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I embrace the irony that Harry, Sally and I are all 'other' Sally's (seemingly) having' (When Harry Met Sally, ). Finally, all the PDF. Man: I was sitting with my friend Arthur Cornrom in a restaurant. It was an cafeteria and this beautiful girl walked in and I turned to Arthur and I said, "Arthur, you. When Harry Met Sally. Uploaded by Kody All Rights Reserved. Download as PDF or read online from Scribd ayofoto.info Uploaded by.

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When Harry Met Sally. Characters. Harry (Burns) PDF of original script http:// ayofoto.info Searchable script. This is the story of two cute people, Harry and Sally, who meet for the first time in when they find themselves driving together from Chicago to. New York. Today is Day 21 and the featured screenplay is for the movie When Harry Met Sally. You may download a PDF of the script here.

It's an eighteen hour trip which breaks down into six shifts of three hours each or alternatively we couldb reak it down by mileage. Forget about what? When I was I knew lots of nice single men. Not that I would noticed. You know I have a theory that Hieroglyphics are really an ancient comic strip about a character named Sphinxie.

Can men and women be friends or does sex always get in the way? For the infamous orgasm scene, the original script called for just Harry and Sally to talk about women faking an orgasm, until Meg Ryan suggested that Sally actually fake an orgasm at the table.

Rob Reiner loved the idea and put it into the script. At least I say that. Same goes with When Harry Met Sally. I had really low expectations when I went to see the movie when it first came out.

Harry sally when pdf met

And of course, loved it. We know little about the backgrounds of Harry or Sally, and nothing much happens except the couple falls in love. And yet, somehow the story works. Sure, the dialogue sparkles as one would expect from a Nora Ephron penned script.

But the key, I think, is that the movie stays laser targeted on the central question of the story, right there one of the taglines: Can two friends sleep together and still be love each other in the morning? That is a subtext that plays out through all of Act One and most of Act Two until they do, indeed, sleep together. The movie is an interesting interplay of two quite different world views as represented by Harry and Sally, and almost all just that.

Female viewers and male viewers get to project themselves into those worlds views to experience the tension between the two. Like it means something is missing from their relationship and "why do you have to go outside to get it?

Then when you say, "no no no no, it's not true nothing's missing from the relationship", the person you're involved with then accuses you of being secretly attracted to the person you're just friends with, which we probably are, I mean, come on, who the hell are we kidding, let's face it, which brings us back to the earlier rule before the amendment which is men and women can't be friends, so where does that leave us?

Oh, OK. They both start to walk along the motorised walkway, side by side Harry: I'll just stop walking, I'll let you go ahead. Another old couple on the same couch Man: We were married forty years ago. We were married three years, we got a divorce. Then I married Margerie.

But first you lived with Barbara. Right, Barbara. But I didn't marry Barbara I married Margerie. Then he got a divorce. Right, then I married Kitty. Another divorce. Then a couple of years later at Atticalicio's funeral, I ran into her. I was with some girl I don't even remember. Right, Ruberta. But I couldn't take my eyes off you. I remember I snuck over to her and I said What did I say?

You said, "What are you doing after? So I ditched Ruberta, we go for a coffee, a month later we were married. Thirty five years today after our first marriage. Three women sitting outdoor at a table in a restaurant, nice view overlooking water and willow with skyscrapers faintly visible in the distance Five years have passed since Harry and Sally's last meeting Marie: I went through his pockets in bed. Marie why do you go through his pockets? You know what I found?

No, what? They just bought a dinning room table. He and his wife just went out and spent sixteen hundred dollars on a dinning room table. The point isn't where, Alice. The point is he's never going to leave her! So what else is new you've known this for two years. You're right, you're right, I know you're right.

Why can't you find someone single. When I was I knew lots of nice single men. There must be someone. Sally found someone. Sally got the last good one. Joe and I broke up. At the same time Alice: You waited three days to tell us? You mean Joe's available? Oh for God's sakes Marie don't you have any feelings about this?

She's obviously upset. I'm not that upset, we've been growing apart for quite a while. But you guys were a couple, you had someone to go places with, you had a date on national holidays. I said to myself, "You deserve more than this, you're thirty one years old And the clock is ticking.

