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Into the Unknown: The Dungeon Survival Handbook. ™. On Sale May 15th, . Increase the Fun of any Dungeon-Based D&D® Game! Key Features. Dungeon Survival ayofoto.info, , MB. Dungeonscape. pdf, , MB. Elder ayofoto.info, , . LllcI{jfy, tliis Survival Guide was maledjorjust tfiat purpose: to provide adventurers witli $OrM dungeons 6tcome tlu7IfJeons ala wneaCtet antitlit rawgts oftime.

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D&D - The Dungeon Survival Handbook - Free ebook download as PDF File ( .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. Records - Dungeon Survival Guide - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read The Dungeon in Dungeons & Dragons 6 The Demonweb Pits 31 Forgotten Realms - D&D - Grand History of the Realms (OCR). Dungeon Survival Guide (3.x) - This lavishly illustrated guide explores the fantastic Watermarked PDF + Softcover Color Book (Standard).

Your well-chosen words unsettle your opponent, leaving it more susceptible to real damage. Ofcourse, the besl way to avoid these problems is to carry plenty ofwater and rations along with you, and having a cleric inlhe party who can help with spells such as crearefood and waler. Leason and first published In by TSR.: Difficult Terrain: Scholars believe lhat the cult may have been associated with the legendary red dragon Ashardalon. Are you constantly in search of new sights and experiences?

Ember, Female Human Monk Alhandra, Female Human Paladin Soveliss, Male Elven Ranger Hennet, Male Human Sorcerer Nebin, Male Gnome Wizard Dire Rat Goblins Gnoll Grick Orc Twig Blight Displacer Beast Umber Hulk Troll Beholder Celestial Eagle Black Dragon Boxed Set Heroes Boxed Set Monsters Boxed Set Female Human Wizard Male Human Rogue Male Dwarven Cleric Female Human Cleric Male Human Druid Male Elf Fighter Female Human Barbarian Ogre Ranger, Human Female Wizard, Human Male Earth Elemental Air Elemental Fire Elemental Water Elemental Axe Wielding Orc Male Gnome Fighter Your creations are feared by all and coveted by those who need to protect something precious.

Your profession is not a risk-free one. You have suf- fered for your art and are likely to have scars, welts, or even a missing limb. Rare is the trapsmith who has not had a mishap while setting or disarming a trap. You might also bear emotional scars, which, though not visible, can have longer-lasting effects. Starting Feature You can create and disarm elaborate traps, but some- times a simple device is all that's needed to stop an enemy in its tracks.

You gain a trap-making kit 15 lb. If you ever lose the kit, it costs 40 gp to replace. You also gain the trip the trap power. Trip the Trap Trapsmith Attack An enemy's approach triggers a nasty trap you prepared just for this occasion. Encounter Immediate Reaction Melee 1 Requirement: You must have a trap-making kit on your person.

An enemy enters a square adjacent to you. The triggering enemy Attack: Reflex Levell1: Reflex Hit: The target grants combat advantage until the end of your next turn. Additional Features Level 5 Feature Few professions rival the trapsmith's trade for the inherent danger it holds.

You are intimately aware of the threat that any hazard or trap presents, and you have honed your ability to sense when one might be nearby. Level 10 Feature Once you have mastered your trade, you can modify the traps you create on the fly to create specialized effects. You can forgo dice of damage from your trip the trap power for one of the following effects. You choose to forgo the dice after you know you hit, but before you make the damage roll. If you forgo one die of damage, the target falls prone.

If you forgo two dice of damage, the target is dazed until the end of your next turn. Optional Powers Level 2 Utility Power You can rig a simple alarm system to warn your party of intruders. Alarm Trap Trapsmith Utility 1 A few specially enchanted bells can suss out a hidden foe.

You set an alarm trap in one unoccupied square adjacent to you. It lasts until the end of your next extended rest. If an invisible creature enters a square within 5 squares of the trap, the trap is destroyed, and the creature loses invisibility and takes a -1 0 penalty to Stealth checks save ends both.

Level 6 Utility Power You have refined your skills to the point that your simple alarm can surprise and upset those who trigger it. Disorienting Trap Trapsmith Utility 6 You lay a magical trap designed to bewilder an enemy. You set a disorienting trap in one unoccupied square adjacent to you. If an enemy enters a square within 5 squares of the trap, the trap is destroyed, and the enemy and each creature adjacent to it grants combat advantage and falls prone if hit save ends both.

Level 10 Utility Power Sometimes you run into situations that require just a few moments more. It's a Trap! Trapsmith Utility 10 You sense that something bad is about to happen. Daily Immediate Interrupt Close burst 5 Trigger: A hazard, object, or trap within 5 squares of you triggers. You and each ally in the burst Effect: Sample Trapsmith: Thorry the Unlucky 'Always double check. There aoes yer hand-if yer lucky. That Thorry didn't lose his arm and bleed to death earned him the moniker "the Fortunate"-a name he hates.

