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Seduced in the Dark book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. BOOK TWO OF THE DARK DUETThe exciting, titillating, and act. The long awaited sequel to Captive in the Dark: Seduced in the Dark What is the price of redemption? The road has been By CJ Roberts Display preferences. The long awaited sequel to Captive in the Dark: Seduced in the Dark What is the price of redemption? The road has been long and fraught with.

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Read Seduced in the Dark (The Dark Duet #2) online free from your iPhone, iPad , android, Pc, Mobile. Seduced in the Dark is a Romance novel by C.J. Roberts. Author: Roberts C J. downloads Views KB Size Report. DOWNLOAD EPUB Seduced By Darkness (Dark Realm, Book 2) · Read more. Seduced in the Dark - C. J. Roberts - dokument [*.pdf] Seduced in the Dark CJ Roberts You had me at 'I read Captive in the Dark as a result of losing a bet'.

Sherrie Swan-thomas. Your E-mail: Not as handsome as Caleb. Cris Caldwell reviewed on on Oct. I was so lost in the story within the first few pages I completed it that day.

I stayed up until 3: No, Captive takes all of those disturbing things about dominance and [submission] that makes you cringe and just strips them bare until you have the most basic of animalistic behaviors left to contend with. And I think, to find the good, maybe even the love, in that Questions about this project?

Check out the FAQ. Ebook versions of all three of my short stories: AND an autographed Seduced in the Dark postcard. Orders will be fulfilled when funding project closes. You will NOT be charged until project is successful. Autographed copy of Seduced in the Dark, first print and numbered.

The Bus View: S - XL runs small Will contact for size before ordering. Mindfuck View: S - XL Will contact for size before ordering. Promise View: Taylor Rhone.

Cj pdf roberts seduced the in dark

Are yoy able to upload book 3. Muna Ahmed. Book 3 please. Sheena Roberts. Ann Nielsson. Can you upload it in ePub. Kim Stewart. Sarah Emseralda. Please upload Epilogue book 3. Ella Chaves replied to Taylor. Taylor , http: Ella Chaves replied to Sarah. I cry. Loud, horrible, sounds come out of me, so violent they shake my whole body. I want Caleb.

I get drugs instead. The food comes through a tube while I sleep. I want to leave this place. I close my eyes and open them slowly. Caleb is standing over me.

My heart races and tears of pure joy flood my eyes. His face is warm, his smile broad. A familiar tingle spreads throughout my belly and creeps down toward my pussy making it swell and throb. My mouth is unbelievably dry. My tongue feels heavy and dead in my mouth. My lips seem to have fared no better. The tube they have been using to feed me is crammed up my left nostril and fed down the back of my throat. It itches. It hurts. I feel it every time I swallow and it tastes of antiseptic.

I frown. He loves restraints. Really wrong.

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I am not Olivia. Janice Sloan. Your friend Nicole reported your abduction. Your mother has been very worried. I can practically feel my skin crawling. Stop talking to me. There will be more questions, the same questions, and this time I might have to answer them. They keep me strapped down and pumped full of drugs; they say I tried to hurt my nurse.

I tell them they tried to hurt me first.

Seduced in the Dark (Book 2, The Dark Duet)

I never asked to be brought to the hospital. I was fairly certain he was dead. I should know — I killed him. Not from her. She reaches her hand out to touch mine and I instantly recoil. The harsh clang of my hands smacking against the railing of my bed is like a threat of violence. I am more than willing to inflict violence if she tries to touch me again.

Pdf roberts dark cj in seduced the

She holds up both her hands and steps away. My breathing begins to settle and the black ring surrounding my vision dissipates, until the world is once again in high definition, color. There is a man with her. He cocks his head and stares at me like I am a riddle he wants to solve. The look is heartbreakingly familiar. I roll my head toward the window, staring at the light filtering through the horizontal blinds.

Seduced in the Dark: The Dark Duet (Volume 2) by CJ Roberts — Kickstarter

My stomach clenches. His name whispers through my mind. He used to look at me that way. I wonder why, since he seemed so capable of reading my mind. My body aches. I miss him. I miss him so much. I feel tears again, sliding down the corners of my eyes. Memories assault me, but I fight them. Please, Olivia.

Sloan says. My panic is rising. Already my chest is heaving and the world is black around the edges.

Seduced in the Dark

Tears choke me around the tube in my throat. The fucking pain of the post-Caleb world is endless. I knew it would be. Stay away. I want her to stop. I want them all to go away — this woman, the man in the corner, my mother, my siblings, even Nicole. Go away, go away, go away.

I scream bloody fucking murder. I am bound, like a caged animal on display. I can never tell them.


This pain is mine to keep. I scream and scream and scream until someone rushes in and presses all my magic buttons. The drugs take over. I am literally holding myself hostage. Maybe I am crazy.

Maybe I belong here. The bruises on my wrists and ankles are an angry shade of purple. I suppose I fought pretty hard. I miss the restraints. In a way, they allowed me the freedom to writhe and flail. They gave me something and someone to fight against.

Without them…I feel like a traitor. No longer a prisoner, I seem to be allowing them to keep me here. I eat when they bring me food, to keep me from having that fucking tube in my nose. I shower when they say I must.