No the clock doesn't really start to tick until you're thirty six. God you're in such great shape. Well, I've had a few days to get use to it, and uh I feel OK. Then you're ready. Marie reaches down to bring up her card index Alice: Oh really Marie.

Well how else do you think you do it? To Sally I've got the perfect guy. I don't happen to find him attractive but you might. She doesn't have a problem with chins. Marie, I'm not ready yet. But you just said you were over him.

Pauses Who is it? Alex Anderson. Disgusted Uh! You fixed me up with him six years ago. Alice giggles Marie: Alright, wait, here, here we go, Ken Darmen. He's been married for over a year. Dog-ears the his card Married Oh wait, wait, wait, I got one. OK, but don't wait too long. Remember what happened to David Walsaw? His wife left him and everyone said, "Give him some time, don't move in too fast.

What are you saying? I should get married to someone right away in case he's about to die? At least you could say you were married. I'm saying, that the right man for you might be out there right now, and if you don't grab him someone else will and you'll have spend the rest of your life knowing that someone else is married to your husband.

When did this happen?

Helen comes home from and she said, "I don't know if I want to be married anymore. I'm calm, I say, "Why don't we take some time to think about it, you know, don't rush into anything. Yeah, right. Next day she said she's thought about it, and she wants a trial separation. She just wants to try it, she says, but we can still date. Like this is supposed to cushion the blow. I mean I got married so I can stop dating.

So I don't see where we can still date is any big incentive since the last thing you want to do is date your wife, who's suppose to love you, which is what I'm saying to you, that's when it occurs to me that may be So I say to her, "Don't you love me anymore? Jess shakes his head Harry: Ooo that's harsh. They partake in the Mexican wave Jess: You don't bounce back from that right away.

Thanks Jess. No, I'm a writer, know dialogue and that's particularly harsh. Then she tells me that somebody in her office is going to South America and she can sub-let his apartment. I can't believe this, and the doorbell rings, 'I can sub-let his apartment', the words are still hanging in the air, you know, like in a balloon attached to a mouth. Like in the cartoon. So I go to the door, and there were moving men there.

Now I start to get suspicious. I say, "Helen when did you call these movers? So I asked the movers, "When did this woman book you for this gig? And they're just standing there. Three huge guys, one of them was wearing a T-shirt that says, "Don't mess with Mr.

She says, "A week ago. I said, "You've known for a week and you didn't tell me? And she says, "I didn't want to ruin your birthday. You're say Mr. Zero knew you were getting a divorce a week before you did? Zero know. I can't believe this! I haven't told you the bad part yet.

30 Days of Screenplays, Day 21: “When Harry Met Sally…”

What could be worse than Mr. Zero knowing. It's all a lie. She's in love with somebody else, some tax attorney. She moved in with him. How did you find out? I followed her, I stood outside the building. So humiliating. Tell me about it. Pauses And do you know I knew? I knew the whole time that even though we were happy it was just an illusion and that one day she will kick the shit out of me. Marriages don't break up on a count of infidelity.

It's just a symptom that something else is wrong. Oh really? Well that symptom is fucking my wife. Marie and Sally in a book store. Second floor Marie: So I just happen to see his American Express bill. Well, he was shaving and What if he came out and saw you looking through his briefcase?

You're missing the point, I'm telling you what I found. He just spent a hundred and twenty dollars on a new night gown for his wife. I don't think he's ever going to leave her. No one thinks he's ever going to leave her. Marie saw Harry peering at Sally through the top of his book Marie: Someone is starring at you in personal growth. I know him. You'd like him, he's married. Who is he? Harry Burns, he's a political consultant. He's cute.

When Harry Met Sally BOOK

You think he's cute? How do you know he's married. When was that? Six years ago. So he might not be married anymore. Also he's obnoxious. Uh, this is just like in the movies remember when the lady vanishes and she says to meet the most obnoxious man in the world The most contemptible. And they fall madly in love. Also he never remembers me.