Wish him good luck, and he winces; comment on a win- ning streak, and he spits a curse. Thorry calls himself "the Unlucky" and believes luck favors him only if he doesn't acknowledge it. Yet he won't admit this idea even to himself, lest luck somehow find out. Origin Story As a young svirfneblin, Thorry had ambitions to be a baker, but the elders noticed he had quick reflexes and steady hands. So he was tasked with rooting out and dismantling traps set by kobolds around his warren, deep in the Fey- dark.

As a trapsmith, you're going to have to deal with someone else's trap at least as often as you set your own. No matter the exact function of a given trap, it falls into one of two categories.

Mechanical devices use physical components, such as tension coils, levers, and special releases that activate when triggered. Even a simple mechanical trap, such as a covered pit, is quite effective. Magical traps are more difficult but can be tailored to specific situations. For example, a rune might trigger a sleep spell only when unidenti- fied intruders enter the warded area.

Disabling a trap doesn't have to mean destroying it. At the OM's discretion, you could make a hard Thievery check to reset a trap that is disabled if its requisite components are still intact. Alternatively, you could repurpose a trap by moving it to a more useful location. In some situations, delaying a trap is just as useful as disabling or destroying it. When time is short, or you face other more pressing threats, you might want to hold off a trap's activation for a few moments until your companions get past.

You can always devote your complete attention to analyzing the trap later. Such a check might be of moderate or hard difficulty for the trap's level, at the OM's discretion. He discovered he had a khack for analyzing traps, a talent that helped him figure out how to disarm one after just a few seconds of study.

Whether a mundane pit or scything blade, or a magical glyph or curse, he could see the patterns and know just what to do to mess up the works.

He was a natural, and thus he unwillingly found his calling. Even the best trapsmith can't handle the strain forever. Mter a decade spent pulling apart kobold traps, losing his fingers along the way, Thorry had had enough. He sneaked away one night and slipped through a portal to the natural world, where he thought to earn a livelihood in a less dangerous profession.

The trouble was, he didn't know how to do anything else. So he ended up hiring himself out to adventuring par- ties as a trapsmith. Figuring that dungeons hold fewer traps than he encountered on the front lines against the kobolds, he hopes to do this job only for a few years and then retire.

Thorry is good at what he does, and despite everything he usually enjoys it. He has come to realize that he is a valued master of his trade, and he makes sure he is rewarded appropriately.

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Values and Motivations Thorry is in this strictly for the money, though he does like to keep his hand in.

He isn't willing to take stupid chances, with retirement so close. When hired on to an adventur- ing team, he bluntly advises the others on the best course of action. If he can pass on even a fragment of his experience and knowledge, he considers himself obligated to make the attempt. He takes pride in his work, though, and once he has started a task, he is unwilling to leave it unfinished. Roleplaying Thorry In your line of work, being a little paranoid is an important survival trait.

You comes across as dour and suspicious to those who have never spoken to you. That trait, along with your matted hair, disfigured hand, and scarred face, make you hard to approach. Those willing to make the effort, though, find you to be excellent company. You like to speak with people, having been a loner for most of your life. You have a dark sense ofhumor and tell quirky stories about your prior employment. Though you hope to escape that life forever, you're always willing to help-if the pay is right.

Creating Thorry If you choose to play Thorry, you need not keep him a svirfneblin. He might instead be a surface-dwelling gnome, or per- haps a former kobold trapmaker or a goblin scout making his way in the wider world. His talents are best suited to the rogue class, but the skill set of a ranger also works well for trapsmiths; you could con- sider a hybrid of both. They take on great risk and danger to dig up great riches. Treasure hunters also enjoy the thrill of the chase when seeking out valuable finds, sometimes to the point of addiction, and this adventurous spirit can be contagious.

Finding lost or buried treasure is much harder than it appears at first. Treasure hunters constantly crave more wealth.

They generally learn just enough to find their quarry and care nothing for confirm- ing legends or ancient texts-other than to plunder whatever they refer to. Some, though, learn to love the unique history of the antiquities they seek. Those without a formal education might study a subject related to their quest on their own, even becoming specialists on specific topics.

Treasure hunters are typically self-sufficient. Occa- sionally several work together to meet similar goals, but they do not trust each other. Each views the others as brigands and mercenaries out to steal their finds.

Playing a Treasure Hunter Treasure hunters are viewed as money-grubbing and selfish, for good reason. They are out for fame and fortune, but they aren't necessarily shallow. They bring considerable expertise to dungeon expeditions. Treasure hunters who can operate without seek- ing employment are usually already wealthy. They do their job for the thrill ofit, or to further their own collection. Many have been treasure hunters for years and have acquired the necessary experience to sur- vive such a dangerous profession.

