Pivot table data crunching microsoft excel 2010 pdf

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PivotTables may be Excel's most powerful feature, but Microsoft has estimated that only 15% of Excel users take advantage of them. That's because PivotTables . Library pivot table data crunching: microsoft excel - bill jelen michael excel mrexcel library librarydoc66 pdf this tutorial: conducting data analysis. pivot table data crunching pdf pivot table data crunching microsoft excel mrexcel library Renowned Excel experts. Bill Jelen (MrExcel) and Michael.

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Pivot Table. Data Crunching. Microsoft® Excel® C o n t e n t s a t a G l a n c e. Introduction. 1 Pivot Table Fundamentals. 2 Creating a Basic Pivot Table . 5 days ago Civil Engineering 1st Year BooksLe Seigneur Est Mon Psychologue Rien Ne Saurait Me. ManquerField And Wave Electromagnetics 2e David. Ebook Pivot Table Data Crunching Microsoft Excel Mrexcel Library currently available at ayofoto.info for review only, if you need complete ebook Pivot.

Pages with related products. After having a very bad experience with another seller for a book I so badly needed I was sceptical about reordering the same book. Download the errata. Thank you for your feedback. A good portion of the print in the book is them telling you to access such and such online at their website, which you can only do if you purchase the access code. Rendering some of the lesson exercises useless.

A good portion of the print in the book is them telling you to access such and such online at their website, which you can only do if you purchase the access code. I will be complaining to my professor about the deceptiveness of this textbook company.

Want to learn pivot tables fast? In plain English that's engaging and easy to understand?

Jelen Bill, Alexander Michael. Pivot Table Data Crunching: Microsoft Excel 2010

Pivot Table Data Crunching is the book for you. Bill Jelen and Michael Alexander use real world examples and step by step walkthroughs to explain every feature and trick of Excel 's pivot table arsenal. The only reason I didn't give this book 5 stars is because the downloadable files didn't always jive with the text, and because I would've liked to see more hands-on activities within each chapter.

Regarding the downloadable files, they tend to match the "after" figures in the text, and not the "before" figures. So, if you'd like to follow along with the steps in the book, you often need to undo a bunch of organization and calculation steps. Chapter 3 is a good example: For future volumes, I'd suggest the authors prepare two sets of worksheets for each chapter.

One set for readers to modify and another set showing the final product. I also would've liked twice as many case studies in the first 3 or 4 chapters. For me, practice is the best contributor to retention.

Having pointed out those two shortcomings, I feel compelled to restate how absurdly wonderful the written explanations in the book are. I've been using a "New Perspectives" textbook for the past year to learn Excel. It's brief pivot table chapter left me confused. After diving into Pivot Table Data Crunching this past weekend, I now feel confident that I have a handle on the topic and can translate that knowledge into real-world time savings at work.

Crunching excel pdf table pivot data microsoft 2010

Spiral-bound Verified Purchase. After having a very bad experience with another seller for a book I so badly needed I was sceptical about reordering the same book.

But I thought about it and gave it another try and I am so happy that I did. I am very happy with what I ordered and will return to order in the future. I recommended this seller to the students new and returning at my school and in the front office. Thank you again Amazon. This book is not worth the money after about chapter 3.

Jelen Bill, Alexander Michael. Pivot Table Data Crunching: Microsoft Excel 2010

It is hard to follow and none of the examples in the book match up the examples that you are able to download from the website. I dont recommend this book at all. I even emailed the author asking him if there was an updated file I was missing or something and received no response. I dont understand how there are so many good reviews for this book. I'm an experienced user of Office suites including , but needed an updated "Intro" class to complete an AAS. This book would be my choice, were I training others in use of Office Get the spiral bound version - it'll lay flat, and even permit rolling passed pages to the back of current text, important if your school's workstations are like mine, with about as much space for your book and notepad as an economy-class airline seat's seat-back tray.

The companion website was perfectly synchronized with the exercises at the ends of all chapters. Mildly revised version of previous editions.


Insignificant improvement from Bill Jelen's similar publication relating to Pivot Tables in Excel Author's handling of the subject is clear, highly, informative, well organized. Even in it present form, it is very useful and recommended for anyone wanting to become proficient at using pivot tables and making mince meat of inordinately large data sets.

Bill Jelen's book will serve an excellent map into the world of Pivot Tables. Those unfamiliar with Pivot Tables will find this book an efficient and effective teaching tool to gain significant proficiency very quickly. Become proficient with Pivot Tables and soon you will wonder how did you ever got along without them. I received this book two days ago, and am about half way through.

I had NO experience with pivot tables this book has been a life saver.

Pivot Table Data Crunching: Microsoft Excel | InformIT

This book has taught me not only how to do pivot tables with excel hands on examples that you download at Mr. Excel website but has also taught me how to think critically, why is this important to do, or why does this need to go here and not there. This hands on and theory approach is the best way of learning new concepts.

2010 microsoft pivot pdf data crunching excel table

I truly believe that a 10 year old could learn how to do pivot tables with this book it is that well written. Transform your skills, data, and business—and create your own BI solutions using software you already know and love: Microsoft Excel. Two business intelligence BI experts take you inside PowerPivot functionality for Excel , with a Use Excel VBA and macros to automate virtually any routine task, and save yourself hours, days, maybe even weeks.

Then learn how to make Excel do things you thought were simply impossible! This book reveals scripting techniques you find anywhere else and shows you how to create automated reports that are amazingly powerful and useful.

Data pivot crunching microsoft 2010 pdf excel table

It helps you View Larger Image. Register your product to gain access to bonus material or receive a coupon. The eBook requires no passwords or activation to read.

Crunching pdf 2010 table pivot microsoft excel data

We customize your eBook by discreetly watermarking it with your name, making it uniquely yours. That's because PivotTables and their companion feature, PivotCharts have a reputation for being difficult to learn.

Pivot Table Data Crunching: Microsoft Excel 2010

Not any more! Drawing on more than 30 combined years of Excel experience, they provide tips and tricks you won't find anywhere else, and show exactly how to sidestep common mistakes. Coverage includes: Download the sample files.

Download the sample pages includes Chapter 1 and Index. Introduction 1. Pivot Table Fundamentals 2.