When Harry Met Sally

Sally Allbright. Hi Harry. It is. Marie is already on her way down stairs Sally: Was Marie. How are you? How's Joe? Pauses I hear he's fine. You're not with Joe anymore? We just broke up. Oh, I'm sorry, that's too bad. Long pause So, what about you? I'm fine. How's married life? Not so good. I'm getting a divorce. Oh, sorry. Oh I'm really sorry. Yeah, well, what're you going to do.

What happened with you guys? Harry and Sally now sitting in a empty restaurant, having coffee Sally: When Joe and I started seeing each other we wanted exactly the same thing. We wanted to live together but we didn't want to get married because every time anyone we knew got married it ruined their relationship, they practically never had sex again.

It's true. It's one of those secrets that no one ever tells you. I would sit around with my girlfriends who have kids She didn't even complain about it now that I think about it. She just said it matter-of-fact-ly. She said, they were up all night, they were both exhausted all the time, the kids just took every sexual impulse they had out of them.

Pauses Joe and I use to talk about it and we'd say, we are so lucky we have this wonderful relationship, we can have sex on the kitchen floor and not worry about the kids walking in, we can fly off to Rome on a moment's notice. And then one day I was taking Alice's little girl for the afternoon because I promised I'd take her to the circus, and, we were in the cab playing eye-spy.

Eye-spy mailbox, eye-spy lamppost. And she looked out the window and she saw this man and this woman with these two little kids and the man had one of the little kids on his shoulders and she said, "I spy a family". And I started to cry. You know I just started crying. And the kitchen floor Not once, it's this cold, hard Mexican ceramic tile. Anyway, we talked about it for a long time and I said, "This is what I want. And the thing is I I feel really fine.

I am over him, I mean I really am over him. And that was it for him. That was the most that he could give. And everytime I think about it I am more and more convinced that I did the right thing. Boy you sound really healthy. Harry and Sally walking along in a park Sally: At least I got the apartment. That's what everybody says to me too. But really what's so hard about finding an apartment? What you do is, you read the obituary column.

Yeah, you find out who died, and go to the building and then you tip the doorman. What they can do to make it easier is to combine the obituaries with the real estate section. Say, then you'd have Mr. Klein died today leaving a wife, two children, and a spacious three bedroom apartment with a wood burning fireplace.

They both sound of genuine laughter Harry: You know the first time I met I really didn't like you that much. I didn't like you. Yeah you did, you were just so uptight then.

You're much softer now. You know I hate that kind of remark. It sounds like a complement but really it's an insult. OK, you're still as hard as nails. I just didn't want to sleep with you and you had to write it off as a character flaw instead of dealing with the possibility that it might have something to do with you. What's the statute of limitation on apologies? Ten years. Ooo, I can just get it in under the wire.

Would you like to have dinner with me some time? Are we becoming friends now? Pause yah. A woman friend You know you may be the first attractive woman I have not wanted to sleep with in my entire life. That's wonderful Harry. New old couple again They "cross-talk" all the time, they kind of overlaps each other's speech Man: We were both born in the same hospital. Nineteen twenty one. Seven days apart. In the same hospital.

We both grew up one block away from each other. We both lived in tenements. On the lower east side. On Delancey Street. My family moved to the Bronx when I was ten. He lived on Fordham Road. Hers moved when she was eleven. I lived on a hundred and eighty third Street. For six years she worked on the fifteenth floor as a nurse where I had a practice on the fourteenth floor in the very same building.

I worked for a very prominent neurologist, Dr. We never met. Never met. Can you imagine that? You know where we met? In an elevator. In the ambassador hotel in Chicago Illinois. I was visiting family. He was on the third floor I was on the twelve. I rode up nine extra floors just to keep talking to her. Nine extra floors. A shot of Harry in the office, looking pathetically at one of those bobbing toys that seems to dip its head enough to drink from a glass of water The phone rings, actually the phone is from his apartment as they go about their bedtime phone conversations We see Harry and Sally each carrying out their everyday life.

Work, shopping etc Voices overs Sally answers the phone Sally: You sleeping? No, I was watching Casablanca. Channel please. Thank you, got it. Now you're telling me you will be happier with Victor Laszlo than Humphrey Bogart? When we drove to New York. I never said that, I would never have said that.

