglass Chamber and search the right wall facing the exit to find an artwork chest. The lever inside the central hall controls access to the two towers. Retrace your steps to the central hall. Pull down the switch on the wall to open the exit and roll through before the door closes.

Traverse the same traps you just bypassed to reach the Hourglass Chamber. At the pole trap over the gap, grab the ledges and shimmy underneath while the lower pole trap moves away. Pull up on the other side. At the far right side, leap to the opposite ledge and pull yourself up to the upper niche. Bypass the final set of spinning blade and pole traps as you return to the central hall.

Find the lock on the floor and approach it to automatically place in the key. Eliminate the enemies that arrive. This central hall provides access to the towers, the Hourglass Chamber, and even the sacrificial altar if you wish to backtrack there for the original life upgrade. Before you proceed into a tower, take time to hunt down a life upgrade. Adjust the lever so it points toward the route to the Hourglass Chamber the lever closes the gap toward that path.

While you stand at the lock and facing the Hourglass Chamber route, drop onto a platform on the left side. Hang onto the edge and jump to the left and back to the right repeatedly to safely descend to the platform below.

At the bottom, drop down to another platform below. Turn left while facing the abyss. Run along the left wall. At the top, face the abyss and spot the entrance just diagonal and below your position.

Run and jump to that entrance. Hit jump just as you reach the edge so you make the distance. Once inside the hall, roll over the floor spikes and between and under the pole traps. At the staircase, avoid the spinning blade and run along the right wall to go over the pole. Round the corner to reach the life upgrade. After gaining the upgrade, return to the central hall.

From your current ledge, jump straight across to the adjacent ledge. Run up the wall and rebound jump up the two walls until you reach the top. Return to the hall. Traverse the series of ledges and platforms to find the passage into the mechanical tower.

Hop over the gap toward the Hourglass Chamber. Destroy the weapon rack on the left side. Run along the right wall and jump at the end to reach the left platform. Run along the right wall again to reach a series of ledges. Ascend the ledges to the top. Jump backward to reach the platform behind you. Run up the wall to grab hold of the ledge. Spot the entrance. Before leaping to the entrance, jump to the platform in the right corner to find an artwork chest.

Proceed through the entrance. Pull down the switch then use the Eye of the Storm power to roll under the spinning blades and through the open door. Jump over the gap. Reach the back wall with the candles. Run up the side wall and rebound jump to the top. Wait until the blades separate before running to the ladder. Ascend the ladder. At the top, jump backward to the ledge. Shimmy to the right until your back is to the hallway.

Jump backward to reach the hallway. Pull up and avoid the crushers. Look for ledges below to drop down onto so you can reach solid ground.

Descend the stairs and battle the guards in the bottom room. Crush them with acrobatic combo attacks. Walk onto the ledge in the back end of the room. Traverse the ledge as far as possible to the left. Drop down to the ledge below then drop and hang on. Shimmy to the left and drop two more ledges. Drop down and enter the next chamber. Defeat a series of guards that enter the room. Use your acrobatic combos and slice open the enemies to release sand so you can replenish your tank.

Once you have defeated all guards, a powerful golem storms into the room. If the golem attempts to stomp or swipe at you, roll to avoid the attack. Roll into position behind the golem and strike his legs until the golem drops to the ground. After the battle, search the room for containers holding sand.

Exit through the opposite doorway. Look to the right of the stairs to find an artwork chest. Run up the wall to activate the switch; it raises a platform in an alcove to the right.

Activate the Eye of the Storm if necessary. Get onto the platform then run up the wall to the ledge. Pull up into the room above where you can save your game. This mechanism is moving really fast! Invoke Eye of the Storm to make this jump more manageable. Turn around from the fountain and face the spinning--rather fast actually--mechanism. Walk onto the beam then use the Eye of the Storm ability to slow time so you can safely jump as the mechanism spins.

Drop off the beam and battle a group of enemies, including the appearance new creature that explodes upon death. Toss the enemies off of the bridge or pound them with combination attacks. Turn left on the platform and face the think column-like pistons. Leap from the last column toward the wall and land on the beam. Hop from the beam to the platform to the right. Run up the wall to hit the switch. When the platform moves away, run along the right wall and grab hold of the platform.

Leap from the platform to the bar. Swing from the bar into the alcove. The lever in this alcove controls the direction of the bar you just swung from. Turn the lever 90 degrees counter-clockwise; note that it moves the bar you just used.

Jump to this bar. Start swinging and wait for the next bar to lower into position. Jump to the next bar and finally the railing. These beasts explode upon death after around three hits. When you strike the beast, hop away using the action button quickly to avoid blast damage. Jump up to the bar switch to raise a platform behind you. Proceed onto the platform and battle more exploding beasts. Spot the small overhead beam on the left. Jump up and pull yourself onto the beam.

Pulling down this bar switch raises a platform behind you. Jump across to the next beam. Jump up to the top ledge. Shimmy around to the left until you can drop inside the alcove. Crush the enemy inside and find the artwork chest in the corner.

Within pdf prince of warrior persia guide

Climb the ladder. Jump backward onto the railing. Continue left and drop down and hang so you can shimmy to the left. Pull up and jump to the bar.

Face the alcove and the spinning wall. Jump into the alcove. Turn it clockwise to start a nearby gear. Exit the alcove to the left and leap to the bar. Swing from the bar to the gear you started.

Ride the gear around to the opposite side and jump backward to the bar. Swing on the bar into the alcove. You can defeat the creature easily by tossing your secondary weapon in its direction. Hit the wall switch to cause a wall to turn in your direction. Run along the wall and jump to that turned wall use Eye of the Storm if necessary. Ride it to the other side then leap to the ledge.

Drop down onto the path.

Defeat the exploding beasts and pick up a secondary weapon from the rack if needed. Take a right into the alcove. Break the barrels to regain some sand and to make a path for your wall run. Now run up the wall and jump back toward the bar switch. This raises another platform outside. If you move all the way to the left, you can find an artwork chest in this corner alcove. Cross onto that platform and battle the exploding beasts.

Jump up to the beam on the right. Walk out onto the edge and slow time with the Eye of the Storm power. Jump to the next beam while avoiding the spinning mechanism. Jump from the beam to the ledge toward the next beam. Shimmy to the right and pull up. Jump to the ledge above.

Of warrior within persia guide pdf prince

Continue to the left toward the next hall. Enter the hallway and roll under the spinning blade. To avoid the next trap, slow time and hop onto the crusher. Run along the right wall over the pole traps. Avoid the crusher on the opposite side. Navigate through the next pole trap and down stairs to the wall switch. Instead, run up the left wall to reach the niche. Drop down and roll through the door on the right.

Descend the staircase into the next room. Battle the stronger enemies below. Also, use the Eye of the Storm if necessary and unleash primary and secondary weapon combos.

Prince of Persia: Warrior Within Walkthrough

Save one sand tank, however. This wall switch raises a platform that drops back down very quickly. Use Eye of the Storm for help. Spot the wall switch to the right of the entrance. Hockey Stick - Past. Head down to the third life-upgrade and crack the wall next to the doorway. The hockey stick increases the damage of the Prince's attacks. Pink Flamingo - Present.

Go to the Water Maiden room and ledge past the large rock on the balcony. Jump to the opposite side and activate the wall switch.

The retractable platform lets the Prince access the small platform on the opposite side of the room, where the wall is. Rayman Fist - Present. This is the only weapon the Prince does not need a Scorpion Sword for, but is far more danagerous to get since you must get it as the Dahaka is chasing the Prince.

After pulling out the first of three weights to raise the tomb to escape, the Prince may take either a left or right at a fork to the subsequent weights.

The left path the one with the rolling obstacles has the secret weapon in a small niche before the first rolling obstacle. It is on the left and behind the camera, so you may want to use Slow Time to give yourself some room for error. Light Sword - Past. Mystic Caves as the Sand Wraith only. This weapon is in the room past the room with the fog cut-scene. A single floor switch in a pit has the breakable wall. Be warned that the light sword will drain the Prince's life when it strikes enemies.

Life-Upgrades Life Upgrade 1 - Past. Sacrifical Chamber. After fighting the girl in black a second time, pull the large altar on ground level of the sacrificial chamber to reveal a secret door.

Go through the trapped hallway and bag the life upgrade. If you miss this, you can still get it as a Sand Wraith or by rotating the turnstile switch in the platform device room to 12 o'clock and braving the altar hall again.

Life Upgrade 2 - Past. Courtyard Area. This is after Slow Time is earned. From the room where the Prince has a cut-scene with the maggot man creature, head back out into the large courtyard like room with a timed floor switch next to some stairs. This floor switch opens a low gate at the top of the same set of stairs. Go through that low gate for the trapped hallway and life upgrade. You can get this upgrade as long as you have access to the Central Hall and the surrounding areas.

Life Upgrade 3 - Past. This is after the Serpent Sword is earned. Rotate the turnstile switch directly opposite the facing of the Serpent Sword switch to create platforms to a door at the bottom of the chasm. Use long wall jumping to slow the Prince's descent down to the level of the door.

Past that door is the trapped hallway and life upgrade. This is the easiest life-up to get and can be earned almost any time the Prince is headed to the throne room for one purpose or another. Life Upgrade 4 - Past. When exploring the Garden Tower, look for a room that is overgrown with vegatation and is the vicinity of a box and folding bridge puzzle.

A break in the fencing in the vegetation room allows the Prince to drop off and use ledges to access a door below. The life upgrade is past the trapped hallway. This upgrade is permanently barred from the Prince after fighting the Empress the first time.

Life Upgrade 5 - Past. In the second area of the Garden Tower where the Prince needs to turn statues to get to a "turn the water on" switch. In the room with the turnstile switch that actually turns on the water, wall run up to the trapped hallway and bag the life upgrade. The Prince can get this life-up as long as he can reach the Statue Turning room.

Prince of Persia: Warrior Within – Guides and FAQs

Life Upgrade 6 - Past. When exploring the Clock Tower, look for the third golem that throws explosives. One breakable wall is a save fountain, but a second breakable wall on the other end of the room leading to the life upgrade. Head left at this illustration to find the wall. Life Upgrade 7 - Past.