For your part, you despise the label of mercenary as insulting and inaccurate. Although you hire out your services to the highest bidder, fighting wars and obtaining antiquities are very different tasks-as you are quick to point out. You are pragmatic, insisting on a contract to ensure you have the resources needed to complete the job.

Pragmatism does not mean ruthlessness. Although you tend to your own interests first, you take care of those who travel with you. Treasure hunters worth their salt understand the value of a satisfied adven- turing party and are more than fair when negotiating terms for the expedition. Many develop long-lasting relationships with their fellow delvers, bonded by the danger they face together. Building a Treasure Hunter You can apply the treasure hunter theme to any character concept that thrives on risk-taking and exploration even more so than the average adven- turer.

You might enjoy this theme if you wish to play a cunning character who enjoys overcoming difficult challenges through unconventional thinking. When creating your treasure hunter character, keep these story elements in mind. Adroit Dungeoneer You are a skilled adventurer, able to adapt to any situation. You enjoy finding solutions to problems and applying your unique logic when dealing with unusual situations. Throughout your career as a treasure hunter, you have had to deal with threats that are common in dungeons.

Although each dungeon is unique, all share some features. You know these by heart and know how to handle each of them. Your reputation speaks volumes about your sense of adventure and your proven experience. Employers love your attitude and are confident in your success at acquiring an relic or treasure. You find a hoard so big you can't take it all. At first you're excited, then frustrated. You have no choice but to prioritize the importance of treasure.

Here are the key factors to consider. What wonderful little things. Worth so much money but with far less weight. Skip the gold idols and pry the gems loose from their eyes instead. Art objects and rare weapons fetch a pretty sum. Study up on the ancient civilizations of a region so you can grab the rarest stuff. When in doubt, go with whatever looks old but not rusty. With training in arcane matters, you can learn enough about spells to detect magic.

You never know when some cheap-looking trinket turns out to have a great enchantment on it. Finding a buyer isn't always easy, and human creations won't fetch the best price even if they're old. Go with antique items made by dwarves, cyclopses, eladrin, and tieflings but only those from Bael Turath. Not Cursed: Sure, every t reasure hoard has some rumors of a curse floating around it.

You'll figure out when to believe those rumors, one way or another. First piece of advice? Mummy treasure is always cursed. Ella, a halflinB warlock and a treasure hunter Recognized Expert Many of the world's famous treasure hunters are renowned for their expertise in recovering specific types of treasure and overcoming the threats that guard them from plun- derers.

You make sure to be as informed as possible about the places where you will be adventuring. Another reason to specialize is simply a matter ofbusiness. Your choice is based on a given trea- sure's value, availability, and salability. You might be inclined to let the small fish fight over the latest fad while you bring back more lucrative pieces. On the other hand, you might join the crowd, knowing you are much more likely than the rest to get the goods.

You feel most alive whenever you get into a precarious situation and manage to avert the danger, all while showing off your skills. Not many can boast of a life as exciting as what you have experienced, and you have no intention of slowing down now. I lived an amazing life! You gain the treasure sense power. Daily Minor Action Personal Effect: Choose a single item.

Dungeon Survival Guide.pdf

Additional Features Level 5 Feature You have become accus- tomed to dealing with rival treasure seekers as well as the hazards that face any adventurer. Because of this, you can better handle a particular type of peril, whether physical, social, or intellectual. You gain Skill Focus as a bonus feat. You have learned how to maneuver and fight in these environments and have adjusted accordingly. You do not take the normal attack roll penalties for squeezing or being prone.

Optional Powers All treasure hunters realize that situations can change at the drop of a hat and have honed their abil- ity to survive. You can choose one of the following powers instead of one given as a class or race option. Level 2 Utility Power With a well-placed attack or a lightning-quick disarming of a trap, you can make your own luck, allowing you to dart away.

On your turn, you succeed on a Thievery check or hit an enemy with a basic attack. You shift up to 2 squares, and you can draw or stow one item. Level 6 Utility Power Having no situ- ational awareness can be a detriment to you and your party. You are able to bark out a quick order and keep everyone's attention on what's important. Pay Attention Treasure Hunter Utility 6 Often, allies don't look out for the dangers found in dungeons.

Dungeon Survival Guide

Sometimes you need to remind them. Level 10 Utility Power In order to have a successful and long-lasting career, you have to know your limits and how to push yourself beyond them. Exertion Treasure Hunter Utility 1 0 You know how to dig deep to meet a challenging situation. You make a skill check or a saving throw and dislike the result. You reroll and must use the new result. Sample Treasure Hunter: Ella "Look, the Green Man saved me and he 3ave me these spells and all.

Great, nice of him. But that weirdo also has my brother and sister, so I 3otta 3et these treasures and finish this deal. Seeking it is not only the sport of mortals-even oth- erworldly beings play this treacherous game. The Green Man changed Ella's life. She never knew his true name or where he came from, but she owes him a debt that she must repay. Origin Story Not long ago, Ella and her hal- fling clan navigated the waterways as they had for generations. Simple folk, they traded and fished as they followed the rivers.

One day the clan headed into unknown territory. Other travelers warned them of the lands ahead, reputed to be haunted by will-o'-wisps and other strange things, and infested with goblins. The half- lings ignored the warnings and pressed on.

Pdf 3.5 survival dungeon guide

Goblins ambushed their flotilla, launching flaming arrows from all sides. The halflings fought back as best they could, but they were outmatched. Ella feared for her brother and sister, who were many years younger than her. She scooped them up, leaped overboard, and swam for shore. They clambered up the bank and ran into the forest as fast as they could, but the goblins saw them.

Wolf riders pursued them over rocks and fallen trees, filling the woods with howls and laughter. On and on Ella ran, dragging her brother and sister with her, until the three stumbled into a clearing where a great, grassy hill rose like a turtle's shell from the forest floor. They climbed the hill, the goblins at their heels, but just as their pursuers were about to strike, a green figure erupted from the hillside.

It slashed and cut at the goblins with an emerald blade, and in moments they and their wolves lay dead. The figure turned to the halflings he had saved and said, in a musical voice, "I have given you three lives. Now you owe me a debt. In exchange for saving the lives of Ella and her young siblings, he demanded that she find the stolen treasures and bring them to him.

To ensure she did as he demanded, he would hold her siblings hostage until every item was returned. If she failed or did not return, her brother and sister would remain with him forever.

The Green Man did not make such a terrible demand without giving the untested Ella some hope of success. They made a pact on that sylvan hill, an agreement that bound their fates and bestowed on Ella some of the Green Man's witchery. She emerged from his demesne armed with fey abilities, and now she scours the world in search of the stolen treasures. Values and Motivations Ella never wanted this life, but it is hers now. She must seek out the treasure that the Green Man wants if she is ever to save her brother and sister again.

To free her sib- lings from the archfey's prison, Ella cannot fail. You have become a real adventurer's adventurer and like to maintain that reputation. When no one is around to see, though, you weep for the lives of your brother and sister and vow silently to do whatever is necessary for their release.

Nothing in the world matters more to you, and you will take any steps to see them home once more. Once they're safe, though, you might well jump right back into the adventuring life.

Creating Ella Ella is emboldened by the war- lock powers bestowed upon her through the Green Man's fey pact. With the halfling's optional Charisma bonus, the deceptive warlock build from the Player's Handbook is the best choice.

If you choose to play Ella, you can have her belong to another race with strong family bonds, such as dwarf, gnome, or svirfneblin. Such a choice would require some changes to the circumstances of her quest and possibly involve a different class choice.

This expedi- Z tion needs a face-and frankly, yours won't do,": The cities and enclaves that dot its murky caverns are hotbeds of spite and political intrigue. To survive for long in such societ- ies, you have to know how to play the game. Physical prowess is no match for the wits of a skilled diplomat. The great city-states of the Underdark were first established as collections of tribes with a shared need for survival.

As the centuries rolled by, these settle- ments developed into self-sufficient communities and grew into nations. Their growth was aided by individ- uals who could seek out and interact with the other city-states to establish lines of communication. These representatives grew experienced at dealing with the different Underdark races and became expert diplo- mats and negotiators. Playing an Underdark Envoy The power of persuasion can be a mighty weapon against any would-be foe. Underdark rulers have a vested interest in having the best envoys around.

They appreciate the power of a well-placed rumor and greatly value those who, like you, can best advise them how to plant it. With a well-placed word, an envoy could single-handedly take down an entire community.

In addition, constant political wars require specialized agents who can act as both mes- sengers and spies. As an Underdark envoy, you have trained within your city-state to refine your diplomatic skills, according to the houses and organizations that depend on your abilities.

You spend much of your time studying the cultures of the various races you deal with, as well as the intricacies of interracial pol- itics. Delivering a message in an unsatisfactory way during a crucial negotiation could severely damage an employer's plans. Building an Underdark Envoy You might become an Underdark envoy if you delight in political intrigue, spying, and social maneuvering. Many successful political leaders were once envoys, whether due to merit and ability, or because they were able to orchestrate the removal of their predecessors.

Bards and rogues are natural class choices for this career path, as well as any character who has diplo- matic talent, including clerics and warlords. Beings of ex: UJ 0 z Khiira, a drow bard and an Underdark envoy a gruff or introverted nature, such as dwarves, rarely become envoys.

The drow have mastered the skill of diplomacy over centuries of cutthroat politics, and they have the most capable and dominant envoys in the Underdark. Consider the following story elements when creating your Underdark envoy character. Dark Delegate You are an extension of your master's will, an instrument to further his or her inter- ests. On returning from a mission, you are expected to relay not only the response of the other party, but also its tone and attitude.

The more information you convey to your employer, the greater advantage he or she will enjoy in political power plays and future exchanges. If you are a freelance envoy, not bound to one employer, you seek to make a name for yourself as a neutral third party. In this capacity you manage labor disputes, con- duct trade negotiations, and perform similar tasks, commanding a high wage for your services.

Yours is a precarious path. You not only deliver communications from your masters, but you also glean whatever information you can while on the job. Any- thing might give you a crucial advantage in future employment.

Thus, you have to be very clever and per- ceptive, while at the same time appearing inoffensive. This sort of agent works against expectations and can include dwarves, duergar, or svirfneblin. Double Agent A few Underdark envoys serve as double agents for a faction, generally to facilitate the collapse of a powerful political entity. Such people are rare, for the role is exceedingly dangerous, If you became a double agent, you likely received an offer to betray an employer after delivering a message on his or her behalf- along with a suitable financial incen- tive to secure such services.

As a double agent, you remain under cover much of the time while you work on behalf of another entity. You maintain your status within your osten- sible employer's organization while feeding vital information to the other side, revealing yourself only if your activities are found out. In this role, you must be extremely skilled in both providing misinforma- tion to your target and locating other agents who might have infiltrated the organization. You care- fully collect information on everything that has been said and done to support your complex web of politi- cal scheming.

Should you fail , you're likely to end up dead in some dark alleyway or Underdark cor- ridor. Why do you take such risks? Was your choice personal, to take revenge on a cruel master, or did you do it just for the money? Mercantile Advantage Not all Under- dark envoys are spies or political plotters.

You might use your skills to expand your own wealth and that of others by negotiating merchant treaties between powerful cities. Influential members ofUnderdark communities employ individuals such as yourself to help increase their economic power while protecting their political interests. Sometimes you manipu- late markets to help your employer gain a monetary advantage over rivals. Envoys of this sort can come from any Underdark race, and they might even include topsiders who are trusted in their dealings with those below.

You could be a former explorer who decided to turn your talents to more profitable interests while still keeping your hand in the adventuring business.

The trick is to offer something that has greater value among that group than it does elsewhere. Dwarves and svirfneblin both desire gems and precious metals. Svirfneblin have simpler tastes and accept uncut stones, but the pride of dwarves is insulted by such basic treasures. They prefer to receive artistic items crafted in the styles of different cultures. They'll sneer and deem these items inferior; too, but at least they're inferior and novel. Kobolds are pathetically delighted by just about any gift-so rarely do they receive any-but bringing them dragon relics really earns their loyalty.

Dragon scales or teeth appeal most to them. Statues or other representations of dragons pique their interest, too. Goblins prefer simple pleasures: Drow want slaves. A great many envoys object to slavery, though, so they instead offer items they claim were stolen from elves. Drow also accept monetary gifts, which they prefer in the form of silver coins.

Beholders shoot first and ask questions later as a rule. Those who do accept gifts enjoy seeing their own likenesses. The simple, blind grimlocks take anything that has an interesting texture.

They're unreliable allies at best, though. Starting Feature An Underdark envoy is first and foremost a master of manipulation. Your well-chosen words unsettle your opponent, leaving it more susceptible to real damage. You gain the insidious commentary power. Insidious Commentary Underdark Envoy Attack Your words are disarmin9 to a potential foe and 9ive you just enouah of an opportunity to make an effective attack. One creature Attack: Will Level Will Hit: The target grants combat advantage until the end of your next turn, and your next attack against the target this turn deals 1 d6 extra damage on a hit.

You use this talent to your advantage whenever you are below. Level 10 Feature You are fully integrated into the market system of the Underdark and appre- ciate the subtlety of its inner workings. Optional Powers Underdark envoys must keep their attention focused whenever dealing with others, and they use a unique set of skills to be successful in their line of work. Level 2 Utility Power Sometimes the secret to good diplomacy is knowing when to exploit a social situation to get the drop on enemies.

Doing so might not be honorable, but it keeps you and your friends alive. Practiced Herald Underdark Envoy Utility 1 You and your allies are not areeted with hostility, and thus you find a way to take advantaae of a momentary lapse in your enemy's defenses.

Learning some of the magic of the drow, you can make yourselfliterally disappear for a short time. You become invisible until the end of your next turn. If you attack, the effect ends, and if you move, you cannot sustain it.

The invisibility persists until the end of your next turn.

Level 10 Utility Power A swift word can be better than a swift sword. You have learned how to defuse a situation quickly. When you speak about the virtues of cooperation, you can command a large audience.

Pacifying Presence Underdark Envoy Utility 1 0 Your soothing tone lulls your enemies into hesitation. You and your enemies roll initiative.

Each enemy that can hear and understand you in the burst Effect: Each target takes a -1 0 penalty to its initiative check. Sample Underdark Envoy: Khiira "No harm was intended, I'm sure. Now just take the daBBer from my companion's throat, darlinB, and we'll talk alone. Khiira did what she thought she must to survive, but she pays the price every time she draws breath.

Origin Story Khiira never let her status as seventh daughter stop her ambition. Anyone else in her position might have had her life cut short with a one-way trip to the sacrificial altar, or been forced to spawn draegloths. Khiira survived by talking her way out of any dire situation.

Her mother, one ofLolth's nastier priestesses, recognized her daughter's talents and thought to use them to her advantage. Before she could become another weapon in her mother's arsenal, though, Khiira chose her own path.

She cultivated the acquaintance ofRiellenzen, who acted as an envoy to a duergar outpost about ten miles away, and soon became his consort. Khiira played her part well. She seduced the diplomat, earned his trust, and then, en route to the outpost, stuck a knife in his throat.

Riellenzen's guards did not realize their master was dead until the party arrived and Khiira announced herself as the envoy. The guards dared not expose her lest the duergar take offense, so they played along.

Khiira managed to negotiate a trade agreement with the infernal dwarves and earned their help, if not their friendship. She sent the drow guards back to her city with a letter explaining the terms and also Riel- lenzen's tragic end, and then she slipped away to the surface to escape what she believed was certain retribution.

Suspicion and hostility met Khiira at almost every turn in the upper world. Few people were willing to deal with a dark elf, for fear of opening their doors to drow legions. So, Khiira found other ways to put her talents to good use. She joined a few Underdark caravans, lending her expertise in the subterranean peoples and their language to help the merchants negotiate deals and gain safe passage.

She gained a reputation for being someone in the know about Underdark folk and won a place in an adventuring group. She maintains as low a profile as she can, using false identities and disguise to stay a step ahead of the assassins she is sure her mother and Riellen- zen's family have sent.

Her caution might have been dismissed as paranoia- until her party was attacked by Lolthbound goblins. That encounter shook her enough that she now spares no effort to hide her trail. Values and Motivations For Khiira, it's all about gaining the advantage, over any drow pursuers or anyone else she deals with. She walks a delicate line between earning a reputation as a nego- tiator and keeping a low profile.

She hopes above all to one day be free of pursuit and to live as she wishes, but she knows how unrealistic such an expectation is. Honeyed words and a ready blade are the tools of her trade. She is coldly calculating in all her dealings, but her expertise with a rapier makes her more than capable in combat if things come to that. Roleplaying Khiira You take great pleasure in your work, despite the constant danger.

You come across as seductive yet coy, but you employ a sardonic manner of speech when not buttering up a potential contact. You always wear a crimson cloak over your chainmail-a color associated with your house-as your only concession to your origin.

Your winning smile hides the constant terror just below the surface. Creating Khiira Khiira is a drow bard who is unparalleled in her profession. If you choose to play her, you might instead make her a rogue, a ranger, or a hybrid incorporating two of those classes. It could be a series of rooms. Some complex and rnazelike. Guards or underground rivers. These partially collapsed. A crypt might be a single mausoleum or a vast underground graveyard.

Usually the goal of many dungeon delves. TOus pfaces. In almost all cases. These related goblinoids often fonn tribes that use dungeons as bases from which to launch raids on nearby human towns and villages. The biggest and strongest rules in a goblin tribe.

Some monsters are wild beasts. Others are intelligent and calculating. Here are a few samples ofwhat adventurers need to be ready for. Another form ofooze is the gelatinous cube. I'll lords occupy some of the most feared and famous always bring a rogue on dungeons around.

Mechanical Traps: Dungeons arc often crawling with undead blunder Into It? Who else can creatures. Mechanical traps include pits.

Drow outposts can designers usc to ensnare victims. Green which automatically harms the recipient. There are also a number of dragon-like creatures to be encountered. Oozes inhabit dlUlgeons with only pendulum.

Ghouls and goes off? The rogue. Slime covers many surfaces in a dungeon. Traps can be either mechanical or magical in nature. True dragons arc extremely rare.

Some traps threaten death and dismemberment. The dark elves Mechanical traps include the basic arrow trap. These kind of traps are prey. It drops from walls trap that fills the corridor with a jagged bolt ofe1ectricil f and ceilings when It detects movement. Dragons are among you know. Oozes include the dreaded black pudding. Using spells that can reset themselves.

Pdf guide dungeon survival 3.5

Weakened walls and ceilings can suddenly give way to a lorrent of water. Inexperienced adventurers can easily lose their way In the lightless passages. Depending on a dungeon's layout. Brackish water might be all around you in a dungeon. Even if adventurers survive the failing rocks and avoid being crushed.

Allhough you might not be able 10 survive drinking whatever a hellhound or purple worm use to slack their thirst. Adventurers could set off a cave-in and have a ton of rock and rubble fall on their heads. A weakened dungeon floor can coUapsc under the weight ofa heavily armored adventurcr and drop tile unsuspecting victim inlO a deep pool or underground lake. Spells can help. That would end the quest. When hunger really grips an adventurer.

FoUow the creanlres and sce where Ihey go to drink. Some dungeons can be as dryas a desert. Food can usually be found. Always keep your wits about you and never take anything fOT granted when venturing around a dungeon.

For those lUlexpected burials from above. Loud noises or a sudden impact can cause a weakened ceiling to collapse. Treasure motivates adventurers. In most cases. Iatcd wealth of whatever boss creatures occupy the dungeon.

It also empowers them. Experience is certainly a type of treasure. DunGEon Q 4i a: Many times. More lTeasure equates to more power.. Any monsters or other enemies thai they defeat naturally provide some kind of loot.

With I gpo an adventurer can purchase a belt pouch by monsters. Rarer and more powerful rings include no problem upgrading rinBs of rC8e1leration.. Idols of solid gold. Other coins in circulation include the ilems when they raid human settlements or trade copper piece. Many kinds orscrolls exist. In addition to giving a weapon a better tapestries depicting long-dead kings.

Magical elixirs concocted to create liquid spells provide the uscr with a benefit when swallowed. These are enchanted parchments onto which arcane and divine spells are inscribed. If tllat can be used by the wearer. TIle monsters usually gain maslenvork or SO feet ofrope. These scrolls can later be lIsed to cast the spell upon them or 10 transfer the spell into a spellbook.

Enchanted armor and shields Adventurers love to find gems because they're smaU and offer improved protection and sometimes an additional lightweight. Some adventurers won't frost dealing additional frost damage with every attack. Magic rings are imbued Witll a spell-like power tools make up most of the items in this category. Common magic rings adventurers defeat enemies or monsters that have include rinss of protection. When advenhlrers look back on the legendary campaigns they have participated in.

Monsters and other enemies usually carry handfuls of coins in pockets and pouches. Many mundane items make fine treasure. Each card is engraved into the nothingness and utterly destroyed.: Sometimes ancient maps proWle tIU tey to uncovenn8 artifacts. Any set ofcards or plaques made ofivory. Once read. It Be careful should you ever find a Deck ofMany Thinn5. When drawn. I few of tfie most famous artifacts are DlSCusstQ6e[ow. Sigils and runes cover this long.

Ifit is combined with a belt ofyiarlt a cleric's wisdom and experience. These cards must be rcreives resistance against spells cast against him. A wizard that wields the staff to draw a small number of cards.

SpelJs out of the deck on their own. An evil cleric who reads powerful. Heading the sacred book increases normal warhammer. It kills giants with a single hit.. A appears as a black hole set in a wallar on the floor. TI1C eye of Verna must replace the user's own eye.

With the eye ofVerna. Death did not end Vecna's accumulation ofpower. Those who possess the orbs can communicate with onc another. A person who bears both the hand and the eye gains additional powers. Each orb is magically linked to a spccHk dragon type. The hand afVerna replaces the severed hand of its host and bestows the a number of evil abilities unlil it is removed which results in the host's death. TIle mummified remains ofhis hand and eye serve as relics ofpowcr for those willing to put them to usc.

The hand can draw life force from or inflict cold damagc on a victim. For example. The wieldcr either gets blasted to another plane of existence or is utterly destroyed in the process.

You'll live longll!: Ravenklnd and other artifacts. Crm6 tlie stairs oftfie gftost Tower of Inverness? JlQ1vao aawnturers [earn cOOut tn. J fed to tlie tfutIfJeon in rpustion. To people like me. I've seen more than my share of wide-eyed. It isn't all fun and games.. Questing is hard work. Forget about the dungeons. Wizards, clerics, rogues, bards. The more your team knows about the potential threats and challenges awaiting you, the better prepared you can be.

If you know a black dragon is waiting for you ilt the bottom of the dungeon complex. Better prepared than dead. I always say. It is tlie namegwen to tlie 'IIQ. In spite ofthe danger, surface dwellers arc drawn to the Undcrdark in droves, hoping to stumble upon great treasures hidden in its depths. What do the denizens ofthe Underdark cat? For the most part, each other. Still, a cavern filled with edible fungus is a treasure worth fighting over. Ripplebark fungus which looks like a mass of rotting flesh tastes much better when cooked properly, and a single barrelstalk fungus which is large and cask-shaped holds several gaJlons ofdrinkable water.

Oozes arc amorphous creatures thai live only to eat. These mindless scavengers can survive for hundreds ofyears and grow to enormous size, yet too oRen they are mistaken for harmless pools ofgoo.

Getting Around: In addition to tight, cramped spaces. Spells that let you Oy or climb along walls like a spider are very helpful. In the absence ofsuch magic, you'll need plenty ofrope, as well. Mind Flayen: Gelatinous Cube: But watch out! Your torch lets you see and be seen, and it's hard to remain unnoticed when you carry a burning torch through the Night Below, If 'ou have the gold, buy some potions ofdarkvision to help you see in the dark.

If the monster stops to eat the rations, you just might live to go on anothe. Zuoken waSIl'1 freed like the others and remains trapped in Zagig's Prison. Zuoken was a powerful monk who became a demigod. ZalJio ewntuaffy succwfea. Dungeon explorers should be on the lookout for a suspicious cult of monks working to free their master from his prison.

In his mtufnu. Zagig trapped him-along with eight other demigods-below Castle Greyhawk. II sliort ritft from tlie aty of qreyliawt 'l1ie autre's arcliitlet.

Contrary to popular belief. The Witch-Queen of Perrelliand is rumored to lurk ill the dungeons under Castle Grcyhawk-ifnot in body. In fact. Stories abound about how Castle Greyhawk now moves about the world. High-ranking members of Greyhawk's ieves' Guild know where a key is hidden.

It owes its existence to Gary Gygax. James Jacobs. Isle ofthe Ape: The dungeon beneath Castle Greyhawk hides many portals. J silejorworsfiipers ofNeruff. MRun away. Shodei the Uch: Once ofthe most powerful creatures inhabiting the dungeons of CastJe Grcyhawk is the undead wizard Shodei. Servant of the Evil One: You just have to be faster than the heavily armored fighter with the short legs.

If Shodei is destroyed. The source of this arcane power is a mystery. No offense intended. There's no dishonor in Aeeing from a superior monster.

J Some of thc dungeon lcvels under Castle Greyhawk are sealed. Dealing with rogues is tricky business. If you tarry too long within the depths of its dungeons. And you don't have to be fast. Wizards oflhe Coast. But it's true.

Twin guardhouses of turreted stone keep a silent watch over the approach. Tllis gives llim the ability to enter any building in Barovia. StralUfjoroeda 6footlpact witli an unnamed" ntItentity amf6tcame a vampire. V1ien 'Tatyana lidsutfdenfy. Castle He has no aversion to garlic or mirrors. Beyond this. The Vampire Lord: In addition to his life-draining power and his ability to assume alternate forms.

A lowcred drawbridge ofold wooden beams hangs precariously between the guardhouses and the entrance to the castle courtyard. The chains of the drawbridge creak in the wind. Count Strahd von Zarovich enjoys an unnatural connection to the land of Barovia. The castle is home to many of Strahd's more powerfulnliJlions. A rotting wooden portcullis. Bcyond these.

Strahd's Tomb: In tne catacom6s 6C1leatn tne castfe fies a time coffill restill8 a maunaofeartn. Burning a corpse protects it from this effect. He singles out in the presence of undead. Around tJle crystal are inscribed symbols oflight He often changes his form with each appearance.

Not everything in Casue navenloft is mists can lead to Castle Ravenloft. Among the relics hidden of dread. It Is an expanded. Castle View: Strahd is a predator who enjoys like the sun. Two tribes of orcs share the northern caves r"'"'''''''''''':: The truth is far more sinister. Goblins and Hobgoblins: Goblins and their larger cousins. The bugbear chiens a hulking brute who holds the only key to a locked door. One ofthe caves to the north contains a small network of chambers infested by reptilian kobolds..

The bugbears arc known to keep slaves. The orcs festoon the walls oftheir lair with niches containing the skulls ofhumans. A concealed pit wards the entrance to their lair. A crude door blocks entry to the hobgoblin caves.

Bugbears inhabit one ofthe northern cave complexes. Four of us came oul. TIle Hidden Temple: The westcrnlllost cave holds a dark secret. Beyond undead guardians lurk humanoid figures dad in red robes with black cowls-human priests and acolytes who congregate in a secret temple.!

The Owlbear: DRAGOss ad. It was exciting. You may find a hidden vault or a secret way into anotJler network ofcaves. And I learned a lot about teamwork and what it means to be an adventurer during that quest. The Minotaur. Find yourself an easily defenSible location to repel the onslaught. The entrance to thc gnoJl cavcs is high up the canyon. It was brutal. Jt use! Even the bugbears avoid this cave. The Handmaidens of Lolth: TeleportatloD Keys: Within the Dcmonweb.

The true fonn ofa yochlol is rarely seen. If you can obtain one or more ofillese "keys.. Not surprisingly. In other words. If you can't find a cleric or druid crazy enough 10 accompany yOll. CDemon Q! Jeen ofSpiJIers. The Chwidencha: They don't like good-aligned weapons or spells that deal copiOUS amounts ofsonic damage.