Alright, fine. Have it your way. Pause Have you been sleeping? I really miss Helen. May be I coming down with something. Last night I was up at four in the morning watching "Leave it to Beaver" in Spanish. Harry recites some of the Spanish dialogue from Leave it to Beaver.

I'm not well. Well I went bed at seven thirty last night. I haven't don't that since the third grade. Well that's the good thing about depression, gets you rest. I'm not depressed. OK, fine. Do you still sleep on the same side of the bed? I did for a while but now I'm pretty much using the whole bed.

God, that's great. I feel weird when just my legs wanders over. I miss her. I don't miss him, I really don't. No even a little? You know what I miss? I miss the idea of him. May be I only miss the idea of Helen.

No, I miss the whole Helen. Mm, last scene. We see them both looking at the TV, Casablanca playing Harry: Ooo, Ingrid Bergman, now she's low maintenance.

Low maintenance? There are two kinds of women. High maintenance and low maintenance. And Ingrid Bergman is low maintenance? In LM, definitely. Which one am I? You're the worst kind. You're high maintenance but you think you're low maintenance.

When Harry Met Sally

I don't see that. You don't see that? Waiter, I'll begin with a house salad, but I don't want the regular dressing. I'll have the Balsamic vinegar and oil, but on the side. And then the Salmon with the mustard sauce, but I want the mustard sauce, on the side. On the side is a very big thing for you. Well I just want it the way I want it. I know.

High maintenance. Casablanca ends with "I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Mmm, best last line of a movie ever. I'm definitely coming down with something. Probably a twenty four hour tumour they're going around.

You don't have a tumour. If you're so worried go see a doctor. No, he'll just tell me it's nothing. Will you be able to sleep? If not I'll be OK. What will you do? I'll stay up moan. May be I should practice now. Goodnight Harry. Both hang up the phone Sally's light is out Harry keeps moaning I had my dream again, where I'm making love and the Olympic judges are watching. I've nailed the compulsories so this is it, the finals. I got a nine eight from the Canadian, a perfect ten from the American, and my mother disguised as a East German judge gave me a five six.

Must've been the dismount. Well basically it's the same one I've been having since I was twelve. What happens? No it's So tell me.

OK there's this guy. What's he look like. I don't know he just kind of faceless. Faceless guy, OK, then what? He rips off my clothes. Then what happens? And that's it. They stop walking Harry: That's it? A faceless guy rips off your clothes and that's the sex fantasies you've been having since you were twelve. Exactly the same. Well sometimes I vary it a little.

Which part? What I'm wearing. Harry pauses, looks away, starts walking again Sally: They are now inside a building with a very tall ceiling. Harry talking in a funny accent Harry: I have decided that for the rest of the day we are going to talk like this.

Plays along Like this? No, please, to repeat after me. Starting to giggle Pepper. Waiter, there is too much pepper on my paprikash. Sally giggles some more, Harry feeding her the line again Sally: Waiter, there is too much pepper On my papricash. But I would be proud to partake of your pecan pie.

But I would be proud. To partake. Of your pecan, pieeee Pecan pieeee Would you like to go to the movie with me tonight? Would you like to go Shakes his head Not to repeat, please, to answer. Mouth opened, realises something, accent gone Oh, oh. Well I'd love to Harry, but I I can't. Well yah, yah.

Accent stops Really?

Met sally harry pdf when

Yah, well I I was going to tell you about it but I don't know I just I felt strange about it. Well because we've been spending so much time together. Oh I think it's great that you have a date. Sally looks around nervously, may be even a bit struck by the answer.

It's that what you're going to wear? Well, I I don't know, why? I think you should wear skirts more. You look really good in skirts. Sally is looking around again, this time the reaction is a bit more pleasant Harry: You know I have a theory that Hieroglyphics are really an ancient comic strip about a character named Sphinxie.

You know Harry I think you should get out there too. With accent now Oh no I'm not ready. You should. I would not be good for anybody right now. It's time. They are in an apartment I think it's Sally's unrolling a new rug into its place. It was the most uncomfortable night of my life.

