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Items 1 - 8 of 8 Your one-stop online shop for new and vintage RPG products from the PDF Remove Search Term Hottest Core Rulebooks, Pendragon, PDF. by-year Pendragon campaign that allows each player vide a new experience in roleplaying. guide designed to facilitate using the Pendragon rules in a full. User summary: PDF edition includes numbered pp., 8 pp. of character sheets , front endpaper with heraldry examples (1 oversized p.), map of Britain (1 p.).

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That fight is what we see on the cover of this 5th edition of Pendragon. The original obvious to everyone, and is thus significant in roleplaying terms as well. King Arthur Pendragon Core Rule Book - Edition - PDF circumstances, King Arthur Pendragon provides a unique roleplaying experience laid out against . Items 1 - 50 of 58 Honor thy forefathers The Book of Sires radically expands the Family History system first presented in the King Arthur Pendragon core.

Legacy of Dragonholt. The maps With brand new graphics, layout and design see below for details on the updates. Find Similar Products by Category Pendragon. Following the noble tradition, you create a glorious monument to yourself

This book also contains new material and rules changes for 5th Edition by Greg Stafford, the creator of the original game. Physical Product Name: Purchasers of physical books get the PDFs for free. Please check your shopping cart for a link to the PDF before you begin the check out process. Designed for 5th Edition King Arthur Pendragon.

Get the rulebook here.

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Be the first to review this product! All prices are in USD. No idea what happened to the copy of 2nd I think, or was it 3rd? Such good stuff.

Pretty much all anyone would need to get started and enough material to play for weeks, months, maybe even years depending on frequency of sessions. What a great and generous deal.

What Is Pendragon?

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You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Game Features: Share this: Twitter Facebook. The Great Pendragon Campaign: King Uther Expansion This never-before-seen, five-year expansion to the award-winning The Great Pendragon Campaign provides the option for starting a campaign in Year , the fateful year that Uther inherits the crown and forges the kingdom that will one day be the birthright of his son, King Arthur.

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Information for years are presented in the same format as The Great Pendragon Campaign Book of Armies War is universal and eternal. Knights stand between deadly enemies and the good people, offering their lives to protect king and land. Here are thousands of men gathered to kill your knight… or die trying. Here are the enemies for the never-ending scenario of battle. Map Folio: Early Phase Please note: Also included is a complete list of all the maps in the set, plus previews of five maps to show the diversity of the collection.

The maps Book of Records Vol II: The sheets help clarify the battle rules and speed play through auto-calculating fields that determine the correct From this chaos will rise Arthur and a golden age of chivalry and wonder - and a dark time of betrayal and bloodshed.

Take the role of a knight at court and make a name for yourself. Can you save Camelot? Will you make your This event took place in the time of Arthur, the King, courtly and royal, and is about one of his great adventures. Wherever he went, of all kings, Arthur bears the flower; of all knights, he bears the honor.

The whole country was chivalrous in those days. All knights were valiant, and all cowards were When thousands of men gather to kill and die, your knight can now lead the way.

Battle is the never-ending scenario, the adventure that is repeated a hundred times, different every time. This book is about your small unit amidst the dust and blood as hundreds of knights as confused or brave or murderous as you confront The Pendragon Campaign The Pendragon Campaign is Greg Stafford's original expression of the great sweep of story that he later covered in full detail in Great Pendragon Campaign for the 5th edition of his award-winning King Arthur Pendragon.

Grand Events: Heraldry Detailed cutaways depicting the inside of a lord's keep. This book is about nobles and their responsibilities and While Arthur sat upon the throne of Britain, Beowulf drank mead in the halls of Hrothgar and battled Grendel for the glory and honor of his king.

Land of Giants is a supplement for the Pendragon roleplaying system, describing Scandinavian kingdoms as they existed in the time of King Arthur. This book features Some you can trust, while others are deadly foes. One is Arthur, king of all England, a good and kindly man. The Romans fortified the southeast coast of Britain and called it "the Saxon Shore" to defend against the piracy of these wolves of the sea.

But after the Roman legions left, the tyrant King Vortigern invited them into Britain as mercenaries to fight his Savage Mountains Savage Mountains features four complete adventures for the King Arthur Pendragon roleplaying game, set among the wild mountains of Wales.


Ample background information is provided for the gamemaster. Particular sections of this book are intended to be photcopied and be given to the players Pagan Shore The Irish call their homeland " The hills they own are as well-known as the raths belonging to human kings.

Ireland's interior plains feature emerald grasses, clumps of heather, hazel bushes, isolated oaks, and stranded glacial boulders.

Few of the Irish plains are arable.

Pdf pendragon rpg

Irish woods Noble's Book Noblemen are knights of great distinction who hold large fiefs and bear titles like count and duke. Each nobleman has a personal retinue and leads his own vassal knights. Noblemen live in castles and wage private wars.

Each nobleman stands near his king and performs important duties. This supplement tells you how to roleplay a nobleman for King Arthur Pendragon.

Pdf pendragon rpg

Included are: Beyond The Wall The wall is Hadrian's Wall, a miles-long fortification built centuries ago to hold back hordes of wild savages living north of civilized Britain. Beyond it lies Caledonia, a bleak and harsh land where feudalism and civilization have never reached.

Tribal Picts, the "Painted Men," rule here.

King Arthur Pendragon Core Rule Book - 5.2 Edition - PDF

Fiercely independent, they unify only to meet threats from outsiders, whom they loath and fear. Outsiders like Pendragon's unique system of Traits and Passions creates dramatic personalities and takes roleplaying to new heights.

Enter the Golden Age of Knighthood including It includes three major adventures, and extensive background for western Cumbria and the Perilous Forest. These adventures are arranged as a linked campaign along the The code of chivalry and the high art of romance are vital elements of the true knight's character.