See no, it has to go this way. The first day back is always the toughest Harry. We only had one date. How do you know it's not going to get worse? How much worse can it get than finishing dinner having him reaching over pull a hair out of my head and starts flossing with it at the table?

We're talking dream dates compared to my horror. It started out fine, she's a very nice person, and we're sitting and we're talking at this Ethiopian restaurant that she wanted to go to. And I was making jokes, you know like, "Hey I didn't know that they had food in Ethiopia? This will be a quick meal. I'll order two empty plates and we can leave. Yeah, nothing from her not even a smile. So I down shift into small talk, and I asked her where she went to school and she said.

All of a sudden I'm in the middle of this mess of an anxiety attack, my heart is beating like a wild man and I start sweating like a pig. Helen went to Michigan State? No she went to Northwestern, but they're both big-ten schools. I got so upset I had to leave the restaurant. Harry I think this takes a long time. It might be months before we're actually able to enjoy going out with someone new.

And may be longer, before we're actually able to go to bed with someone new. Oh I went to bed with her. You went to bed with her? Harry and Jess practising their batting with coin activated pitching machine Jess: I don't understand this relationship.

You enjoy being with her? You find her attractive? And you're not sleeping with her. You're afraid to let yourself be happy. Why can't you give me credit for this? This is a big thing for me. I never had a relationship with a woman that didn't involve sex. I feel like I'm growing. You finish yet? Hey I got a whole stack of quarters and I was here first. Were not. Was too. Were not! Was too! Big jerk! Little creep! To Jess Where was I? You were growing. It's very freeing. I can say anything to her.

Are you saying you can say things to her you can't say to me? Nah it's just different. It's a whole new perspective. I get the woman's point of view on things.

She tells me about the men she goes out with and I can talk to her about the women that I see. You tell her about other women. Like the other night. I made love to this woman, and it was so incredible, I took her to a place that wasn't human, she actually meowed.

You made a woman meow? That's the point, I can say these things to her. And the great thing is, I don't have to lie because I'm not always thinking about how to get her into bed. I can just be myself. Harry and Sally at a diner Sally: So what do you do with these women, you just get up out of bed and leave?

Well explain to me how you do it. What do you say? You'd say you have an early meeting, early haircut or a squash game. You don't play squash. They don't know that they just met me. That's disgusting. I know, I feel terrible. You know I'm so glad I never got involved with you. I just would've ended up being some woman you had to get up out of bed and leave at three o'clock in the morning and clean your andirons, and you don't even have a fireplace.

Not that I would noticed.

Why are you getting so upset? This is not about you. Yes it is. You are a human affront to all women and I am a woman. Hey I don't feel great about this but I don't hear anyone complaining. Of course not you're out of the door too fast. I think they have an OK time.

Met pdf harry when sally

What do you mean how do I know? Because they Yes, because they And how do you know that they really What are you saying, that they fake orgasm? It's possible. Get outta here!

Most women at one time or another have faked it. Well they haven't faked it with me. Because I know. Oh, right, that's right, I forgot, you're a man. What is that supposed to mean? It's just that all men are sure it never happened to them and that most women at one time or another have done it so you do the math.

You don't think that I could tell the difference? Get outta here. Are you OK? Oh god Ooo Oh God Oh God Oh yeah right there Oh! Yes Yes Yes Oh God Oh Sally finishes, looks at Harry and smiles. Harry looks back, looking a little uneasy Lady from another table: I'll have what she's having. Switches to them dancing at a New Year's eve party Sally: I like you without your beard, you can see your face. Hey it is my face. Woow, dipping you. I really want to thank you for taking me out to night.

Aw don't be silly. The next New Year's eve if neither one of us is with anybody, you got a date. They dance now cheek to cheek Sally: See, now we can dance cheek to cheek. Both of them noticed they are feeling something about this moment. Just as it was getting a little 'Heavy' we hear Out of shot Hey everybody! Ten seconds till New Year!

Sally met pdf harry when

Want to get some air? We hear the crowd counting down the seconds, "Seven, six, five, four, three, two one, Happy New Year! Happy New Year. They kissed, hugged, awkwardly. Another old couple Woman: